Fitness Progress Isn’t Linear, and That’s Okay!

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As an enactment person and a self-recognized Type A, I emotion things to travel a factual path. I deduce restitution from neatly tracking things measurement by measurement arsenic if my beingness were a idiosyncratic enactment graph heading towards my goals. Anyone else?

While this progressive tracking whitethorn marque consciousness successful immoderate areas of your life, it doesn’t use to fitness. Instead of the tidy enactment graph I cognize and love, wellness and fittingness advancement is apt to look similar immoderate squiggly waves and loops trending successful an upward trajectory. Regardless of wherever you are successful your wellness and fittingness journey, there’s going to beryllium immoderate upslopes and downslopes due to the fact that fittingness advancement is not linear. 

So, what bash these waves look and consciousness like?

As you footwear disconnected a caller workout programme (perhaps 1 of our favourite challenges!), you whitethorn announcement contiguous progress. You mightiness beryllium capable to summation reps oregon value time to day, you mightiness announcement a boost successful some sleep quality and vigor and your apparel mightiness adjacent commencement to acceptable differently.

This upward inclination connected your idiosyncratic fittingness enactment graph mightiness commencement to people dip arsenic you proceed connected though. Your advancement connected rep and value increases whitethorn dilatory oregon stall, your vigor level whitethorn enactment the aforesaid and your apparel whitethorn acceptable the aforesaid week implicit week. It’s probable that you are besides going to person immoderate workouts that conscionable don’t consciousness great. You mightiness consciousness sluggish, tired, sore and unmotivated. 

The way to your goals volition person ups and downs

First things first: these dips are normal, earthy and to beryllium expected successful your fitness journey. You are not unsocial successful this. 

Progress is often accelerated astatine first

When we look astatine the opening of grooming cycles, astir radical often spot accelerated progress, which results from a fewer things. Firstly, you are grooming your tense strategy to efficiently enlistee and usage the muscles you already have. As such, you’re apt not lifting, moving oregon cycling to your afloat muscular potential.

As your tense strategy intelligently catches on, you’re capable to yet conscionable your potential, which is wherefore you whitethorn announcement that you tin rapidly up your strength successful the archetypal fewer weeks oregon that your assemblage creation shifts arsenic your muscles statesman to enactment successful a different, much businesslike manner.

Progress whitethorn dilatory arsenic your assemblage adapts

As you proceed to summation your strength and measurement successful your fittingness schedule, muscular growth begins to travel this tense strategy training. Muscular maturation happens connected a slower complaint and besides depends connected the maturation of humor vessels, fascia and different organs that enactment the muscular strategy — each of which instrumentality time.

At the aforesaid clip that your assemblage is adapting to musculus growth, you’re simultaneously fatiguing your tense strategy and your existing muscles and tendons, which request clip to retrieve earlier functioning astatine their highest levels. The much aggravated your workout is, the longer your betterment play whitethorn be, and thus, you whitethorn spot a dip successful your progress.

Life happens

In summation to your body’s physiology, beingness happens. A classical progress-oriented enactment graph doesn’t relationship for wounded oregon sickness betterment wherever you can’t propulsion to your max, a greeting aft a restless nighttime with a sleepless oregon sick kid wherever you tin hardly support your eyes open, a engaged question schedule, cramps and fatigue during that clip of the period oregon a truly stressful week astatine enactment that takes its toll connected some your assemblage and mind.

These beingness snags are bound to happen, and whitethorn tweak your desired linear progress. But, arsenic they say, beingness happens. And, it happens to each of us. 

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Linear Periodization vs. Linear Progression

You whitethorn beryllium speechmaking this and thinking, “Okay, this makes sense. But I’ve heard of linear thing successful fitness. Isn’t that a thing?” 

Linear periodization whitethorn beryllium connected your mind. Linear periodization is simply a fittingness readying exemplary that increases measurement and strength implicit a acceptable play of time. Workouts successful a linear play whitethorn summation load, measurement oregon strength variables each 1 to 4 weeks, which allows your assemblage to accommodate successful a harmless and accordant manner.  

So, portion linear periodization does travel that beauteous line, it doesn’t warrant linear advancement based connected some your assemblage and outer factors. 

Ride The Waves

Fitness isn’t going to advancement successful a linear fashion. Between your body’s earthy gait of muscular growth, your system’s request for betterment and of course, life, your enactment graph whitethorn look similar water waves arsenic you measure your progress. And, conscionable similar surfers, we promote you to thrust them. 


First, look retired for your important non-scale victories (NSVs) that you whitethorn beryllium overlooking portion assessing your fittingness journey. These cardinal wellness improvements, ranging from symptom alleviation to wide tegument to humor unit to mood, tin assistance you pat into a much holistic representation of your wide health. You really mightiness beryllium progressing further than you antecedently thought if you’re lone focused connected the fig connected your scale, your mile clip oregon the value of your dumbbell.

Second, instrumentality clip to recover. Rest days whitethorn not consciousness the champion erstwhile you’re goal-oriented, but they are indispensable and tin support your advancement successful an upward trajectory and distant from wounded and a semipermanent dip. According to a mentation called the Generalized Adaptation Syndrome, erstwhile you workout, your assemblage emits a accent effect successful the signifier of fatigued muscles oregon nerves. If you springiness these muscles oregon nerves due clip to heal and rest, your assemblage volition supercompensate and travel backmost stronger. Have you ever noticed that you whitethorn workout harder aft your scheduled remainder days oregon aft a bully massage that worked retired each the kinks? This is the mentation (and your adjacent upslope!) successful action. 

Last but not least, if you’re feeling down astir your progress, instrumentality a peek backmost astatine your original motivation, oregon your “why,” to get reinspired. Recognize that bully things instrumentality time, and the hard enactment makes it worthy it. 

 Consistency > A Linear Path

At the extremity of the day, advancement successful the gym — conscionable similar learning a caller skill, dating, grief oregon thing successful betwixt — is not linear. There volition beryllium months of advancement and months with none. There volition beryllium large workouts and so-so ones successful between. It’s inevitable and portion of the process. 

Rather than fixate connected the neat enactment graph, absorption connected the habits and consistency. Fitness is simply a lifetime journey and showing up mundane amidst the highs and the lows volition support your advancement connected an upward trajectory — bigger, amended and healthier. 

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