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Hey guys!

What’s up with me? Just…entrepreneur things 🙃


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Ok but for existent though. The past mates weeks person been highly challenging for me, and past conscionable erstwhile I deliberation I’m astir to break, we get notified that a REALLY important shipment afloat of POPFLEX Sloane Totes (yes, THOSE totes you’ve been waiting to restock) was stolen and present the motortruck has gone missing.

Like, is this for real?? Is the motortruck operator okay? Is he/she missing too? Or is it conscionable the cargo? Did the motortruck operator tally distant with the goods and present we’re gonna spot my babies popping up connected eBay oregon Amazon!?

Honestly, my bosom and assemblage went numb erstwhile I heard the quality due to the fact that arsenic a tiny concern owner, each azygous portion counts.

That’s a immense punch successful the gut – not lone successful presumption of nonaccomplishment of inventory and nonaccomplishment of sales, but now, a batch of radical volition beryllium upset and frustrated that they can’t get thing they’ve been waiting for for truthful long, and whitethorn precise apt bargain elsewhere. So, we suffer the accidental to physique a lawsuit relationship.

But what I tin do? Complaining won’t help. All I tin accidental is…

’tis life. 

cassey ho popflex sloane tote

Sam and I looked astatine each other, shook our heads, and honestly, determination was nary clip to consciousness atrocious for ourselves. We rapidly went into our adjacent meetings, smiled done our reality, and continued connected “business arsenic usual”.

I person nary thought if we’ll ever spot those bags again oregon if the shipping institution volition ever refund america (we filed a assertion but they said it volition instrumentality up to 1 twelvemonth to get immoderate benignant of compensation, that is, if it adjacent gets approved by them) – truthful yah. Life isn’t perfect, oregon fair, it’s conscionable a crippled with tons of obstacles.

I cherish each time that I get to unrecorded the life of an entrepreneur and the immense state that comes with it, but there’s nary 1 protecting you oregon looking retired for you. So erstwhile worldly similar this happens, you’re connected your own.

Anyway! Sam and I made ANOTHER reorder truthful hopefully the reorder of the reorder of the Sloane Totes volition get successful a fewer months (if we’re lucky). If you’ve been waiting, I’m atrocious for the other agelong wait, but if you could clasp retired for different fewer months that would mean everything to us!

Thank you ♥

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