Dacia Sandero set for combustion-powered third-gen in 2028

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dacia sandero tce 90 cornering front Dacia Sandero could beryllium 1 of the past combustion-powered superminis connected sale Dacia volition beryllium "the champion" of low-carbon engines, and a combustion Sandero could beryllium connected merchantability until 2035

Dacia CEO Denis le Vot has doubled down connected a committedness to going all-electric astatine the past imaginable moment, revealing that the steadfast volition proceed to make combustion engines and powerfully hinting the next-generation Dacia Sandero volition beryllium combustion-powered.

Speaking to reporters earlier the Paris centrifugal show, Le Vot said the institution volition not prosecute an all-electric line-up by 2030 – successful Europe oregon globally – due to the fact that it would endanger the brand’s presumption arsenic 1 of the astir affordable connected the market.

He reiterated that Dacia volition electrify arsenic cheaply and efficiently arsenic imaginable by “leveraging the assets” of the wider Renault Group, utilizing exertion and architecture developed by its genitor institution for its ain electrical cars, thereby redeeming importantly connected improvement costs. But successful the run-up to that, helium said: “we are going to beryllium the champion of the low-carbon ICE”.

He cited the firm’s acquisition successful utilizing liquid petroleum state (LPG) arsenic a means of moving accepted combustion engines much efficiently and cleanly, and added: “We are going to proceed moving connected low-carbon ICE [technology] for the future”, helium added, clarifying that helium was referring to Dacia’s ain in-house engineers, but offering nary further details astir however they volition question to execute this.

“The Sandero is going to person 2 generations earlier we deed 2035, which is the ineligible stop-off - if it happens - for ICE successful general”, helium said, suggesting that a third-generation Sandero (or equivalent B-segment hatchback) could get successful 2028 oregon 2029 with a combustion powertrain, to beryllium sold alongside a combustion-powered third-generation Dacia Duster (launching successful 2024) and the 2025 Bigster SUV, which volition past until 2032 and 2033 respectively.

Dacia has entree to hybrid powertrains from genitor institution Renault, and astatine Paris is giving caller details of the Dacia Jogger Hybrid it volition motorboat successful aboriginal 2023, but Le Vot besides said that due to the fact that his company’s cars are mostly lighter than their rivals, they “can inactive spend to beryllium ICE-LPG erstwhile the contention is already hybrid”, suggesting the steadfast remains committed to its LPG offering – a rarity among mainstream manufacturers, and nary longer disposable successful the UK – which could spot it proceed to connection non-electrically assisted powertrains up to the extremity of the decade.

Interestingly, sibling marque Alpine is astatine Paris with a radically styled racing car conception which showcases the imaginable for hydrogen-combustion technology, citing the aural and show benefits of converting petrol engines to tally connected CO2-free H2 - but Dacia has not offered immoderate remark astir whether its affinity for gas-combustion could spot it research this area, too.

Dacia has antecedently said it aims to determination each products onto the Renault-engineered CMF-B architecture, arsenic utilized by the existent Sandero, truthful immoderate successor is apt to travel suit, and frankincense perchance usage (initially, astatine least) the aforesaid turbocharged three-cylinder 1.0-litre motor acquainted from today’s car. But an electrified Sandero – utilizing Renault’s E-Tech afloat hybrid strategy – is expected connected merchantability successful this generation, and the adjacent procreation volition request this enactment to stay connected merchantability successful Europe and the UK aft 2030’s pure-combustion ban.

While stating his volition to subordinate the manufacture displacement towards accelerated all-out electrification, Le Vot did enactment that “Dacia is arsenic electrical arsenic the marketplace successful Europe” astatine the moment, highlighting that the tiny Spring EV – which remains unconfirmed for a UK motorboat – accounts for 12% of the company’s volumes - matching an industry-wide mean for EV mix.

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