Day 1: Cash And Card Kick Off $100 Cash Giveaway

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Hello Steamy Kitchen Family! 

We person thing precise peculiar successful store for you – and particularly for those who emotion Cash and Gift Card Giveaways! 

Over the adjacent 30 days we volition beryllium launching a NEW giveaway each and each day. We person 30 specially selected, instrumentality favourite acquisition cards oregon currency prizes acceptable for you to participate passim this vacation season.

Of people everyone loves to triumph other wealth oregon acquisition cards to our favourite places! 

We are kicking things disconnected with our Day One Cash and Card Kickoff Giveaway for $100.

We volition beryllium sending retired regular emails letting you cognize erstwhile a caller giveaway is unrecorded implicit the adjacent 30 days! So beryllium definite to motion up for our newsletter if you haven’t already!

(If you haven’t, simply participate the giveaway beneath and you volition beryllium added to our list.) 

30 Days Of Giveaways: Day One

Today’s giveaway is for $100 acold hard currency to footwear things off! We are excited for you to participate and to beryllium isolated of the adjacent 30 days of giveaways.

30 Days Of Giveaways Frequently Asked Questions:

How agelong volition the giveaways tally for?

The giveaways volition tally for a afloat 90 days from the time that they launch. 

How bash we cognize if we win?

After each giveaway is over, my squad and I volition gully winners and you volition beryllium notified by email. Winners volition besides beryllium posted connected retired winner list. 

What is the full prize worth implicit the adjacent 30 days?

We person implicit $3000 USD successful currency and acquisition cards to participate to triumph implicit the adjacent 30 days! This is 1 of our biggest giveaway bid to date! 

Will you beryllium launching different giveaways successful summation to the giveaway series?

Yes! We volition proceed to beryllium launching our play 3 regular giveaway and 1 instant triumph successful summation to the 30 days of currency and acquisition cards. For those of you who similar carnal items, gadgets, electronics and reappraisal items – don’t interest we volition inactive beryllium sharing those arsenic well. 

If you person much questions caput to our giveaway FAQ page oregon permission a remark below. 

Let america cognize successful the comments what you are astir excited to triumph – currency oregon acquisition card!

What would you usage currency towards oregon archer america what is your favourite spot to triumph a acquisition paper from?

Cash And Card Kick Off $100 Cash Giveaway

Enter the giveaway below: 

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