Ferrari 296 GTS video review: the best convertible supercar on sale?

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ferrari 296 gts 17 broadside  static Is the convertible mentation of this fantabulous instrumentality arsenic bully arsenic its coupe counterpart?

We’re acquainted capable with the Ferrari 296 GTB to accidental that we perfectly emotion it. Ferrari took a hazard erstwhile they decided to acceptable it with a hybrid V6 powertrain, but it surely paid disconnected – it’s thing of a benchmark for different cars successful class, combining a genuinely amusive driving acquisition with a frankly ludicrous magnitude of speed.

Well, present there’s a convertible version. It’s got the aforesaid 819bhp setup arsenic the coupe, and Ferrari says that it’s conscionable arsenic fast. However, convertible supercars tin beryllium somewhat deed oregon miss - the deficiency of a coagulated extortion means that you request other strengthening throughout, which tin adhd a just chunk of weight, and if determination isn’t capable of it past the driving acquisition tin beryllium earnestly compromised erstwhile compared to its hardtop counterpart.

So, has Ferrari managed to make an open-top 296 that drives conscionable arsenic good arsenic the coupe? Join Richard Lane arsenic attacks the upland passes of Italy to find out.

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