Dogs Scramble To Their Balconies To Stalk Puppy Playdate

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Dog-Dad Johnny was playing with his pooch, Aubrey, erstwhile helium noticed different canine watching them from her flat balcony. He decided that the 2 Goldens had to conscionable and bask playtime together! Once the dogs met, they were rapidly nose-to-nose, anxious to observe the union.


As the dogs frolicked about, Johnny saw different pup looking down with envious puppy canine eyes. The Bulldog, named King, was invited to play too! The 3 joined forces for a full-out puppy party. Then, shockingly, Johnny noticed different canine jealously scoping the pups retired from his balcony– a Corgi!


The Corgi came retired to play too! Other dogs successful the aforesaid flat gathering heard the puppy commotion and came to their balcony windows. Johnny was incapable to get each the dogs unneurotic that today, but this motivated him to propulsion the archetypal authoritative yearly OC Dog Party to see arsenic galore dogs arsenic imaginable successful Southern California.

What a paw-dorable experience! Thank you, Johnny, for including each the pups successful the fun. This feel-good communicative is precisely what you request today! Check retired the afloat video below.

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