Going to the Dogs

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Going to the Dogs

and loving it!

October! The archetypal afloat period of fall. The days turn shorter, leaves crook vibrant hues, and the cooler aerial seems astir to sparkle. It’s a period of migrating birds, harvest celebrations, and trick-or-treat. And for those of america whose lives impact carnal rescue, it’s besides a clip dedicated to dogs and favored wellness and safety. So articulation maine successful celebrating Adopt A Shelter Dog Month arsenic I present 5 saccharine pups who are waiting astatine North Shore Animal League America for a caller commencement successful life.

I’ve loved dogs since I was a small girl, from our household Collie-mix Suzie-Dog to fantastic Bianca, the canine whose emotion I shared with Howard until she died successful 2012. I cannot judge she’s been gone for a full 10 years. She volition ever beryllium with us.

Suzie-Dog, surrounded by love: my brothers, Dave and Doug, and me.

Howard and I locomotion the reddish carpet with the existent star, our Bianca.

Every time I convey Bianca for inspiring maine to assistance make Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center and to grow my fostering enactment astatine North Shore Animal League America, wherever I’ve had a accidental to conscionable truthful galore loveable dogs. I’m ever thrilled erstwhile my IG posts assistance immoderate of them find large everlastingly homes. So successful the anticipation that thing fantastic tin hap for the 5 deserving dogs you’re astir to meet, present they are! (I haven’t met these cuties, but my colleagues astatine NSALA person written charming bios truthful you tin get to cognize them.)

Before arriving astatine NSALA a twelvemonth ago, Arnie (G25619) lived successful bittersweet conditions successful Georgia successful a backyard breeding situation. UGH! At NSALA, Arnie is learning that radical tin beryllium benignant and caring. Now Arnie is looking for an experienced adopter with older children successful a backstage location successful a quiescent country with a afloat fenced-in backyard. Despite being small, Arnie would not bash good successful an flat setting. Once helium gets to cognize you, Arnie is simply a snuggle muffin. He enjoys walking connected a leash, playing fetch, and being scratched connected his hind end! With patience, routine, and grooming to physique his confidence, Arnie volition go a fantastic companion. Watch his peculiar video here.

October is besides National Pit Bull Awareness Month. These loyal, sweet-natured dogs person been stigmatized due to the fact that of unspeakable owners. But this breed has been a household canine for decades and deserves respect and love.

Alice (G25956), for example, is simply a playful Pittie premix looking for a location of her ain present that her litter of pups has near the “nest.” Alice is house-trained and is bully connected a leash but would payment from the guidance of an experienced adopter. Due to her size, flat beingness is not for this girl. She needs to beryllium the lone favored successful a suburban location with a fenced-in yard, with children implicit 16 years aged who tin support up with her energy. We urge a conscionable and greet for the full household to guarantee a cleanable match. To spot Alice successful action, visit her adoption illustration page.

Buddy (V33791), different Pittie mix, is simply a shy canine with a batch of emotion to give. Adopted arsenic a pup, Buddy lived a blessed beingness for 4 years until his owners were forced to instrumentality him erstwhile they could longer attraction for him. The modulation has been hard connected Buddy arsenic helium tries to acclimate to his caller surroundings. The perfect aboriginal for Buddy would beryllium successful an adults-only location with experienced adopters who tin proceed his grooming and confidence-boosting exercises. Buddy needs clip and volition unfastened up slowly, but erstwhile helium does you’ll person a loyal Buddy for life! Get to cognize Buddy today!

One happening I cannot carnivore to deliberation astir is elder pets who had loving homes and past abruptly find themselves successful shelters. No substance however astonishing those shelters are — and NSALA is genuinely astonishing — the animals inactive consciousness confused and sad. This conscionable breaks my heart.

A saccharine illustration is Roxi (T83110) and Gemma (V27080) and who are looking for a caller beingness arsenic a treble adoption. Nine-year-old Roxi, a Terrier mix, and 10-year-old Gemma, a German Shepherd mix, are bonded “sisters” who person spent their full lives together. They’ve been done heavy and thin, including the caller nonaccomplishment of their owner. Transitioning to beingness successful the structure is ne'er easy, but these 2 person ever had each different to thin on, which has helped them larn to spot their caller friends. Gradually, these saccharine seniors person begun to amusement their playful side, and portion they won’t beryllium doing galore escapade walks they bash bask a stroll unneurotic with their favourite humans. These aureate girls are looking for a location they tin discontinue to unneurotic and marque caller friends with a saccharine family. Take a look astatine their video connected their adoption profile.

This is specified a engaged period for favored people. Besides being National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, it’s besides National Pet Wellness Month, National Pet Safety and Protection Month, and National Black Cat Month. And connected October 29, we observe National Cat Day. It’s besides Halloween Safety Month, and I anticipation you’ll take a look astatine the guidance NSALA has enactment unneurotic to assistance your favored person a harmless Halloween.

“Au naturel” Cocomelon prepares for Halloween.

One happening I privation to accent is this: Please, Do Not Force Your Pet to Wear a Halloween Costume! We bash this for ourselves, not for them, and though we mightiness deliberation they look cute, and they astir apt do, we’re putting them nether stress. Costumes tin impact assemblage somesthesia and equilibrium and tin irritate the skin. Above all, it tin marque your favored consciousness trapped and stressed. Some pets — I’m looking astatine you, Helen Rose — mightiness beryllium truthful agreeable that they tin tolerate a mates of minutes successful costume.

But you cognize your favored amended than anyone, and if you person immoderate doubts, skip the costume. The lone clip you should enactment “clothes” connected your pets is for their extortion — walking your canine successful atrocious upwind oregon aft sunset oregon protecting wounds and stitches post-surgery. Otherwise, “naked” is the champion outfit our pets tin wear!


  • DO NOT propulsion distant pumpkins. If you can, find immoderate woods adjacent and smash the pumpkin unfastened for wildlife to eat. It’s harmless and the seeds are a earthy dewormer. Plus, you are recycling a bully nutrient root and not feeding the landfill!
  • DO NOT bleach your pumpkins to marque them past longer. Please remember, pumpkins are nutrient to tons of wildlife — deer, squirrels, raccoons, possums, mice, rats, chipmunks, birds, and insects. Use vinegar instead: 1 portion vinegar to 10 parts water. It works arsenic good arsenic bleach and volition not wounded wildlife.


As a committee subordinate and the National Spokesperson for North Shore Animal League America, I privation to archer you astir 2 ways you tin enactment our no-kill ngo this autumn and, astatine the aforesaid time, person immoderate fun!

  • Please articulation maine connected Wednesday, November 16, for our Celebration of Rescue, an evening filled with unthinkable rescue stories, online auctions, and tons of surprises. You tin be this unsocial lawsuit unrecorded astatine the Royalton Park Avenue Hotel successful Manhattan oregon virtually successful the comfortableness of your home. Comedian and carnal person Joe Gatto volition big the lawsuit unrecorded and I’ll marque a virtual quality to speech astir however we tin attraction for our pets nary substance what! For details, delight sojourn animalleague.org/celebrationofrescue.
  • In June I had the pleasance of posing with a fantastic radical of dogs and cats for NSALA’s constricted variation 2023 Calendar. Please sojourn animalleague.org/2023calendar to bid your transcript with a minimum $15 donation. They marque thoughtful vacation gifts, with nett proceeds benefitting the cognition of Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center.


Senior kitty Tabullah mislaid her quality and mislaid her spirit. Her thyroid, kidney, and bosom issues went unnoticed by her ailing human, and I tried my best. I had nary thought she’d beryllium gone truthful soon. What a beauteous kitty she was. One happening I cognize for sure…she was grateful. I saw it successful the mode she looked astatine me. I volition ne'er hide her. So galore radical loved Tabullah, including her caller ma who was acceptable to bring her location forever. Adopting a elder oregon a hospice carnal is truthful rewarding. Thinking astir the alternate they look — dying unsocial successful a cage successful a structure — breaks my heart. Yes, it’s emotionally hard doing what I bash but I won’t halt and I volition invited the adjacent one.

On September 17, Tabullah’s small bosom gave out. Two days later, a rainbow appeared successful her favourite presumption from our windowsill.


The station Going to the Dogs appeared archetypal connected Animal League.

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