Guide To Visiting Magnolia Market, Waco, Tx

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Magnolia Market astatine the Silos, oregon conscionable Magnolia Market arsenic the locals telephone it, is 1 of the astir unthinkable places successful Waco, Texas.

kalyra and savannah sitting nether  invited  to magnolia silos sign

This huge, industrial-style analyzable was erstwhile portion of the Brazos Valley Cotton Oil Company, but is present a immense buying analyzable made celebrated by its 2 120’ precocious silos – and their celebrated owners from the world TV series, Fixer Upper.

But visiting Magnolia Market is much than conscionable a spot wherever fans of the TV amusement tin spot wherever it each began, but a spot wherever you tin store for boutiques, play games connected the tract and bask unrecorded entertainment.

In this guide, I’ll beryllium sharing my champion tips and favourite places successful the Magnolia Market, including the Magnolia Table and more!

About Magnolia Market and Fixer Upper successful Waco Tx

iron Magnolia motion   connected  the silos waco texas

Magnolia Market was made celebrated by its personage owners, Chip and Joanna Gaines from the world TV show, Fixer Upper.

In lawsuit you bash not cognize thing astir Magnolia Market, The Silos, Magnolia Table and Fixer Upper, it is an highly fashionable renovation amusement connected HGTV.

Chip and Joanna Gaines are a joined mates from Waco Texas who instrumentality the worst location successful the champion thoroughfare and crook it into their imagination location for their clients.

Chip is the demo feline and the builder. Jo is the bonzer designer.

Together they marque a large squad and are ace cute, saccharine and funny.

Chip and Jo handprints successful  factual  slab

Although they had their ain renovation and plan concern earlier Fixer Upper, the amusement has elevated them to personage presumption and they present person a Magnolia Empire that consists of their ain location furnishing line, a bakery, restaurants, a mag and champion selling books.

Waco Texas is wherever Chip and Jo unrecorded and is the mounting for the amusement Fixer Upper.

They person helped enactment Waco backmost connected the map. It is nary longer THAT spot you heard astir galore years agone with the cult madness.

We lone had fractional a time to walk successful Waco Texas pursuing the Fixer Upper Trail. And we lone visited for that intent but would emotion to travel backmost and research the galore amusive things to bash successful Waco beyond Fixer Upper and Magnolia Markets.

We enjoyed its young hipster modern vibe.

It was my Mum who introduced america to Fixer Upper. She watched it with the girls erstwhile minding them erstwhile and they excitedly told america astir this woman who designed beauteous homes.

caz and her ma  lasting  successful  beforehand   of siloswith mum astatine the Silos

When we were preparing to determination implicit to the US from Australia, we’d sojourn Mum and Dad each week for meal and a Fixer Upper drawback up.

We’d laughter astatine Chip and wow astatine Joanna’s modern and elegant plan skills. “I privation her to bash our location 1 time … erstwhile we get one,” I utilized to say.

So erstwhile Qantas started nonstop flights to Dallas, I planned a one-month roadworthy travel with my parents and told them to alert into Dallas truthful we could sojourn Magnolia Markets successful Waco Texas and travel the Fixer Upper and Chip and Jo story.

Things to Do astatine Magnolia Market

Magnolia Market is not conscionable a spot to shop. It has truthful overmuch much to offer, including places to eat, relax, play and explore.

Here are immoderate of the champion attractions successful Magnolia Market you should not skip.

1. Dine astatine Magnolia Table, Waco Texas

Magnolia Table motion   connected  subway tiled wall

We wanted to commencement our time astatine Magnolia Table in the remodelled Elite Café, which Chip and Jo opened successful March 2018.

“I deliberation that’s the champion bacon I’ve ever had,” I said aft my archetypal bite.

Dad didn’t discarded overmuch clip eating his aft that.

We don’t cognize what they did to it, but it was sensational.

exterior of achromatic  Fixer Upper magnolia-table restuarant

“Oh that’ is truly good. I deliberation that’s the champion bacon I’ve had successful a decade.”

The cleanable premix of salt, fat, and subtle smokiness. The sausage was arsenic delicious: made successful location and is flavorful and moist, but not excessively oily.

And you cognize however overmuch we emotion our lattes. Magnolia Table served up creamy java that perfectly balanced the flavors.

It was 1 of the astir Australian tasting coffees we’ve had successful the US. Because we cognize Australia does them best! 🙂

All the dishes astatine Magnolia Table is sourced locally, and you tin tell.

The signature crockery astatine Magnolia Table are Jo’s Tater Tots sprinkled with chives and parmesan cheese. Although it whitethorn not look similar it, the meal is filling.

Magnolia Table meal  nutrient  waco texas

When we near we agreed that it was 1 of the champion breakfasts we’d ever had.

Magnolia Table has been touched by the Chip and Jo effect – farmhouse style, sprinkled with people and sophistication.

Every constituent is designed with volition – however does it assistance make the temper and archer the marque communicative – adjacent down to the woody pencils and coloring sheets that travel with the kids menu.

Signs successful that elegant achromatic and achromatic typography punctual you that you are welcome,

“Where everyone has a spot astatine the table.”

There’s an accent connected assemblage astatine Magnolia Table.

The ‘good ole days’ wherever radical gathered astir the array for speech and hearty, yet delicious meals made with emotion from the garden.

A circled connection connected the paper invites you to permission your phones successful the leather pouches hanging up connected the partition beside the table.

The conversations flowed for us, peculiarly with the staff. The unit were enthusiastic and authentic successful their engagement and spent clip talking with us.

It was a delightful mode to commencement our time successful Waco Texas and indicative of the benignant of radical Chip and Jo are.

We fell adjacent much successful emotion with this Fixer Upper dynamic duo and truthful inspired by their innovative and visionary spirit.

family sitting astatine  magnolia array  edifice

A mates of nights earlier we visitied, we watched the renovation of the Elite Cafe into Magnolia Table connected Fixer precocious Season 5.

It was truthful chill to spot its translation knowing we had been portion of the finished product!

  • Magnolia Table is astatine 2132 S Valley Mills Dr, Waco, TX 76706
  • Open 6 americium – 3 p.m. daily. (Further tips connected visiting Magnolia Table below.)

2. Check Out The Silos, Waco Texas

savannah lasting  successful  beforehand   of silos

The Silos correspond what large visionaries Chip and Jo are.

If you ticker Fixer Upper, you would person seen the translation of the the tally down silos into an amusement and retail space.

At the moment, determination is thing successful the Silos; the attractions are built astir it connected the artifact of land.

According to a constabulary serviceman securing the property, Chip plans to crook the wrong of the Silos into a antheral cave truthful helium tin connection thing to his antheral Fixer Upper and Magnolia fans.

I was amazed by the fig of men wandering astir looking similar they were having  a fantastic clip – my Dad included!

kalyra playing cornhole s

Surrounding the Silos is simply a wide unfastened greenish space. Jo has added her tiny touches to it, with a conception for games and a instrumentality filed with shot balls and maize spread equipment.

You’re invited to play and battalion up aft yourself erstwhile you’re done. Corn spread is 1 of Savannah’s favourite games truthful we played it for awhile.

Once again, the nonsubjective is to bring families and friends unneurotic experiencing bully ole fun.

There’s besides a abstraction disconnected the greenish writer with picnic tables and swinging chairs.

If you get aboriginal you’ll much than apt get a accidental to beryllium successful it and bask the ambience. If you’re hungry, the perimeter of the Silos are a fig of nutrient trucks offering a assortment of options.

savannah and kalyra connected  plaything  successful  plot  astatine  silos
Food trucks astatine  The Silos, Waco, Texas

3. Purchase Some Seeds astatine Magnolia Seed & Supply

row of plants for merchantability  astatine  Magnolia Seeds

At the backmost of the Silo is simply a plot to rotation done with a tiny log compartment to acquisition Juniper and Magnolia seeds.

I anticipation you tin replicate thing akin astatine home. I’m dreaming of it erstwhile I yet get a location … 1 day.

Jo and Chip person inspired maine to possibly determination successful that direction.

For now, we were blessed smelling the flowers, drinking h2o from the aged equine trough and past sitting connected the woody mushroom logs successful the aged bare tipi.

kalyra and savannah sitting wrong  bare  tipi s

4. Visit the Magnolia Bakery (Silos Baking Co)

line extracurricular  magnolia bakery

Jo’s cupcakes are legendary.

So overmuch truthful that queues tin beryllium implicit 2 hours long. Thankfully we lone had a 5 infinitesimal wait.

Magnolia Bakery is organized with ratio and agleam smile. Minute considered details makes each the quality successful the Magnolia world.

As you articulation the Magnolia Bakery queue, you’re handed an bid expanse to marque the process flow. By the clip you scope the beforehand of the queue you are acceptable to wage and collect.

people wrong  a cafe

The girl’s cupcakes were airy and fluffy. If you are a cupcake lover, you’ll beryllium blessed to hold for these.

My lone disappointment was determination were nary gluten escaped cupcakes. There were gluten escaped cookies, but I don’t similar cookies. My rima watered and my eyes cried looking astatine those cupcakes.

magnolia bakery cupcake connected  table

The bakery gathering is worthy looking astatine without the cupcakes.

The European inspired plan feels similar you’ve stepped implicit into France. It’s minimalistic and inviting and has gorgeous views of the Silos successful the background.

There’s a tiny plot country to the broadside for you to remainder and eat. Try to nab the woody stools nether the motion for a large photograph opportunity.

people sitting extracurricular  magnolia bakery

And successful betwixt the bakery and the silos is this large hashtag photograph accidental for your Instagram.

I emotion the girls successful this one.

kalyra and savannah posing nether  miles to magnolia sign

5. Shop At Magnolia Market astatine the Silos

people sitting astatine  tables extracurricular  a cafe

When I yet get my ain place, I’m driving to Magnolia Market to bargain each the furnishings. I mightiness conscionable bring backmost Jo with maine to enactment it altogether!!

The Magnolia location store is simply a fantastic store. It’s filled with the benignant and essence of Jo.

Chip’s essence is not ignored either. He has his ain conception dedicated to the men called Chip’s Corner.

chips country   motion   astatine  Magnolia Market

I mostly don’t person patience to shop, but I loved browsing done each the homeware pieces successful the store.

It’s the benignant of location decor you’ve seen connected the amusement and ranges from room items to rugs and wallpaper.

The alloy partition plaques connected show by Jimmy Don were the astir oculus catching pieces successful the store for me.

There are besides T-shirts and hats successful the store with the Magnolia Table. I couldn’t assistance but prime up a vessel I person admired Jo wearing galore times connected the show.

candles and flowers wrong  Magnolia Market

And my saccharine girls plotted unneurotic to bargain maine a beauteous notebook and saccharine smelling Magnolia candle for Mother’s Day. It made my day.

Here are a fewer different things to bash astatine the Silos that are caller since our visit:

6. Drink Coffee astatine Magnolia Press

If you request a java to refuel, past the Magnolia Press java store does immoderate fantabulous coffee.

The constituent of Magnolia Press is to prime up a java and bask it arsenic your browse the store.

It looks similar an concern library, and adjacent though the thought is to drawback a java connected the go, you’ll privation to beryllium astir for a portion and respect the decor – oregon beryllium extracurricular connected the patio.

7. Shop for Women’s Clothing astatine Reverie

Reverie is simply a women’s covering store that has boutique, modern pieces. It’s the benignant of manner you would spot Joanna wearing connected Fixer Upper.

8. Shop for Jewelery astatine Vie Bien Aimee

Vie Bien Aimee is simply a store selling artisan bath and assemblage products. You tin find immoderate moisturisers, look creams, and different skincare and quality tools.

9. Shop for Accessories astatine Tried and True

Want immoderate accessories to spell with your caller clothing? Head to Tried & True which has bags, hats, jewelery, belts and different accessories.

10. Shop for Plants astatine Ferny’s Retro Plant Shop

If you are looking for immoderate caller plants to adhd to your home, past caput implicit to Ferny’s (previously Juniper & Crew).

It’s owned by Jo’s small sister and offers a spot to store for plants successful a quirky, amusive and retro environment.

You tin besides find jazzy pots to spell with the plants, too.

11. Get immoderate Stationary astatine Chapter one

Need a day card? How astir a caller journal? Head to the Chapter One store to find stationery sets and arts and crafts goods.

12. Shop for Men’s Clothing astatine No. 16

As good arsenic offering men’s clothing, you tin besides find different manly goods specified arsenic camping items and woodworking tools.

Opening Hours

Magnolia Market is unfastened Monday – Saturday from 9.00am – 6.00pm. They are closed connected Sundays.

It is located successful downtown Waco, conscionable 2 miles from Cameron Park Zoo.

Other Fixer Upper Locations successful Waco

If you’re besides a instrumentality of the amusement and privation to spot much Fixer Upper locations successful Waco, present are immoderate different places adjacent to explore.

See Discounted Items astatine Little Shop connected Bosque

Although not successful the Magnolia Market complex, Little Shop is worthy checking out.

It’s the discounted proviso store wherever you tin find discounted Magnolia items. It’s housed successful the archetypal retail store by Chip and Jo earlier they roseate to fame.

Harp Design Co

people walking into harp plan  studio

Everyone knows Clint Harp from Fixer Upper. He creates diagnostic woodwork pieces for the homes Chip and Jo renovate.

He has his ain store and store successful Waco Texas. He besides present has his ain DIY TV Show!!

kalyra looking astatine  array  of location  products

I emotion seeing however Fixer Upper has helped truthful galore different radical thrive successful their ain business. What a fantastic communicative and affirmative ripple.

Next doorway to Harper Design is Clint’s House, which was besides renovated connected the amusement connected play one, occurrence 11.

You tin instrumentality pictures and respect the featured door, which Clint made. It’s oculus catching.

Clint has turned this into a Bed and Breakfast you tin rent erstwhile you sojourn Waco Texas.

Clint Harper House Waco Texas Fixer Upper

We picked up a beauteous representation from Harper Design with the words Wander written implicit the top. And a woody bosom shaped vessel for Savannah.

822 North 15th Street, Waco

Magnolia House

mum and dada  posing magnolia location   Fixer Upper Waco Texas

Magnolia House is the Bed and Breakfast Chip and Jo renovated successful play 3 of Fixer Upper.

It’s astir a 20 infinitesimal thrust southbound westbound of Waco Texas successful the downtown McGregor area.

We stopped successful connected our mode down to San Antonio. We were amazed by however tiny the artifact of onshore is compared to what it looks similar connected TV.

You besides spot the Carriage House down the backmost that was fixed up connected the amusement for the managers of Magnolia House.

It’s a charming home. You tin rent it out, but is usually booked months, if not a twelvemonth successful advance.

Apparently it’s good to popular implicit and instrumentality a fewer photos!

323 South Madison Ave, McGregor TX

JDH Designs

You tin besides sojourn Jimmy Don’s workshop, who does each the metalwork designs for the show.

It’s located astir 20 miles westbound of Waco truthful was excessively acold of a diversion for us.

9685 North Lonestar Parkway, Crawford TX

The Brazos River

caz and her ma  stqnding connected  Waco Suspension span

Wander implicit the  the pedestrian Waco Suspension Bridge which spans the Brazos River, the longest stream successful Texas.

You’ll spot the span and stream successful galore of the B-Roll shots of Fixer Upper.

But, the span has a communicative of its own.

It was portion of the Chisholm Trail, a commercialized way trod by millions of heads of cattle successful the 19th century. On the bluish enactment of the span adjacent Indian Spring Park, is simply a herd of larger than beingness bronze cattle sculpture.

savannah successful  beforehand   of bull sculptures

If you consciousness the braided alloy cables and stout ceramic operation look familiar, past formed your minds oculus towards the Brooklyn Bridge.

The cables were furnished by John A. Roebling from New York, who built the Brooklyn Bridge.

There are a fewer nutrient trucks scattered astir the foreshore of the river.

For dice hard Fixer Upper Fans, you tin bash a circuit of Waco, Texas and the Magnolia empire, including visiting immoderate of the homes that were featured connected the show.

The owners of the Waco Tours were really connected the amusement and had homes renovated. See prices, availability and much reviews here.

Places to Eat Near Magnolia Market, Waco, Tx

Unfortunately, we lone had fractional a time truthful didn’t person clip to research the different things to bash successful Waco, Tx that doesn’t impact Fixer Upper.

But if you person much time, these are a fewer eateries adjacent that you should cheque out.

Common Grounds

car extracurricular  thrust  done  astatine  communal  ground

Common Grounds is simply a café that Jo has visited earlier connected the show.

It is successful the Baylor University country and was afloat of students connected thigh tops studying for their last exams.

The Cowboy Coffee is Jo’s favourite and made celebrated due to the fact that of the show. I’m not definite what it is. It has a concealed condiment and is labelled arsenic saccharine truthful I stayed distant from it.

I similar my coffees beardown and bitter – nary sweetener allowed.

family sitting astatine  array  successful  garden

There’s a beauteous extracurricular seating area, a tiny structure successful the beforehand and plentifulness of comfy couches inside.

There’s a backyard signifier turning it into an indie performance venue with legume container chairs.

Heritage Creamery

orange combi van with waco made crystal  pick  handpainted motion

Next doorway to Common Grounds, is an independently owned and locally operated crystal pick store, Heritage Creamery.

Everything is 100% all-natural and made successful their store utilizing fresh, top-of-the-line ingredients with nary additives oregon preservatives.

savannah with crystal  pick  cone

We popped successful determination to drawback the girls an crystal pick portion we sat successful the backmost plot of communal grounds enjoying a coffee.

Tips for Visiting Magnolia Table & Magnolia Market

Visiting the Silos Waco Texas Fixer Upper
  1. Arrive early. Magnolia Table, particularly connected the weekend, tin person up to 4 hr hold times. The edifice opens astatine 6am. I’d get not agelong aft that. Better yet, marque a preservation successful advance.
  2. After meal astatine Magnolia Table, caput consecutive to the Silos and Magnolia Bakery which tin besides person lines up to 2 hours long.
  3. Start lining up for the bakery immediately. You tin easy rotation astir the Silos and Magnolia Market astatine immoderate time.
  4. If you’re acrophobic of the postulation ellipse retired the beforehand of Magnolia Market, travel disconnected the I 35 and crook onto the frontage roadworthy – cheque sanction – and participate the parking batch from the backmost entrance.
  5. There are plentifulness of warnings astir the postulation ellipse retired the beforehand (roundabouts) We person them everyplace successful Australia, truthful we weren’t disquieted astir it. American’s aren’t that utilized to them truthful often don’t cognize however to thrust connected them! There are warnings not to effort and transverse it connected feet if you parkland extracurricular of Magnolia Table.
  6. Parking is constricted astatine Magnolia Table, different bully crushed to get early. You tin instrumentality the escaped LaSalle Circle Shuttle autobus from the Silos to Magnolia Table. It runs each 30 minutes oregon truthful from 9am to 6pmMonday through Saturday. That way, you tin parkland erstwhile and inactive sojourn Magnolia Table.
  7. While you are waiting for your array astatine Magnolia Table, instrumentality your photos and sojourn the acquisition shop.
  8. You volition get a substance erstwhile your array is ready, truthful person a telephone with you. It comes successful useful if you bash person a 4 hr wait. You tin spell into Waco and sojourn the Silos portion you wait.
  9. Wednesday is the quietest time astatine Magnolia Table and the Silos successful Waco Texas.
  10. Everything looks smaller than what you spot connected TV. So beryllium prepared. I thought the Silo country looked overmuch bigger connected TV with little astir it. Same excessively with Magnolia House. We were expecting it to beryllium connected a ample artifact of land.
  11. You tin enactment successful a fig of the Fixer Upper homes that person been converted into B&B’s
  12. Bring your camera. Capture the quality of Chip and Jo’s designs, the delicious food, and Silo Selfies.
  13. You mightiness privation to work immoderate of the Magnolia stories earlier you visit:
    • The Magnolia Story
    • Capital Gaines: Things I learned doing Stupid Stuff
    • Magnolia Table: A postulation of recipes for gathering.

They are connected my speechmaking list. I americium subscribed to the quarterly Magnolia Journal which I love. Mum present has my stack to instrumentality location to her.

magnolia cookbook Joanna Gaines

Where to enactment successful Waco Texas

We continued connected to enactment astatine the Emily Morgan Inn successful San Antonio truthful don’t person idiosyncratic acquisition for accommodation successful Waco. From our probe and nonrecreational question judgement, we tin urge the following. You tin besides usage the representation to hunt for places to enactment successful Waco.

  • Hotel Indigo Waco: We emotion the Hotel Indigo brand; You’re guaranteed boutique sophistication that fits with assemblage personality. This is the closest edifice to Magnolia Market astatine conscionable a 10-minute walk. astatine Hotel Indigo.
  • This Newly Remodeled location inspired by Magnolia’s ain Fixer Upper show. Open conception 3Bd 2Bth; stocked Kitchen. Spacious Backyard wherever you tin person a delicious barbecue and unbend adjacent to the fire.

Video: 10 Things to Explore connected the Fixer Upper Trail

Final Thoughts connected Visiting Magnolia Market, Waco

Waco has decidedly been transformed due to the fact that of Chip and Jo and Fixer Upper. We loved strolling done the marketplace and seeing each the visitors retired and about, playing connected the grass, enjoying picnics and listening to music.

It’s fantastic to spot and look astatine however galore section radical person been employed and the spill implicit effect for different section businesses.

Waco is simply a vibrant thriving country with a batch of chill things to offer. We’d emotion to instrumentality and research more, but for now, we consciousness contented having been capable to research Magnolia Market.

Tours of Waco Texas & the Fixer Upper Trail

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