Gratitude + Glitz $250 Cash Prize!

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Hello and invited to our Gratitude + Glitz $250 Cash Prize! We are giving distant your favourite prize–CASH! It has been epic launching 1 giveaway each azygous time and we anticipation you enjoyed being amazed with a caller prize each day.


Gratitude + Glitz $250 Cash Prize!

The taxable of this giveaway is gratitude and glitz due to the fact that we person truthful overmuch gratitude for you–yes YOU!

Thank you for supporting our giveaways and for ever coming backmost to Steamy Kitchen and seeing what we person successful store.


We’ll beryllium sharing a fewer ways that you tin explicit gratitude successful each time beingness and dispersed gracious energy.

Attitude of Gratitude 

Gratitude is elemental and starring with a thankful bosom volition marque definite your time improves!


Create a gratitude journal. There are galore gratitude diary prompts to usher you and get you started. 

Journaling astir gratitude volition displacement your mindset into placing gratitude astatine the forefront. Life is truthful overmuch amended erstwhile you unrecorded with an cognition of gratitude due to the fact that you are ever uncovering caller ways to admit the contiguous moment. 

Express Thankfulness

This tin beryllium buying a cupful of java for your co-working, stopping by the store to bargain flowers for a loved connected oregon conscionable giving idiosyncratic a hug and affirmation. 

You tin besides explicit thankfulness to yourself by embracing yourself and dropping a buss connected your shoulder. Or dainty yourself to your favourite meal and a decadent desert.

Be Present

Don’t get stuck successful the past and halt worrying astir the future. As galore omniscient radical person stated, the contiguous infinitesimal is the lone 1 you tin beryllium definite of truthful unrecorded successful it.

One of the champion ways to cultivate gratitude is to statesman noticing tiny beauties successful each time beingness and being grateful for them! Things arsenic elemental arsenic a saccharine chill summertime breeze oregon the mode idiosyncratic you emotion walks into a room. 


Think of thing blessed oregon simply springiness gratitude to the information that you person woken up to yet different beauteous day.

The subject down smiling has shown that smiling stimulates blessed chemicals successful our brains. Engaging your grin muscles, sends signals to the reward strategy of your encephalon and successful turn, your encephalon releases blessed endorphins–even if you aren’t successful the champion mood. 


Celebrate yourself and each of your accomplishments! Start tiny similar erstwhile you aftermath up connected clip oregon retrieve to drawback your car keys earlier walking retired the door. 

This volition statesman to assistance you explicit gratitude towards yourself alternatively than getting aggravated oregon mentally beating yourself up.

$250 CASH 

Win $250 CASH to walk connected yourself and loved ones! How could you walk $250 to marque idiosyncratic else’s day? 

We are giving distant $250 CASH to 1 fortunate winner! You volition beryllium capable to walk it connected thing that you want. Treat yourself, dainty your kids, dainty your important other, walk it connected thing that makes you happy.

Enter to triumph beneath and don’t hide to cod bonus points to summation much entries and summation your accidental of winning!

Gratitude + Glitz $250 Cash Prize!

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