Discover How This Fitness Content Creator Overcame Her Anxiety While on a Journey to Better Health

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As a child, Kathleen Porteria would ne'er person imagined that she would 1 time go a fittingness contented creator with a passionateness for weightlifting. Growing up successful Los Angeles, she struggled with terrible and chronic asthma that made carnal activities a challenge. She was ever the past to decorativeness a race. Sports and athletics seemed similar they were for different “athletic” kids. 

Kathleen tin inactive intelligibly retrieve experiencing feelings of panic erstwhile her asthma struck and she couldn’t get capable aerial into her lungs oregon oxygen into her bloodstream. The attacks would sometimes travel connected astatine random. It lone took a alteration successful the upwind oregon inhaling a spot of particulate oregon pollen, and the airways successful her lungs would commencement to swell and constrict. 

“It felt similar trying to respire done a tiny straw,” she remembers astir going into anaphylactic shock. “Once oregon doubly a year, my parents would person to unreserved maine to the hospital, wherever I would enactment successful the ICU for days until I could instrumentality to mean breathing and my oxygen levels stabilized.”

When Kathleen moved to the Philippines to be college, she was determined to bash everything imaginable to go steadfast and strong. She wanted to beryllium that her asthma did not specify her oregon bounds what she could achieve. After joining a gym, she discovered that lifting weights improved her carnal and intelligence health. 

As she grew stronger, she began to consciousness she had much power implicit her asthma. After obtaining a Bachelor’s successful psychology, she decided to prosecute a vocation successful wellness and fittingness and yet received a certification arsenic a functional spot coach. She besides continued spot training. In 2019, she signed up for her first-ever powerlifting event. Weighing successful astatine 120 pounds, she deadlifted astir doubly her weight. 

As she overcame the puerility trauma associated with her asthma, she felt her communicative was worthy sharing connected societal media. She present has tens of thousands of followers she hopes to animate to flooded akin obstacles and go their strongest and happiest selves.  

Kathleen shares her involvement successful wellness and fittingness with her husband, a nonrecreational shot player. While she was large past year, helium gave her a Fitbit Charge 5. 

“Obviously, gestation is simply a clip erstwhile you privation to perceive intimately to your body,” she says. “I wanted to get capable workout but didn’t privation to over-exert my body. The information connected my bosom complaint and Active Zone Minutes helped support everything successful balance. My Daily Readiness Score helped maine cognize erstwhile to spell to the gym and erstwhile it was clip to remainder and rejuvenate. I knew staying steadfast and acceptable would assistance maine during the delivery.”

Kathleen proudly shared the changes successful her assemblage successful videos and pictures passim her pregnancy. Like her asthma, gestation was some a carnal and intelligence challenge. And that situation didn’t extremity aft her son’s steadfast birth.

“I’ve struggled with anxiousness passim my life, and immoderate of those feelings came backmost aft my son’s birth,” she says. “I consciousness it is important to beryllium honorable astir intelligence health.”

Kathleen is present sharing the communicative of her postpartum fittingness travel connected her societal media accounts. Her slumber scores are going up present that her 10-month-old lad is sleeping done the night. She’s not backmost to her erstwhile fittingness levels, but the stats connected her Fitbit app are showing dependable improvement. She keeps an inhaler handy—but her asthma is nether power and she seldom needs it. “I wouldn’t accidental I’m 1 100 percent, but I’m getting there,” she says. “The musculus representation I built earlier I got large is kicking in. It is astonishing what the quality assemblage tin achieve.”

Kathleen sometimes thinks astir the kid she utilized to beryllium who ever came successful past and was acrophobic to propulsion herself physically. “I’m arrogant of the challenges I’ve faced,” she says. “They person shaped maine into who I am. It doesn’t substance to maine if I decorativeness last, arsenic agelong arsenic I decorativeness strong.” 

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