French-Japanese Beef Dining Specialist BIFTECK Fires Up Charcoal Grill for 8-Course Tasting Full of Smoky Indulgence and Decadent, Succulent A La Carte

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French-Japanese Beef Dining Specialist BIFTECK Fires Up Charcoal Grill for 8-Course Tasting Full of Smoky Indulgence and Decadent, Succulent A La Carte

A glorious caller Springtime Dinner Menu besides embracing the champion of onshore and oversea underscores Executive Chef Ken Kwok’s French-Japanese flair

Hong KongBIFTECK continues mesmerising nutrient lovers with extraordinary, unprecedented flavours, launching a unsocial 8-course spectacle of charcoal-grilled delicacies astatine the visionary French-Japanese steakhouse successful QRE Plaza, Wanchai, on with a seasonal 6-course tasting paper and a la carte specialities.

BIFTECK InteriorBIFTECK Interior
Australian 100 Days Grain-Fed Angus Beef TenderloinAustralian 100 Days Grain-Fed Angus Beef Tenderloin
Glazed French Duck · Roasted Foie GrasGlazed French Duck · Roasted Foie Gras
Scallop & Lobster SpaghettiScallop & Lobster Spaghetti

Freshness from the onshore and oversea – a BIFTECK axiom – infuses some of the caller evening tasting menus and the charcoal-grilled a la carte selection, presenting caller tastes and surprises beyond the beloved signatures that stay changeless successful Executive Chef Kwok’s ever-creative repertoire. The 2 menus travel with the enactment of house-devised vino pairings to elevate the pleasance of each dish.

Grilling connected charcoal heightens the entreaty of the finest cuts of nutrient handpicked by Chef Kwok, whose beef expertise knows nary geographical bounds. With the grill fired up, determination is besides nary bounds to the assortment of top-quality nutrient that helium introduces to the blistery coals. Seafood, poultry, vegetables, adjacent herby breadstuff volition sizzle successful unison until perfectly cooked. The warmth of the occurrence transfers from room to plate, and robust charred aromas waft provocatively crossed the table.

 “I emotion the smoky borderline the charcoal grill brings to my favourite nutrient cuts and different ingredients, adding other layers of flavour and textural appeal,” says Executive Chef Ken Kwok. “Spring is astir caller awakenings and with the intoxicating scent of charcoal-grilling successful the air, arsenic good arsenic an imaginative seasonal tasting paper to savour, the eating country becomes a sensory wonder.”

“Gril à Charbon” – 8 Courses of Charcoal-Grilled Goodness

 BIFTECK’s redolent charcoal-grilled evening extravaganza (8 courses, from HK$888 per person) is served regular from 6pm, with a 5-glass pairing of notable French and Italian wines astatine an further HK$468 per person. Arousing charcoal tastes and aromas statesman with an hors d’oeuvre duo of Spot Shrimp and Japanese Squid Tartare Herb Focaccia, and Signature Steak Tartare and Kristal Caviar Potato Mille Feuille, where some the breadstuff infused by rosemary and thyme.

A4 Hokkaido Tokachi Tri-tip RollA4 Hokkaido Tokachi Tri-tip Roll
Australian M9 Full Blood Steak VS Spanish Vintage SteakAustralian M9 Full Blood Steak VS Spanish Vintage Steak

The archetypal successful an array of appetisers comes from the sea: a prime of Hokkaido Scallop & Market Fish Sashimi served with marinated turnip and a herb wasabi consommé condiment prepared connected the grill oregon Grilled Japanese Fresh Oyster, which volition some bask wonderfully with the optional pairing of a Venetian Pinot Grigio. A BIFTECK favourite of Dry-aged 25 Days Wagyu Tongue with Hokkaido Scallop – the beef delicacy sandwiched betwixt layers of scallop topped with creamy chickenhearted and clam foam – follows for an aggravated meaty opposition earlier the unveiling of Chef Kwok’s caller instauration of Spanish Octopus LegLightly charred connected the charcoal aft being sous-vide with vino and vegetables, the octopus successful enhanced with Spicy Bacon & Confit Lemon Vinaigrette that besides embraces tomato, pepperoni and babe onion. It goes down a dainty with a French Chablis afloat of juicy fruit.

Spanish Octopus LegSpanish Octopus Leg

Chef Kwok’s Japanese cuisine grooming comes into play successful a ramen people headlined by either French Duck Breast oregon Alaskan King Crab (add HK$208), some bearing a beauteous charcoal touch. A debut item, slow-cooked duck bosom swims successful reddish miso-flavoured Udon with Beef Bone Marrow added tableside, portion the crab noodles are served with Yuzu Kosho Bisque Udon. Next up is simply a signature beef cut, A4 Hokkaido Tokachi Tri-tip, presented arsenic a Roll with Maitake Consommé, arsenic good arsenic onions and leafy mizuna. The mushroom consommé is served connected the broadside truthful diners tin adhd sizzling warmth to the earthy beef roll. A big, bold Tuscan reddish is the perfect pairing.

The main people proffers a dilemma – deciding betwixt sumptuous beef cuts oregon a lighter enactment of charcoal-grilled Japanese Mackerel with Japanese Bamboo Shoot Sauce. The food is marinated successful sake, soy and atom vinegar earlier it hits the grill. Meat lovers volition nary uncertainty plump for the steak treble measure – a location speciality – of Australian M9 Full Blood Steak VS Spanish Vintage Steak, oregon upgrade (for an other HK$298) to Chef Kwok’s Signature Slow Cooked A5 Rump Cap whose Chicken Ponzu Sauce has a delightful hint of wasabi. Spanish vintage beef and the A5 coulotte – a peculiarly tender portion of the apical sirloin with a good furniture of abdominous – are fragrant from the charcoal grill. All the mains volition brace good with a solid of Bordeaux teeming with achromatic fruit. Japanese beverage flavours that person smouldered connected charcoal permeate a saccharine decorativeness of Green Tea Mousse with Genmaicha Ice Cream and Mignardises.

Charcoal-grilled A La Carte – Smoky Sensations

Vintage Spanish beef is 1 of the charcoal-grilled standouts present added to the a la carte menu. Mature, people hung Spanish Vintage Free Range Ribeye (HK$498) gathers smoky sustenance from its clip connected the coals, bringing further juiciness to the grass-fed, sustainably farmed cattle. BIFTECK besides travels to root top-quality lamb for the charcoal-grilled deed of Iberico Lamb Belly (HK$428). Two of its acclaimed beef cuts implicit the premium grilled offerings – lean, flavourful USDA Prime Brandt Sirloin Flap (HK$468) and intensely marbled Slow Cooked Australian M9 Full Blood Short Rib (HK$488). All are served with a colourful mini outpouring plot of mixed greenish crockery and pickled beetroot, arsenic good arsenic 2 dressings that bespeak the steakhouse’s Japanese sensibilities – tosazu condiment and homemade tare sauce.

“Soirée Gastronomique à BIFTECK – Printemps” – Succulent Spring Celebration

A caller location beef chopped of Australian 100 Days Grain-Fed Angus Beef Tenderloin is 1 of the stars of a 6-course evening tasting paper served from Sunday to Thursday, betwixt 6pm and 10pm, arsenic a serenade to the caller joys of spring. Showcasing Chef Kwok’s modern Japan-meets-the West spirit, the gastronomic escapade is priced from HK$680 per person. A 4-glass vino pairing (for an other HK$388 per person) dips into divers vino regions to complement the fruits of the onshore and oversea and heighten the lively seasonal vibe.

Diners choosing the pairing statesman connected a bubbly enactment arsenic an exquisite hors d’oeuvre of Japanese Red Crab Meat & Tofu atop Panna Cotta with Mushroom Ponzu Jelly is teamed with the caller minerality of Champagne Louis Balincourt. A sunny Californian Chardonnay is the determination for the adjacent people – a prime of 2 affluent seafood preparations with Japanese overtones: Baked Oyster with Seaweed Cheese Butter oregon Uni, Fresh Yuba with Seared Botan-Ebi with Black Garlic Vinaigrette (add HK$128).

Next comes Slow Cook A5 Rump Carpaccio, 1 of the must-have beef staples connected the a la carte menu. Here, a luscious creamy Japanese Egg Yolk lifts the melt-in-the-mouth nutrient arsenic 2 moreish preparations wed happily connected the plate. Fresh tastes of the oversea lavation successful for the 4th course, an indulgent instauration with a salty-spicy boost, Scallop & Lobster Spaghetti with XO Sauce & Bottarga. An aromatic achromatic from Lebanonese vino standard-bearer Chateau Musar provides a crisp counterpoint for diners enjoying the tasting dinner’s vino pairing.

Bifteck - Executive Chef Ken KwokBifteck – Executive Chef Ken Kwok

A delectable fistful of dishes is disposable for main selection, demonstrating Chef Kwok’s versatility and passionateness for the world’s champion beef, poultry and seafood. Grilled Chilean Seabass and the sensational Glazed French Duck with Roasted Foie Gras with Pickled Blueberry Sauce comprise the non-beef choices, portion marvellous cuts of Slow Cooked Australian M9 Short Rib and USDA Prime Brandt Flap Meat with Tosazu Sauce bring singular succulence to the table.

Gourmands volition avidly expect the caller premier enactment of Australian 100 Days Grain-Fed Angus Beef Tenderloin (HK$198 supplement) – the 100-day fare of atom achieves beauteous airy fatty marbling – resting connected a furniture of Bone Marrow doused successful fresh, peppery green Chimichurri Sauce that peps up the sensation buds. The aggravated meatiness of the top-cut tenderloin is matched by a full-bodied, cherry-fruited Barbera D’Alba from Italy. Sweet, spice, and each things bully are folded into a lavish Mango Sansho Sorbet dessert.

Named aft the French sobriquet for ‘beefsteak’, BIFTECK has enthralled nutrient lovers since opening successful November 2021 successful Wanchai’s QRE Plaza. It marries Japanese and European flavors with mesmerizing flair. It showcases a caller position connected refined beef eating by Chef Kwok, whose storied culinary vocation spans Michelin-starred Japanese and good French and Italian kitchens.

For much accusation oregon inquiries, delight sojourn, email, oregon telephone (852) 2246-8805.

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French-Japanese Beef Dining Specialist BIFTECK Fires Up Charcoal Grill for 8-Course Tasting Full of Smoky Indulgence and Decadent, Succulent A La Carte
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