Halo Collar Review: GPS Dog Collar & Wireless Virtual Fence

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Worrying astir wherever your canine is is simply a interest for those that bash not person a fencing solution for their backyard, but it does not person to be. The Halo collar introduces a mode to support your dogs determination connected your telephone done the usage of GPS and their mobile Halo Collar app.

The Halo Collar works champion for radical astatine the beach, the canine park, a campground, oregon with a backyard to make virtual fences that supply SAFE and Gentle feedback to your canine erstwhile getting adjacent to the borderline of their permitted areas. It truly is the best portable canine fence connected the market. Note: this is NOT a daze collar and was designed to beryllium the astir harmless and effectual solution connected the market. 

Cesar Millan is the founding spouse of Halo Collar, and helium is simply a canine science expert. Cesar Millan provided the indispensable input to make a harmless and effectual mode to springiness your pup much state and process wags.

The merchandise is presently connected its 2nd mentation of the Halo canine collar. Halo 2+ has added galore improvements that present marque it a viable option.

No More Wires, Set Your Fence Up Anywhere With HaloBest Available Pricing

This Halo canine collar reappraisal volition sermon the Halo Collar GPS system; alongside galore different applicable details for canine owners.


  • Easy installation
  • Not a Shock Collar
  • Safe and Gentle Feedback 
  • Excellent lawsuit service
  • Great GPS accuracy 
  • Great app


  • Pricey
  • Monthly subscription
  • Battery life
  • Not suitable for precise tiny dogs (think teacup) 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Halo Dog Collar

dog collar


Virtual fences let canine owners to bounds the country their dogs are allowed to explore. The Halo app provides easy-to-set-up virtual zones that enactment by utilizing GPS. The collar besides functions good for those connected the road, arsenic you tin easy make fences for areas specified arsenic the formation and a canine park.

This instrumentality is for those who dislike the ligament installation offered by different obstruction systems for dogs.

The artillery of the Halo Dog Collar lasts astir 21 hours, meaning that I person to beryllium mindful to complaint the device.

There are 2 main points astir buyers request to cognize earlier purchasing a Halo canine collar. The archetypal is the archetypal terms of $999, which is simply a large inquire for galore people. The 2nd is that users person to usage a subscription program to usage the Halo Collar. That mightiness scare immoderate radical off, but we person tested each of the apical collars connected the marketplace and this 1 is hands down the champion bang for the buck. 

There are 3 subscription plans ranging from $4.5 to $30 a month, though each plans see a cellular information plan.

Features & Benefits

Dog owners volition worth the Halo Collar GPS for its accuracy, among different features, specified arsenic the Halo app. 

We volition speech astir the enhancements successful Halo 2+, among different pertinent features and advantages.

The Halo 2+ costs $999 and requires a subscription to entree its features. You tin cheque present for the latest promotions and specials: Visit the authoritative Halo site

Halo Collar Guidance

The Halo Collar stores each fences you make wrong the instrumentality and volition autonomously nonstop your canine to debar trespassing extracurricular the virtual zones you person laid out; this diagnostic volition inactive enactment without a cellular oregon WiFi connection.

Teaching your canine bound grooming is indispensable earlier you tin usage the Halo collar. Your canine volition recognize the dependable and vibration modes with time.

Introducing and grooming your canine astir utilizing the Halo Collar guidance volition instrumentality time, but determination are galore usher videos connected Youtube by different users. The Halo app besides has a usher connected introducing your canine to the collar and each different steps. It truly is simply a large online canine grooming course.

Having galore disposable videos connected Youtube volition supply you with tons of resources that volition springiness a usher to travel if you conflict astatine immoderate measurement from the Halo grooming process wrong the Halo app.

Youtube videos volition supply further penetration into behavioral science grooming methods for your canine if you are struggling with the Halo grooming process.

Your Halo Collar volition statesman alerting your canine erstwhile they attack the acceptable boundaries. The alerts provided are customizable wrong their Prevention Feedback. All feedback ends erstwhile your canine distances itself from the edge.

Customization options see a plethora of sounds, vibrations, and static choices to assistance you lucifer your dog’s learning method.

If your canine has moved past your virtual fence, the Halo canine collar volition usage a Return Whistle diagnostic to nonstop them backmost to support your canine safe. You tin besides acceptable a circumstantial colour for your dog’s illustration and lights up during nighttime.

Collar Fit

The Halo canine collar is larger than the mean collar making it conflict with tiny dogs. Through experience, I would urge canine owners lone see the Halo canine collar if their canine is implicit 20 pounds.

Owners of precise tiny dogs volition find the dog’s cervix is excessively tiny to acceptable the Halo Collar.

The acceptable is intended for immoderate canine implicit 20 pounds, arsenic the Halo canine collar has a flexible comfortableness grip with 3 replacement strap options from tiny to large. Custom strap replacements are casual to swap retired and diagnostic an anti-slip grip.

Halo Dog Collar

The Halo App

The app is the superior mode to pass with your Halo device, arsenic each functionalities are imaginable done the app. You tin found your fences and beacons, customization options, and online canine training done the app. 

You tin physique up to 20 wireless fences utilizing the app. Through your app, you tin besides spot the existent information concern for your dog.

The Halo app tin enactment much than 1 canine and allows much than 1 idiosyncratic per account; this allows an full household to enactment connected and negociate settings done the app.

There is simply a batch of functionality astir creating fences; the Halo app allows you to edit oregon intermission already established fenced areas oregon beacons.

As a bonus, the Halo collar helps you support way of your dogs enactment and informs you connected however agelong they are progressive oregon resting and however galore warnings they person erstwhile adjacent a fence.

The archetypal superior enactment you volition person with the halo app is simply a grooming program. New users volition request to spell done a 21-day-long programme created by Cesar Millan. The halo app besides offers premium lessons to assistance you recognize galore grooming techniques to bid your pup.

The app is disposable connected iOS and Android.

Once you are completed with the 21-day grooming guide, astir of your enactment with the app volition dwell of editing oregon creating caller wireless fences.

One bonus of the app is that it receives automatic bundle updates that adhd caller features.

No More Wires, Set Your Fence Up Anywhere With HaloBest Available Pricing

Training Guide

Cesar Millan, a starring authorization connected canine psychology, developed a broad boundary-training method featured successful the Halo app grooming manual. Training guides are successful video form, making them casual to travel and understand.

I recovered the videos straightforward to follow. The grooming usher works connected each dogs, ample and small, careless of breed oregon age. The app has been shown to enactment connected each dogs.

While the grooming whitethorn instrumentality effort and time, it volition yet amended your enslaved with your dogs done moving unneurotic and establishing manner changes.

You tin ticker grooming lessons connected immoderate instrumentality astatine your ain pace.

Halo offers a virtual Dog Park that specializes successful helping caller Halo Collar owners with immoderate issues they are facing.

The champion portion astir the Halo Collar is the magnitude of adjuvant Youtube videos. Using videos volition assistance immoderate struggling Halo collar owners during their grooming guide.


Beacons are Bluetooth instrumentality that is utilized successful the archetypal grooming process of the Halo grooming guide. Beacons adhd added functionality to the basal relation of your Halo Collar, they supply an alternate method for indoor wireless fences that enactment great.

Indoor Halo Beacons tin beryllium configured to forbid your canine from circumstantial areas wrong your house, specified arsenic room countertops. You tin change the scope of your beacon to accurately make a nary portion for your dog. 

The configurable scope allows you to tweak the permitted area, allowing you to forbid full rooms to circumstantial areas similar tables. Beacons tin besides make harmless zones wrong established obstruction zones, creating a spot wherever your pup volition not person immoderate obstruction feedback.

Beacons volition pass straight with your app and supply notifications to pass you of updates. You tin temporarily mute them arsenic good done the app.

Setting Up Fences

Fences are the main diagnostic of the Halo collar. Setting up wireless fences with easiness is imaginable done the app.

The perfect minimum size for a backyard to obstruction is astatine slightest fractional an acre. Smaller areas volition conflict to relation properly.

You tin acceptable up to 20 fences astatine immoderate time. This is perfect for areas specified arsenic a canine park, a friend’s backyard, oregon a antithetic spot you whitethorn own.

Setting up fences is casual done the Halo app, which allows you to gully virtual lines that enactment arsenic your fence. Any signifier volition relation arsenic a fence. It does not request to beryllium perfectly shaped.

Halo 2+ Wireless Dog Fence and GPS Dog Collar

halo canine  collar

The archetypal Halo Collar had galore shortcomings that prevented the merchandise from being an casual recommendation. It struggled with GPS features, artillery life, and adjacent physique quality. 

The archetypal Halo Collar reviews had tons of criticism, and the institution took enactment and applied the fixes to the caller version.

The Halo 2+ is phenomenal and has vastly improved implicit its predecessor enabling it to amended its customers. One of the large features that person been improved is the Halo Collar GPS.

The archetypal Halo Collar received predominant disapproval implicit the instability of the GPS and however it often mislaid connection. 

The Halo 2+ has improved GPS capabilities, seeing a immense quality that enhances the experience. The determination accuracy has benefited from the revised GPS mechanics, making it close up to 3 feet connected a wide day.

Battery beingness was bumped up to past 21 hours. This makes a ample quality successful however often I request to beryllium connected apical of charging my Halo collar. Another quality that affects the collar is however sturdy the Halo 2+ is. They made definite that it would enactment up with unsmooth deterioration and teardrop and adjacent chewing from a dog.

Bluetooth capabilities were besides enhanced, making it relation amended and faster successful much instances. 

Prevention Feedback Tuning

There are 2 levels of prevention feedback, allowing you to prime a lower-level enactment if you privation to beryllium softer connected your dog.

You tin acceptable your Halo collar to supply a gentle vibration oregon dependable if they rotation excessively adjacent to a obstruction border. The Halo collar tin besides relation arsenic a safe alternative to a daze collar  if you privation the added prevention feedback to support your canine wrong the fenced area.

If your canine escapes the fenced area, you volition person an contiguous alert informing you of its location.

There are 15 degrees of feedback to take from, allowing you to find a level that you are comfy with. Having the enactment to prime a little feedback level is indispensable for galore owners arsenic the extremity is not to beryllium harsh connected your canine successful immoderate way.

The Halo Collar provides encouraging feedback arsenic it is indispensable and preferred successful the grooming process. 

Keep Out Areas

This is simply a caller diagnostic of the Halo 2+ and adds added functionality to your fenced areas.

It allows users to make a keep-out country wrong an existing harmless zone. This works large for having your canine debar areas specified arsenic a pond oregon a pool.


The Halo canine collar offers 3 subscription program options for its users. Using a program is mandatory to usage the Halo canine collar.

Basic Plan

The basal program is the cheapest enactment which costs $4.49 a month. One large payment of immoderate program is the inclusion of cellular work for your Halo Collar.

The default grooming programme is included with the basal plan, alongside the quality to make 20 fences, show real-time GPS determination for your dog, and entree regular enactment tracking.

This program is what astir radical volition spell aft arsenic it is the astir economical and provides each the indispensable features for the Halo Collar.

Silver Plan

Silver plans outgo $9.99 a period and present caller features specified arsenic adding customized beacon ranges, improved enactment tracking charts, and entree to instant feedback to pass with your dog.

Gold Plan

The golden program is the astir costly enactment offered by the Halo Collar. It costs $30 a month.

With the golden plan, users present get monthly premium grooming lessons and unrecorded sessions with Halo adept trainers. You besides get Q&A’s with Halo experts to assistance make a personalized grooming experience.

The golden program would lone beryllium recommended to radical who request a helping manus successful getting their canine to get utilized to the Halo Collar.

Halo is Proven to Work connected Any Age oregon BreedCheck the authoritative tract for the latest exclusive offers

Social Proof

Halo canine  collar

I scoured the net to find the mean idiosyncratic acquisition with the Halo Collar, and astir reviews seemed positive. Most users agreed that they loved the quality to tune the prevention feedback levels. 

Many individuals instrumentality to the cheapest program and consciousness nary request to fork retired for the higher tier and much costly plans.

One communal ailment among users was the agelong grooming process. Most complained that the grooming was hard but was capable to get done with the assistance of the grooming videos oregon different idiosyncratic videos.

After getting done the grooming phase, users agreed that their canine was capable to recognize the collar and was amended astir staying wrong the fenced areas.

Get Halo the adjacent procreation of portable canine fences, wireless fences, GPS tracking and training

Halo Collar Alternatives

There are galore alternatives to the Halo Collar. Some whitethorn adjacent beryllium a amended idea, depending connected your usage lawsuit and needs.

SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence Smart Collar (Best Alternative)

dog collar

SpotOn offers the closest contention to the Halo Collar, but it provides immoderate advantages implicit the Halo Collar. Check retired the afloat Spoton vs Halo review

Correction feedback is much flexible with the SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence. It provides users with 30 levels of varying sound, vibration, and static. 

Users tin make implicit 1,500 wireless fences that are casual to acceptable up.

The GPS accuracy is top-notch. Its patented True Location™ exertion allows you to acceptable up ace close fences and support real-time tracking connected your pup.

Battery beingness is identical to the Halo Collar, with users reporting artillery beingness betwixt 14 to 22 hours.

The SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence is much costly than the Halo Collar, costing $1,495. Subscription plans commencement astatine $9.95 a period and $95.4 yearly.

Due to its higher price, the institution provides a 45-day money-back warrant and besides includes a year-long warranty.

Having a money-back warrant allows you to get a consciousness for the instrumentality and spot if it fits you and your dog.

>>Visit The Official SpotOn Site Today<<

Fi Smart Collar

dog collar

The Fi Smart Collar works with dogs supra 10 pounds, giving favored owners with tiny dogs a accidental astatine utilizing a GPS collar.

One large quality betwixt the Fi Collar and the Halo Collar is the artillery life. The Fi Collar tin past up to 3 months connected a azygous charge. They tin execute this done unthinkable vigor efficiency.

Sleep monitoring is simply a bonus diagnostic that provides penetration into imaginable wellness issues arsenic slumber volition beryllium impacted.

The instrumentality works to support an close determination 24/7 by utilizing GPS and LTE-M cellular data.

The instrumentality costs $129 and offers a escaped trial, and provides yearly discounts connected their plans. Users tin wage $99 a twelvemonth oregon $248 for a three-year plan.

Choosing the Fi Collar is an fantabulous prime for users seeking a cheaper Halo Collar alternative.

>>Today’s Latest Price connected the Fi Collar<<

Tractive GPS Dog Tracker

dog collar

If you are looking for a fund canine tracker, the Tractive GPS collar costs $49.99 and besides includes a feline variant.

Due to the little price, the collar loses retired connected circumstantial features specified arsenic slumber tracking oregon enactment tracking.

The instrumentality is champion intended to alert you connected flight attempts by providing accelerated alerts. It works large successful providing unrecorded tracking by updating regularly each 3 seconds.

The Tractive GPS instrumentality has nary collar of its ain but is casual to instal connected your dog’s collar.

Yearly plans outgo $72, providing an astonishing discount implicit their monthly program of $12 a month.

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The Halo Collar provides an fantabulous wireless obstruction solution for ample backyards without a fencing system. Having an invisible obstruction is simply a amended alternate for galore people, arsenic fencing, a ample backyard is messy and expensive.

It provides real-time tracking done GPS determination services connected your telephone and adjacent displays an enactment illustration regarding your dog’s activity.

The new Halo Collar offers improved GPS functionality allowing it to accurately supply real-time tracking accusation and support your canine wrong designated areas.

Users tin acceptable up 20 virtual fences and edit them each from the Halo app. Get the latest specials and promos from Halo by visiting the authoritative site


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