EB5: The USA’s Version of Dubai’s Golden Visa

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A aureate visa programme is an investment-centered migration programme that offers investors oregon entrepreneurs imperishable residency successful a state erstwhile they straight put a definite magnitude of money.

For example, Dubai’s Golden Visa makes it casual for investors, entrepreneurs, and outstandingly talented radical to start a concern successful Dubai, invest, migrate to, live, study, and go imperishable Dubai residents erstwhile they put astatine slightest Dh2 cardinal (approximately $0.5 million).

Golden visa programs person go progressively common, with Business Insider noting that astir 20 countries, including the US and Dubai (UAE), present connection aureate visa programs. The EB-5 Visa programme is the US’ mentation of a Golden Visa program.

What is the EB-5 Visa?

When Congress enacted the IMMACT90 migration enactment successful 1990, it established the employment-based 5th penchant visa category commonly called the EB-5 visa oregon Immigrant Investor Program.

Like astir aureate visas, the superior thought down the EB-5 visa programme is to stimulate nonstop overseas concern into the US system by offering imperishable nonmigratory visas—green cards—to investors consenting to put successful a commercially-viable, job-creating American business.

Congress aboriginal amended the enactment successful 1993 and ran the aviator Immigrant Investor program, which created EB-5 determination centers. 

Regional centers are backstage oregon nationalist economical units that, too the nonstop concern enactment disposable to overseas nationals done the EB-5 visa program, let migrant investors to put with USCIS-designated agencies that sponsor EB-5 concern projects.

Today, acknowledgment to the 1993 amendments, investors looking to use for EB-5 visas tin put successful the US straight oregon done EB-5 determination centers that usually person concern projects successful targeted employment areas (TEAs). While some approaches to getting an EB-5 visa are viable, investing successful TEA projects is better.

If you’re reasoning to yourself, “Why take TEA projects implicit nonstop investment,” determination are galore reasons. 

However, the superior payment of investing successful TEA projects is that aft the 2022 EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act, the section of authorities (DOS) reserves 32% of each EB-5 visas for high-unemployment, rural, and infrastructural TEA projects. 

immigrant visa acceptable   asidees for dubai

This proviso makes getting an EB-5 visa done TEA projects much accessible and little backlogged, which means faster visa processing times. 

EB-5 Visa Eligibility and Capital Investment Requirements

Because it is an investment-driven aureate visa program, the EB-5 visa has wide eligibility criteria and superior concern requirements. 

On the eligibility front, the superior happening you request to enactment is that:

  • Any capitalist with legally-acquired funds tin put successful a for-profit US concern endeavor that meets USCIS requirements and get this visa.
  • Additionally, an investor’s spouse and unmarried kids nether 21 are eligible for a greenish card.

On the superior concern requirements front, you tin either:

  1. Invest directly: This enactment requires you —the investor—to put at slightest $1.05 cardinal successful a non-TEA project/location.
  2. Target employment country (TEA): With this option, you put at slightest $800,000 successful a TEA task that meets the USCIS requirements. According to the USCIS, TEA projects indispensable beryllium successful agrarian oregon high-unemployment areas —areas whose unemployment complaint is 150% of the nationalist unemployment rate.

The little superior requirements are 1 of the respective things that marque investing successful TEA projects a overmuch amended enactment for anyone who wants an EB-5 visa without excessively overmuch hassle.

Additionally, according to the USCIS, investors indispensable beryllium acceptable to beryllium ineligible ownership of their concern funds:

capital concern    requirements

Courtesy: USCIS

Besides this, the USCIS has a occupation instauration request that requires migrant investors to put successful for-profit commercialized enterprises that make astatine slightest 10 full-time jobs for qualified US workers.

Cost of an EB-5 Visa and however to apply 

The process of applying for an EB-5 visa is comparatively simple:

  1. First, prime and put successful a qualifying EB-5 project. It’s captious to guarantee an concern task meets USCIS requirements, which is wherefore investing successful TEA projects via USCIS-designated determination centers and agents is simply a superior choice. These agents person proven projects that explicitly conscionable these requirements.
  2. After investing successful a viable EB-5 project, you oregon your migration lawyer tin record Form I-156, including supporting documents; the cost of filing signifier I-156 is $3,675. After the USCIS approves your form, you record either Form DS-260 with the DOS oregon Form I-148 with the USCIS. You tin past record form I-829, which removes visa conditions, granting you imperishable residence presumption successful the US.

How agelong does it instrumentality to get an EB-5 visa?

Generally, however agelong it takes to process the EB-5 visa varies from 1 migrant to another. 

However, it is communal for EB-5 visas to person an estimated processing clip of 30-60+ months for signifier I-156, depending connected the backlog and the state from which 1 applies. 

Forms I-485 and DS-260 person varying processing times depending connected the adjudicating work center. Form I-186, which removes visa conditions, granting investors a imperishable visa—a greenish card—has an estimated 40-68 months processing time. Fortunately, caller applicants tin present concurrently record forms I-156 and I-485, perchance reducing EB-5 visa processing times.


The EB-5 visa, the US’ mentation of a aureate visa, is 1 of the champion ineligible ways for investors, their spouses, and unmarried children nether 21 to migrate to the US arsenic imperishable residents.

Although the EB-5 visa has stringent qualifications and a longer-than-normal processing time, it is worthy it for qualifying investors, particularly those who put successful TEA projects from USCIS-designated determination centers operators and registered agents.

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