Defying Mediocrity is Game Changing

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21 Years with the CENTURY 21® brand

When Jamie Skeen boldly purchased his town’s largest brokerage aft less than 2 years arsenic an cause and conscionable 2 years retired of college, immoderate thought helium was crazy. But this game-changing determination kicked disconnected an illustrious nonrecreational way arsenic the broker/owner of CENTURY 21 Legacy successful Northeast Tennessee.

In his (quite fittingly) 21st twelvemonth with the CENTURY 21® brand, it’s nary astonishment that Jamie has been named to the 2022 RealTrends Game Changers list. Honoring those who person dramatically grown their brokerage successful the past 5 years – a clip erstwhile the existent property manufacture was shuttered by a planetary pandemic and the virtual halting of the system – Jamie importantly grew his brokerage.

CENTURY 21 Legacy is nestled successful the Appalachian Mountains of Northeast Tennessee, boasting 10 offices that agelong from Athens, conscionable northbound of Chattanooga done Maryville to Knoxville, the tourer meccas of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Townsend, and up to Greeneville, Johnson City and Kingsport, conscionable southbound of the Virginia border. A Greeneville native, Jamie is passionate astir the section communities and the picturesque mountains, which helium explores connected his 2 American Quarter horses.

Starting with conscionable 24 agents successful 2003, CENTURY 21 Legacy has skyrocketed to 330 agents. Last year, CENTURY 21 Legacy was the #1 CENTURY 21 institution successful Tennessee successful units, and the #8 CENTURY 21 institution successful units successful the US.

Defying Mediocrity is Game Changing representation  1

Best Thing That’s Ever Happened to My Business

After acquiring the erstwhile CENTURY 21 Billy Williams & Associates, Jamie continued to merchantability existent property personally portion managing his increasing brokerage. Just 5 years into business, the subprime owe situation hit, forcing him to rapidly alteration his priorities. He recovered the astir important request was coaching tense agents connected however to grip the challenging marketplace and recession. But successful crisis, helium recovered a caller purpose. He discontinue idiosyncratic accumulation and began devoting each his clip to moving the brokerage and providing the services, coaching, tools and grooming agents needed to grip the challenging marketplace and recession. Ensuring agents had the quality to beryllium relentless and win became his apical priority.

“It was a pugnacious time, but it was astir apt the champion happening that’s ever happened to my business. I realized I couldn’t proceed to tally a institution that size and proceed to sell. You get to the constituent wherever you inquire yourself: americium I going to enactment in my concern oregon on my business? It was a large alteration successful mindset, but I knew I couldn’t bash it each and bash it well.”

Jamie’s acquisition has taught him that each marketplace has its ain unsocial acceptable of circumstances. In 2008, inventory was precocious and sellers were desperate, but determination were fewer buyers. Today, buyers are plentiful but exhausted by the debased inventory, and contention for listings is fierce. Despite the 2 markets being astir implicit opposites, the interaction connected agents tin beryllium rather similar.

“Regardless of however the marketplace is performing, agents privation the aforesaid things — support, services, much leads, amended grooming and a beneficial split.”

That’s erstwhile moving with the CENTURY 21 brand, the astir recognized sanction successful existent property and the astir respected marque successful the industry* is invaluable. Jamie shows agents however the C21® marque offers prime leads, industry-leading tools that assistance agents enactment much efficiently, arsenic good arsenic invaluable enactment and coaching, which agents tin usage to importantly interaction their success. In the end, Jamie knows these resources tin presumption an cause to relentlessly negociate immoderate market.

One Big Family

After 21 years with the CENTURY 21 marque – sizeable longevity for immoderate broker, but particularly 1 who joined truthful aboriginal successful his nonrecreational – Jamie says it’s had a tremendous interaction connected his business.

“It’s similar 1 large family. From the marque squad to the brokers, they attraction and are ever consenting to help. From time one, I’ve had large learning opportunities and the enactment to assistance maine win arsenic I grew successful my profession. I tin inactive telephone the marque squad oregon different C21 affiliated brokers, and they’re ever disposable to connection proposal and reply questions. The C21 marque has fixed maine what I need, and the collaboration has helped maine truthful much.”

Jamie peculiarly values the sharing culture, particularly among the broker/owners. From the start, helium focused connected gathering relationships with larger C21 affiliated brokers to inquire questions and perceive their perspectives connected challenges and opportunities. It’s thing helium continues today, and helium besides readily passes connected what he’s learned to different brokers who are starting out.

Creating a Legacy

Throughout his nonrecreational growth, Jamie’s concern doctrine has been elemental – bash the close thing.

“When you absorption connected doing the close happening for your agents to succeed, consumers volition execute their homeownership dreams. By moving a concern based connected coagulated ethics, you usually triumph successful the end.”

It’s wide that giving backmost is baked into the brokerage’s DNA. Jamie created a ”Leaving a Legacy” fund, which enables agents to lend portion of their commissions arsenic a charitable donation, and Jamie matches a portion. At the extremity of the year, portion of the money is donated to Easterseals by the brokerage — the CENTURY 21 marque has supported Easterseals since 1979. Then each bureau gets to take a section assemblage foundation to donate the remainder of the funds raised, truthful they marque a section impact.

Through this program, CENTURY 21 Legacy is the #1 contributing CENTURY 21 institution successful Tennessee for Easterseals and has donated much than $200,000 dollars to Easterseals and section charities since 2017.

With CENTURY 21 Legacy’s absorption connected giving back, you mightiness presume the sanction CENTURY 21 Legacy was chosen due to the fact that Jamie wanted to make a bequest of charitable giving. But it was really inspired by the erstwhile owner.

“Billy Williams was idiosyncratic I truly looked up to. He was 1 of the archetypal brokers successful Tennessee to commencement a franchise, the president of the Tennessee Association of REALTORS® and was ever conscionable the astir professional, progressive guy. I saw helium was leaving a bequest successful our community, the existent property manufacture and wrong the CENTURY 21 network, and I wanted to proceed that legacy.”

It indispensable beryllium working, due to the fact that Billy’s son, Mark Williams, remains affiliated with CENTURY 21 Legacy and is simply a top-producing and CENTURY 21 Hall of Fame agent. “He’s conscionable arsenic coagulated arsenic his dad, too.”

Jamie has a connection to immoderate brokers considering becoming a CENTURY 21 franchisee: “This is astir apt the fig 1 determination you tin marque for your business. The level of enactment is incredible, and the tools and systems volition marque a important difference.” 

Would helium ever see leaving the C21 family? Jamie admits that during 1 renewal, helium did store astir with different brands, and he’s gladsome that helium did.

“It was an important concern decision, truthful I wanted to marque definite that I was making the close choice. And what I recovered conscionable reinforced that I was successful the close place. There was nary comparison, truthful I ran backmost and renewed. I didn’t truly recognize however acold up the C21 marque was, until I looked!”

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