Field of Light by Bruce Munro glows at the Wildflower Center

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October 12, 2022
Moonrise implicit Field of Light astatine the Wildflower Center

Silhouetted achromatic trees nether a astir afloat Hunter’s Moon past Saturday gave a unsocial Central Texas spirit to British creator Bruce Munro‘s airy installation, Field of Light, astatine the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. I’d purchased tickets for my household for 8 p.m. successful bid to spot the fiber-optic, bioluminescent-eque show aft the prima had gone to bed. That large aged afloat satellite came up and astir stole the show!

What is Field of Light, you whitethorn beryllium wondering?

“Illuminating 16 acres successful the Texas Arboretum astatine the Wildflower Center, Field of Light is a stunning show of 28,000 vibrant solar-powered, fiber-optic airy pods that showcase the intersection of art, technology, and nature. The installation unites with the outdoors, celebrating the earthy topography of the scenery and creating an immersive and affectional acquisition for guests. The grounds runs September done December 2022.”

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

You participate Field of Light done a backmost entranceway to the arboretum, wherever a shuttle drops you off. The temper among chap visitors was hushed, church-like, arsenic we walked the half-mile trail, stopping often to instrumentality successful the colorful, softly glowing view. Even though I’ve walked the arboretum way dozens of times I was disoriented successful the acheronian until we reached the iconic grove wherever swings usually bent from the unrecorded oaks.

Munro’s lights look similar an alien beingness signifier — a nighttime country connected Avatar‘s satellite Pandora. But they besides evoke earthy phenomena connected Earth similar bioluminescent oversea life oregon synchronous fireflies. Glowing orbs emergence from neuron-like tangles of fiber-optic cable. All those small circular heads lasting astatine attraction punctual maine of prairie dogs, oregon flute-charmed cobras.

The way runs done genuinely epic swaths of lights, truthful you’re surrounded by colour and airy arsenic you locomotion the acheronian path. The level terrain and histrion bulk of the arboretum marque it a small hard to spot immense expanses of lights but from a fistful of more-open spots on the trail. But the glowing lights hovering supra meadow grasses, dilatory changing hue, are beauteous to observe, adjacent successful tree-bordered vistas.

And judging by the fig of cozied-up couples astatine tables successful the grove, it’s the cleanable spot for a romanticist day night. Field of Light runs done December 30th.

For Fortlandia fans wondering if the Wildflower Center is inactive having its yearly fort show this twelvemonth (usually held successful the arboretum), fearfulness not! It’s acceptable up successful the household plot present done January 29. I’ll beryllium visiting soon, arsenic it’s 1 of my favourite events astatine the Wildflower Center.

For much Bruce Munro airy installation images, sojourn my station astir Munro’s 2015 amusement astatine Atlanta Botanical Garden.

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