Five Examples Of Bitcoin’s Real-World Utility

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Bitcoin has real-world usage cases close present that are large improvements connected the dollar and different fiat currencies, adjacent during a carnivore market.

This is an sentiment editorial by Trent Dudenhoeffer, a certified fiscal planner astatine Watchdog Capital.

Believe it oregon not, bitcoin is money.

This whitethorn beryllium a hard merchantability to galore of america successful the Western world, specifically present successful the United States. I get it; the dollar is the reserve currency of the world. Yes, determination is inflation, but it’s not that bad, contempt today’s ostentation being the highest it’s been successful more than 40 years.

I don’t cognize astir you, but the ever-decreasing worth of my dollars is 1 of the reasons I learned astir bitcoin successful the archetypal place. Whoever said we needed to person inflation? John Maynard Keynes did, by the way, and it’s the economic mentation taught successful schools passim the nation.

My constituent is it tin beryllium hard for Western civilization to recognize wherefore bitcoin is important. Many are blinded by the “strength” of the dollar and are incapable to admit bitcoin’s utility.

To jog your memory, let’s spell done 5 examples of what bitcoin tin bash that the dollar, different fiat currencies and golden cannot.

1. Bitcoin Provides Neutral, Censorship-Resistant Money

The taxable of censorship has been successful the spotlight implicit the past decade, and particularly applicable successful the past fistful of years.

Twitter deplatformed a sitting president of the United States.

COVID-19 origination theories — erstwhile viewed arsenic heresy — are present largely accepted arsenic valid. Believing successful this mentation earlier led to the deplatforming of galore salient people, including legitimate, respected doctors.

And this is conscionable what’s happening connected societal media. What happens erstwhile your money is censored?

Look nary further than the Canadian trucker protestation that took spot successful aboriginal 2022. The Canadian authorities sought to necessitate vaccination of each trucker that entered its country. At the show of this evident intrusion of quality rights, the truckers decided to protestation the mandate by fundamentally closing the superior metropolis of Ottawa by blockading the streets.

One happening led to another, and earlier you knew it, the Canadian banking strategy began to “turn off” the money of each idiosyncratic progressive successful these protests. That’s right. Whether you were a trucker yourself, donated immoderate wealth to the efforts oregon passed retired food, you were connected the deed database and you had your wealth turned off. Frozen. It was there, but you couldn’t bash thing with it.

Today, it’s a trucker protest. What if it’s a women’s rights protestation next? A protestation against abuses by a state you’re allied with? Who decides?

Bitcoin definite arsenic heck doesn’t. Bitcoin doesn’t attraction astir the colour of your skin, your governmental affiliation, the state you’re in, what videos you ticker connected YouTube, etc. If you play by the aforesaid rules that everyone other plays by, you tin usage bitcoin.

This is 1 crushed wherefore thousands of radical donated bitcoin to the Canadian truckers’ cause. It was wealth that nary one, not adjacent the authorities oregon banking system, could stop. More than 21 bitcoin was raised successful the effort by 5,000 donors, astatine the clip totaling astir $1 cardinal successful support.

Bitcoin is censorship-resistant money.

2. You Can Take Your Bitcoin Anywhere Without Anyone Else Knowing

Jurisdictional arbitrage volition go much prevalent with governmental parties leaning further to the extremes present successful the United States, arsenic good arsenic crossed the world. You spot polarization, superior controls and superior formation taking spot each day:

  • Pro-choice and pro-life states
  • States with legalized marijuana and/or different cause use
  • Countries with sensible vigor policies (e.g., not Germany)
  • Countries that are prone to sanctions, specified arsenic Iran and Russia

As a citizen, sometimes you indispensable enactment accelerated oregon hazard being excessively precocious to flee, but however bash you determination an full household of trinkets and things with you arsenic you leave? How bash you transverse borders with wads of currency falling retired of your pouch oregon golden ingots weighing you down?

The reply is simple: you don’t. Good luck getting thing of worth crossed borders without it being confiscated. But you tin determination your bitcoin and if you bash it correctly, you tin determination it with nary 1 other knowing and without immoderate evidence.

All you request to bash is support 12 (or successful immoderate cases 24) words. These words tin correspond your full livelihood and are known arsenic a effect phrase. By having these words, you tin bring your wealthiness anyplace successful the world.

That’s what Laleh Farzan did. After receiving threats from the Taliban successful 2016, she fled to Germany. Most of the time, erstwhile you fly a hostile country specified arsenic Afghanistan amid chaos, you’re bound to tally into thieves and/or unrelenting governments. The emigrants typically permission with astir zero possessions.

But for Laleh, she was capable to store her wealthiness via her effect phrase. It was contained connected a tiny portion of insubstantial which thieves and others disregarded. Once she arrived successful Germany, she was capable to merchantability a information of her bitcoin for fiat to wage for mundane expenses.

3. Bitcoin Mining And The Energy Grid Are Match Made successful Heaven

Bitcoin mining requires a large woody of energy. Talking heads connected the quality person parroted this enactment plentifulness of times. It’s expected to devour all the world’s vigor by 2020 (how’d that enactment out?).

One mightiness argue, the much vigor bitcoin consumes, the better.

Hear maine out.

Bitcoin miners enactment arsenic an vigor user of archetypal and past resort. Essentially, they volition ever bargain (use) vigor if it’s disposable to them. What astir don’t cognize astir our modern vigor grids is that this benignant of reliability and consistency is extremely helpful. Rather than having to program for vigor request peaks and troughs, vigor producers tin simply supply vigor without worrying that nary 1 volition usage it.

Long communicative short: Bitcoin miners stabilize full vigor grids. If you’d similar a deeper dive, work more here.

Not lone bash miners stabilize grids, but bitcoin mining encourages utilizing the astir businesslike vigor sources available. As a miner, your nett and nonaccomplishment connection is precise casual to decipher: your gross is the bitcoin you mine, your expenses (for the astir part) are the vigor required to excavation it.

As a concern owner, you ideally privation to summation gross and alteration expenses to beef profits. Besides mining much bitcoin, what’s the easiest mode to summation profit? Lower your expenses, aka your outgo of energy. What’s the cheapest vigor disposable to us? Energy that comes naturally: solar, wind, hydro, etc.

Bitcoin is ushering successful caller developments and innovation successful greenish energy, and adjacent much importantly, wasted energy.

Bitcoin miners attempt, arsenic champion arsenic they can, to excavation with vigor that would different beryllium wasted. It’s a win-win for some parties. The miner gets inexpensive vigor and the vigor shaper sells vigor that different would person not produced immoderate revenue. A large illustration of this is flared state mining. When I archetypal saw a video of miners utilizing flared gas, I knew it was a crippled changer. It makes consciousness for each azygous shaper connected world to plug successful a bitcoin miner to gain much gross and alteration emissions. It’s a no-brainer.

Did you cognize that an estimated 60% of vigor produced is lost earlier reaching the consumer? Bitcoin miners volition happily bargain the different wasted vigor from producers, frankincense allowing the producers to gain much gross arsenic good arsenic supply reliable expectations for proviso and demand.

It’s lone a substance of clip earlier miners afloat integrate themselves with vigor markets.

4. Bitcoin Is Open 24/7

Ever needed banking services aft 5:00 p.m. oregon connected a weekend? Pretty inconvenient, right? In a satellite of globally connected markets and on-demand everything else, wherefore haven’t our fiscal services been held to the aforesaid availability standards?

Bitcoin has an up-time of 99.99%. Spanning much than 12 years, the Bitcoin web has lone experienced a cumulative 14 hours of downtime.

I tin beryllium anyplace successful the satellite astatine immoderate clip of the time and interact with the Bitcoin web arsenic agelong arsenic I person net connectivity. If net connectivity is an issue, immoderate geniuses overmuch smarter than maine are moving connected ways to relationship for it.

24/7, 365. No vacation closures. No circuit breakers during volatile times. Tick tock, adjacent block.

5. Micropayments And The Ease Of Internet Commerce

Commerce occurs connected the net alternatively than nutrient abstraction much and much arsenic the years spell by.

I’m not going to absorption connected commerce that requires a merchandise to beryllium physically shipped to your location successful this post, but what I privation to speech astir alternatively are products and contented that you devour straight connected your computer.

Why bash I person to divulge my recognition paper accusation and code to the Wall Street Journal if I privation to work an article? Why bash I person to bash the aforesaid with Spotify to perceive to a podcast?

Bitcoin, and its scaling layers, specified arsenic the Lightning Network, are going to disrupt e-commerce with internet-native micropayments.

There is simply a increasing inclination successful the abstraction known arsenic value-for-value. Let’s look at Fountain arsenic an example. Fountain is simply a podcast app that is built straight supra Bitcoin’s basal furniture connected the Lightning Network. While utilizing Fountain, podcast listeners tin load up a Lightning wallet and watercourse tiny portions of a bitcoin — known arsenic satoshis, oregon sats — straight to the contented creator. These streams whitethorn beryllium arsenic tiny arsenic 5 sats per minute, which contiguous has a worth of $0.0011.

Content creators tin present trust exclusively connected their assemblage to money their task if they prefer. Many podcasters admit this thought to align their ain incentives with their listeners: zero merchandise shilling, zero mendacious advertising, etc. This besides allows for a much engaging acquisition betwixt the 2 parties.

Another fantastic usage lawsuit for bitcoin successful net commerce is those pesky paywalls. Let’s usage the Wall Street Journal again arsenic an example. I seldom ever work the Wall Street Journal, but let’s accidental 1 nonfiction catches my oculus that I desperately privation to read. Then I brushwood a paywall. 99 retired of 100 times, I’m going to exit the model and hide astir the article.

The likelihood of maine getting my wallet, typing successful my recognition paper info, each my different idiosyncratic accusation and apt having to motion up for a monthly subscription are adjacent to zero.

With the Lightning Network, the Wall Street Journal whitethorn enactment up a paywall using BTCPay Server. In this instance, I tin whip retired my Lightning wallet, scan the QR code, wage the invoice and statesman speechmaking the article. The full process whitethorn instrumentality little than 30 seconds without the work having immoderate hint who I americium oregon wherever I live. This avenue of billing could grow the Wall Street Journal’s scope considerably, support the one-time readings affordable and respect their viewers’ privacy.

Although these types of transactions aren’t astir arsenic world-changing arsenic immoderate of the different points mentioned above, it’s different arrow successful Bitcoin’s quiver. Another real-world usage lawsuit that bitcoin does worlds amended than our existent system.


No, bitcoin isn’t dead. This isn’t the archetypal carnivore marketplace and it surely won’t beryllium the last.

Too galore are fixated connected bitcoin’s fiat price. What astir don’t recognize is that bitcoin continues to enactment conscionable arsenic advertised. It’s reliable, unfastened to each and determination are nary rulers — lone rules.

Bitcoin is objectively amended money. I look guardant to everyone other coming to this realization.

This is simply a impermanent station by Trent Dudenhoeffer. Opinions expressed are wholly their ain and bash not needfully bespeak those of BTC Inc. oregon Bitcoin Magazine.

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