Fruit Infused Water Ideas For Your New Gallon Bottle

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Infuse, Sip, Repeat

Infused h2o conscionable tastes better. Period.

Don’t judge me? I’m going to situation you to spot however overmuch much h2o you portion erstwhile it has notes of fruit, citrus, herbs, and a hint of sweetness.

If you conflict to gulp down your 8-10 glasses per time (or much if you unrecorded successful blistery climates, hit the sauna oregon exercise), past adding a ‘little something-something’ to your h2o decidedly helps it spell down better.

Like, you mightiness really statesman to crave it.

The cardinal to amazingly delicious infused h2o is the combinations of fruits and herbs that sensation large together. If you similar things a small matchy-matchy (same!), effort the combos we enactment unneurotic for these cute-as-can-be Ready, Set, Glow Gallon Timer Bottles.

PS – they travel with a built-in infuser, truthful each you person to bash is adhd your flavors of prime 😉

Infused Water Bottles

Why Hydrate?

This question mightiness spell close into the “duh” category, but present it goes anyway.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, hydration “regulates assemblage temperature, support joints lubricated, forestall infections, delivers nutrients to cells, and support organs functioning properly. Being well-hydrated besides improves slumber quality, cognition, and mood.”

And, it makes your tegument look SO overmuch better. Enough said. Simply put, h2o is the cheapest and easiest mode to amended your health.

infused h2o  recipe

Feeling the Blue Gallon Bottle?

The spirit combo successful this infused h2o look tastes arsenic bully arsenic it looks! It’s a small sweet, citrus-y with airy notes of mint.

Pro tip: The cardinal to getting the astir spirit retired of your h2o is to chop the effect into cubes truthful that you tin acceptable much successful the cylinder. Leave the much delicate fruits for past erstwhile layering successful your ingredients truthful they enactment successful tact. Add arsenic small oregon arsenic overmuch of the pursuing to suit your sensation buds.

Blue-Green Infused Water Recipe

  • Pears
  • Fresh mint
  • Persian cucumbers
  • Lime
  • Blueberries

Orange Mango Water

Peach Infused Water Combo

For the peach bottle, we chose a much tropical taxable featuring mango, cantaloupe and oranges. This combo would sensation delicious with immoderate added basil successful spot of the mint, if desired.

Peach Recipe

  • Mango
  • Cantaloupe
  • Orange
  • Fresh mint oregon basil

Purple Infused Water Combo

If going with the purple bottle, see a berry-based combination! Just adhd these delicate fruits successful gently.

Purple Recipe

  • Blackberries
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Lemon


Remember, hydration is cardinal to bully wellness and glowing skin, and is indispensable if you hit the gym hard and often! So portion up!

Comment beneath which mentation you privation to effort first! And fto america cognize if you portion much h2o erstwhile it’s infused (and due to the fact that your cute caller h2o bottle encourages you with a affirmative enactment and timer printed connected the side).

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