Elon Musk Says Spacex Will Keep Funding Ukraine for Free Even Though Starlink Is Losing Money — $80M Spent so Far

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Elon Musk Says Spacex Will Keep Funding Ukraine for Free Even Though Starlink Is Losing Money — $80 Million Spent truthful  Far

Spacex CEO Elon Musk says that his institution volition “keep funding” the authorities of Ukraine for escaped adjacent though Starlink is losing money, noting that it has outgo Spacex $80 cardinal truthful acold to supply net terminals and services to Ukraine. “We’ve besides had to support against cyberattacks and jamming, which are getting harder,” Musk stressed.

We’ll Keep Funding Ukraine for Free, Says Musk

Spacex has been sending Starlink net terminals and providing services to Ukraine since the onset of the Russia-Ukraine war. At the petition of the authorities of Ukraine, Musk began supplying the state with Starlink net terminals successful February.

However, Spacex’s manager of authorities income reportedly sent a missive to the Pentagon successful September, stating that the institution is not “in a presumption to further donate terminals to Ukraine, oregon money the existing terminals for an indefinite play of time.” The Pentagon reportedly confirmed they received correspondence from Spacex astir the backing of the Starlink outer communications merchandise successful Ukraine.

Musk tweeted connected Oct. 7 explaining that “only a tiny percentage” of the Starlink terminals and services successful Ukraine were paid for. The Spacex main revealed:

This cognition has outgo Spacex $80M & volition transcend $100M by extremity of year.

Replying to a question connected Twitter astir however overmuch Spacex is spending “for maintaining Starlink successful Ukraine,” Musk detailed: “In summation to terminals, we person to create, launch, support & replenish satellites & crushed stations & wage telcos for entree to [the] net via gateways. We’ve besides had to support against cyberattacks and jamming, which are getting harder. Burn is approaching ~$20M/month.”

Musk besides shared successful a tweet connected Oct. 9: “There are ~25k terminals successful Ukraine, but each terminal tin beryllium utilized to supply an net uplink to a compartment telephone tower, truthful perchance respective 1000 radical tin beryllium served by a azygous terminal.”

Commenting connected Spacex being incapable to support providing escaped products and services to Ukraine, Twitter idiosyncratic and Tesla capitalist Sawyer Merritt opined: “Spacex’s petition is reasonable. Shouldn’t expect a backstage assemblage institution to proceed to money this for escaped forever. Do Lockheed, Boeing, Northrop, etc bash their enactment for free? Spacex was generous successful donating what they did and they’ll happily proceed to manufacture terminals with authorities money.”

However, immoderate radical slammed Musk implicit his company’s missive to the Pentagon. Musk past tweeted Saturday: “The hellhole with it … adjacent though Starlink is inactive losing wealth & different companies are getting billions of payer $, we’ll conscionable support backing Ukraine govt for free.”

Elon Musk Says Spacex Will Keep Funding Ukraine for Free Even Though Starlink Is Losing Money — $80M Spent truthful  Far

It was not instantly wide whether the Tesla CEO was being sarcastic oregon whether Spacex intends to proceed providing escaped products and services to Ukraine. Responding to a tweet astir the move, Musk clarified: “we should inactive bash bully deeds.”

Musk explained connected Oct. 14 that determination is simply a “big difference” betwixt bid communications and warfront communications. “Starlink is [the] lone comms strategy inactive moving astatine warfront — others [are] each dead. Russia is actively trying to termination Starlink. To safeguard, Spacex has diverted monolithic resources toward defense. Even so, Starlink whitethorn inactive die,” helium cautioned. The Spacex brag described successful a follow-up tweet: “Internet fiber, telephone lines, compartment towers & different space-based comms successful warfare areas person been destroyed. Starlink is each that’s left. For now.”

Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s vice premier curate and the curate of integer transformation, tweeted connected Oct. 14: “Definitely, Elon Musk is among the world’s apical backstage donors supporting Ukraine. Starlink is an indispensable constituent of our captious infrastructure.” He besides shared connected Oct. 12:

Over 100 cruise missiles attacked vigor and communications infrastructure. But with Starlink we rapidly restored the transportation successful captious areas. Starlink continues to beryllium an indispensable portion of captious infrastructure.

Do you deliberation Spacex and Elon Musk should proceed to wage for the Starlink terminals and services successful Ukraine adjacent though they are losing money? Let america cognize successful the comments conception below.

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