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In 2022, Pet Obesity Awareness Day lands connected Wednesday, October 12th. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, much than 50% of each dogs tin beryllium classified arsenic obese, and Dogtopia is retired to alteration that statistic. 

Dogtopia’s absorption is connected the health, wellness, and happiness of each dogs. While astatine Dogtopia daycare, dogs walk their time with different likeminded pups boosting their socialization skills, exercising successful a mode that feels similar play, and learning caller abilities each portion nether the nonrecreational attraction of our certified Canine Coaches. Dogtopia understands that dogs are family, and we privation to guarantee they are surviving a steadfast and fulfilled life. One of the biggest factors contributing to a dog’s wide wellness is their weight. Between the years of 2010 and 2018, the percent of dogs reported arsenic overweight accrued by 3 percent. With much than 50 cardinal dogs being considered obese today, arsenic projected by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, it is clip for favored parents to marque the indispensable changes successful their dog’s lives to prevent health-related issues similar precocious humor pressure, diabetes, bosom disease, arthritis, cancer, decreased beingness expectancy and different unfortunate issues that tin interaction a dog’s wide wellness and prime of life.  

By bringing your canine to daycare, your furry household members volition bask supervised play to guarantee they proceed to combat obesity and get the workout (both carnal and mental) they request to unrecorded a agelong and steadfast life. 

The mean Dogtopia canine walks much than 30,000 steps a time portion astatine daycare, dogs who walk their time astatine home walk little than 7,000 steps! While successful our care, your canine volition enactment successful a assortment of exercises and games to get their bosom complaint up and to get those steps in. All this playtime is truly exercise, and who doesn’t emotion making workout fun? Here are a fewer of the games and activities our Dogtopia dogs whitethorn enactment successful portion astatine daycare: 

  • Agility Exercises: Playrooms astatine Dogtopia are filled with a assortment of agility and playroom equipment. Dogs are invited to locomotion up, leap up and play with the instrumentality passim the day. When a Canine Coach asks for a canine to leap up connected the agility instrumentality and they successfully bash so, they are rewarded with verbal praises and pets. By jumping connected this instrumentality connected command, they are moving their muscles and keeping their bodies strong. Many daycares volition besides acceptable up agility courses to trial the dogs a spot much by having them travel a circumstantial people to determination done arsenic a mode to challenge their bodies and minds. 

  • Follow the Leader: To get dogs moving astir the playrooms if play becomes stagnant, a Canine Coach volition statesman a crippled of Follow the Leader. Although Dogtopia dogs are usually preoccupied by playing with their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever), if play does dilatory down, a speedy crippled of Follow the Leader volition get each dogs connected their feet and listening to the cues fixed by the Canine Coach to determination astir the country successful an organized fashion. This is large for question and to trial their listening skills. 
  • Bubble Parties: Dogs are mystified by these small floating spheres and volition often pursuit aft the bubbles until they pop. Bubble parties get dogs up connected their feet and afloat of smiles arsenic they effort to larn much astir these bubbles by jumping successful the aerial to get a person look! Daycares volition regularly big these bubble parties with dog-safe bubbles that are peanut butter, bacon and adjacent day cake-flavored! 
  • Name Recognition: Not lone is it important for a canine to admit their sanction successful the lawsuit of an emergency, but it is besides a large mode to person a canine get a small other question astir the playroom. Dogtopia dogs are rewarded erstwhile they travel to the Canine Coach who called their name. Not lone is this a indispensable accomplishment to practice, but it is besides an casual mode to energize the playroom. 
  • Brain Games: Just arsenic it’s important to fortify a dog’s muscles, it is besides indispensable to fortify a dog’s brain! Brain games let dogs to usage their minds to execute a extremity whether that beryllium verbal praise and pets portion astatine Dogtopia daycare oregon a dainty if playing encephalon games astatine home. 

Physical and intelligence workout and a steadfast fare spell manus successful manus to enactment a well-balanced pup. Dogtopia daycare centers big peculiar dainty days portion keeping a dog’s wellness and nutrition apical of mind. Some of these dainty days whitethorn see steadfast dainty options like carrots, greenish beans, and watermelon (without seeds) to sanction a few. Dogs emotion these peculiar treats and favored parents emotion the peculiar attraction fixed to their furry household members, truthful they unrecorded a long, blessed and steadfast beingness for arsenic galore years arsenic possible. 

When a canine comes to daycare astatine Dogtopia, they are not lone spending the time with their friends successful a amusive environment, but they are besides benefitting their health, wellness and happiness! Pet Obesity Awareness Day is simply a reminder that our furry household member’s wellness is conscionable arsenic important arsenic our own. Regular exercise, a accordant daycare regular and proper, mindful nutrition volition let our dogs to person a amended prime of beingness for galore years.  

What are a fewer steadfast changes oregon swaps you tin marque for Pet Obesity Awareness Day? Maybe it’s simply modifying your dog’s treats to beryllium healthier, adding an other time of daycare oregon making a committedness to bounds their array scraps, each tin assistance their wide wellness and wellness.  

Interested successful getting your canine enrolled successful a regular daycare regular astatine Dogtopia? Find a Dogtopia adjacent you!

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