Custard Cake With Blueberries

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Close up   of a portion    of Blueberry Custard Cake

Vanilla barroom with custard baked into it, studded with bursting blueberries. Rustic. Easy. Dreamy.

The custard furniture particularly is thing else! It’s melt-in-your-mouth creamy but acceptable capable to chopped into neat slices. If the photograph beneath has you drooling, work connected …

Close up   of a portion    of Blueberry Custard Cake

Custard barroom with blueberries

This barroom came astir arsenic 1 of those “wouldn’t it beryllium awesome if…….” ideas that abruptly materialise successful my caput and I request to blurt retired to anybody wrong earshot. I gestured enthusiastically arsenic I described my imaginativeness of a barroom and however I thought I could marque it work. My excitement built arsenic I started imagining however it was going to taste, until it bubbled implicit and I had to springiness it a go.

So I made it. And the world turned retired adjacent amended than I imagined!

It goes similar this. Take a vanilla sponge base, perfumed with a subtle susurration of lemon. Smear a superior furniture of custard connected top. And I mean superior – arsenic successful adjacent successful measurement to the cake; we privation lots. Finally, stud said custard generously with plump, juicy blueberries. Now cook that puppy!

A mouthful of tender vanilla cake, creamy custard and a blueberry bursting successful your rima is 1 of the champion things you volition ever acquisition successful your life.

The happening that’s beauteous astir the custard furniture is it’s acceptable capable with cooking that you tin chopped perfect, neat slices similar a cake. But the infinitesimal you devour it, the custard melts and floods your rima with lush, creamy richness. And it is rich, but not overly so. It’s besides decidedly not excessively saccharine with lone 1/3 cupful (60g) sweetener successful the full custard layer.

Blueberry Custard Cake connected  a sheet  acceptable   to beryllium  served

In lawsuit you uncertainty me, here’s impervious of creaminess:

Showing the creamy custard furniture   of Blueberry Custard Cake

Anatomy of this Blueberry Custard Cake

  1. Vanilla sponge barroom basal – I chose to usage my yogurt-based barroom batter for this barroom due to the fact that it’s designed to emergence good adjacent erstwhile weighed down with dense toppings (example: this Strawberry cake with 500g / 1lb of caller strawberries!). My signature Vanilla Cake batter, portion much plush, would get squished into a pancake with specified a heavy furniture of custard connected top.

  2. Custard layer – The custard is simply a crème pâtissière, a benignant of French custard. It’s luxurious successful mouthfeel but not overly saccharine oregon rich, a good balancing enactment our Gallic friends person mastered with truthful galore of their desserts. It’s the aforesaid custard utilized successful the celebrated Flan Pâtisseier, a elephantine French custard tart!

  3. Blueberries – I accidental barroom and custard unsocial would person been capable already to marque a large cake. But I couldn’t defy adding blueberries. It’s partially for visuals – emotion those explosions of purple dotted done the cake. But it’s besides due to the fact that a mouthful of tender vanilla cake, creamy custard with caller blueberry bursting successful your rima is 1 of the champion things you volition ever acquisition successful your life.

Side of Blueberry Custard Cake

What you request to marque Blueberry Custard Cake

I deliberation you’re besides going to emotion that there’s thing antithetic oregon gourmet called for successful this recipe!

1. Custard layer

Here’s what you request for the custard layer:

Blueberry Custard Cake ingredients
  • Milk – afloat abdominous dairy please. Low abdominous volition enactment but you volition deficiency that affluent mouthfeel. I’ve ne'er tried non-cow milk, either.

  • Egg yolks – I’ve pictured 4 eggs due to the fact that that’s what you’ll astir apt request for the yolks called for successful this recipe. Egg yolks springiness custard the silkiness, yellowish colour, arsenic good arsenic thickening power. In this barroom it besides sets the custard truthful it doesn’t tally everyplace erstwhile you chopped a slice.

    What to bash with leftover ovum whites? Egg achromatic omelette, Italian almond cookies, usage for ovum ribbons successful Hot & Sour Soup, Chinese Corn Soup oregon conscionable adhd other achromatic to your adjacent omelette oregon frittata. Also, I’ve made these Chocolate Cookies from the website As Easy As Apple Pie – they’re dangerously addictive, benignant of similar brownies meets chewy meringue cookies! Browse here for much ovum achromatic usage ideas.

  • Vanilla legume paste – I usage the paste due to the fact that I similar the small vanilla effect specks successful my custard. However I take paste implicit existent vanilla beans successful this and different custard recipes I marque (such arsenic Creme Brûlée, Flan Patissier, Creme Anglaise) due to the fact that it doesn’t usage up a full bean. I I cognize it would personally irritate maine to spot a look calling for “half a vanilla bean” truthful I won’t bash it to you either.

    Substitute with vanilla extract (no specks, but that’s cool). For a look similar this, I deliberation it would beryllium a shame to edifice to artificial vanilla essence, truthful avoid.

  • Sugar – caster sweetener / superfine sweetener with finer granules is amended arsenic it dissolves much easily. However, regular / granulated sweetener volition beryllium good too.

  • Cornflour / cornstarch – This thickens the custard on with the eggs. Similarly it besides acceptable the custard truthful it’s sliceable.

  • Butter – This enriches the custard. You cognize food is ne'er an unwelcome guest, and this look is nary exception!

2. Cake layer

And here’s what you request for the cake:

Blueberry Custard Cake ingredients
  • Yogurt – Yogurt is simply a small baking instrumentality that marque cakes with a tender, never-dry crumb. It adds moisture to your batter without thinning it retired like, say, milk. Which means you don’t request to usage arsenic overmuch flour. And little flour means a much moist cake!

    Acidity successful yogurt besides reacts with and activates baking soda. However this is not applicable to this look arsenic we are utilizing baking pulverization alternatively than baking soda. I recovered baking pulverization made my yogurt batter emergence much evenly (baking soda results successful an unsightly hump!).

  • Oil – Another barroom moisture-improvement trick. While food adds flavour, lipid volition gives you a moister effect than butter. We truly request bully moistness successful this cake, to beryllium definite the barroom stays tender adjacent aft the 45 infinitesimal cook clip required to acceptable the custard.

  • Sugar – As above, superfine / caster sweetener is preferred but regular / granulated volition enactment fine.

  • Lemon zest – Combined with the yogurt, the zest gives the sponge furniture a hint of freshness. This distinguishes the barroom constituent from the vanilla custard truthful the dessert is not truthful one-dimensional successful flavour. This was a precocious summation and I truly liked what it brought to the cake!

  • Vanilla – I usage vanilla extract here, not vanilla legume paste which I deliberation is wasted due to the fact that you can’t spot the specks. Try to springiness artificial essence a miss due to the fact that it tastes, well, artificial.

  • Blueberries – Fresh oregon frozen. If utilizing frozen, don’t thaw other it volition bleed terribly erstwhile you premix it done the custard!

  • Flour – Just plain / all-purpose flour.

  • Baking powder – The rising cause successful this cake. As mentioned above, I’ve utilized baking soda successful the past for this batter but I recovered the barroom got an unsightly hump successful the middle. Baking pulverization gives it a overmuch much adjacent rise.

  • Egg – Just 1 ovum is each you need.

  • Salt – Just a pinch. It’s bully baking signifier to adhd a small brackish arsenic it brings retired the different flavours.

How to marque Blueberry Custard Cake

There’s a fewer parts to this barroom (custard, barroom batter, layering), but I committedness it is straightforward. Remember, it’s a rustic cake, truthful relax. We aren’t seeking cleanable layers and placement of blueberries here!

1. Custard

Custard is truthful overmuch much straightforward than astir radical realise. Custard is conscionable beverage thickened with cornflour/cornstarch and ovum yolks, past baked successful the oven to decorativeness mounting it.

The lone happening to ticker retired for is to debar scrambling the eggs with the blistery milk, but the look steps are designed to debar this risk.

  1. Heat the milk with vanilla and fractional the sugar, conscionable until it is steaming. Watch to marque definite it doesn’t boil implicit – it tin hap successful a blink of an eye!

  2. Whisk yolks – Meanwhile, utilizing a handheld whisk, whisk the ovum yolks with sweetener until incorporated (5 seconds). Then whisk successful the cornflour until you tin nary longer spot white. It’s easier to bash it successful this bid to debar a tempest of cornflour erupting successful your face. Just spot maine connected this.

  3. 1/2 cupful blistery milk – While inactive whisking, dilatory determination successful astir 1/2 cupful of blistery milk. Once incorporated, determination successful the remaining blistery beverage portion whisking continuously.

    This method of gradually combining the blistery beverage with the ovum yolks (tempering) is to marque definite the blistery beverage doesn’t accidentally scramble the eggs.

  4. Return to stove – Pour the substance backmost into the aforesaid saucepan and implicit mean (or mean high, for pros), whisk perpetually for 2 to 3 minutes. (The nonstop clip depends connected however blistery your beverage was, residual vigor successful saucepan etc.) At first, the custard volition beryllium watery but arsenic it heats up, it volition thicken and you volition instantly consciousness it. See photograph successful measurement 5 below.

    If astatine immoderate constituent you consciousness similar it’s thickening excessively fast, conscionable instrumentality it disconnected the stove and support whisking. And if it starts to look lumpy arsenic it is thickening, don’t fret, it does that sometimes! Just support whisking and it volition creaseless out.

  1. Bubbles → 30 2nd whisk – Once the custard becomes heavy and hot, you volition spot large lazy bubbles appearing connected the aboveground and bursting (pause whisking to check). At the show of the archetypal bubble, with the stove connected low, whisk for a further 30 seconds past region the saucepan from heat.

    The quality of a lazy bubble is the awesome that tells you erstwhile the custard is cooked enough. How overmuch longer you navigator it for aft the bubble appears is determined by the measurement of custard you’re making and the thickness you are aiming for. In our case, 30 secs whisking is right.

  2. Enrich with butter – With the cookware disconnected the stove, whisk successful the acold food cubes until afloat incorporated.

  3. Pour custard into the aforesaid vessel you utilized to whisk the ovum yolks, to prevention dirtying a caller bowl.

  4. Cover with cling wrapper pressed against the custard aboveground to debar a tegument forming. Set speech connected the countertop portion you hole the barroom batter. The custard tin inactive beryllium lukewarm erstwhile we furniture it onto the barroom but we don’t privation it piping hot.

    Making ahead – The custard tin beryllium made the time earlier and refrigerated aft it afloat cools. In fact, the flavour of the custard improves overnight. It volition solidify into a rubbery wide but don’t stress. Just usage a handheld beater to bushed it and ticker arsenic it magically turns into a creamy, dollop-able custard again!

2. The elemental barroom batter

Oh this magic yogurt barroom batter, utilized successful truthful countless cakes connected this website that galore of you emotion truthful much!

How to marque   Blueberry Custard Cake
  1. Whisk wet – Place each the bedewed ingredients successful a vessel and whisk until combined. That’s the yogurt, sugar, oil, egg, vanilla and citrus zest.

  2. Add dry – Add the adust ingredients (flour, baking pulverization and salt), and whisk until smooth.

  3. Pour into a lined 8″/20cm springform pan.

  4. Smooth the surface.

3. Custard layering

The circumstantial layering method I usage is each astir achieving a consecutive and level enactment wherever the barroom and custard interface, and an adjacent organisation of blueberries passim the custard. Fussy, who me? 😳

  1. Half custard – Dollop fractional the custard astir the edges of the tin connected the aboveground of the batter past dispersed inwards to dispersed it crossed the aboveground of the cake. This method creates a straight, adjacent enactment wherever the barroom meets the custard. If you dollop it successful the middle, you benignant of extremity up with a barroom crater filled with custard. Not a atrocious thing, caput you.

  2. Half blueberries – Scatter implicit fractional the blueberries.

  3. Mix blueberries with custard – Then premix the remaining blueberries with the remaining custard.

  4. Top the barroom with this blueberry and custard mixture.

  5. Smooth the surface, pressing successful the blueberries arsenic champion you can.

  6. Bake for 45 minutes astatine 180°C/350°F (160°C fan).

4. Optional blueberry burstage encouragement (& custard setting)

How to marque   Blueberry Custard Cake
  1. Blueberry burstage (OPTIONAL) – With the fig of times you’ve already work the “blueberry burstage” and “bursting blueberries”, you’ve astir apt figured retired that this peculiar diagnostic appeals to me!

    So overmuch truthful that I similar to promote blueberry burstage by pulling the barroom retired of the oven 10 minutes earlier it’s done to deliberately burst immoderate blueberries utilizing a tiny knife.

    You don’t person to bash this step. It’s wholly optional. (*She says, unconvincingly*)

  2. Cool connected counter – The barroom is done erstwhile the custard aboveground is acceptable (ie. you tin interaction it and your digit stays clean) but there’s inactive a spot of a wobble underneath. You privation immoderate wobble. No wobble means the custard is overcooked and consequently volition go firmer successful texture than perfect erstwhile cooled.

    By the way, I’m definite you’ve figured it retired by present but this look is specifically designed truthful the barroom and custard some cook to perfection successful the aforesaid time. To this end, determination should beryllium nary browning connected the aboveground of the custard. It should conscionable beryllium yellowish with (hopefully) tons of blueberry guts seeping retired and done it (are you counting however galore times I usage those benignant of graphic descriptions??!😂)

  3. Fridge 12 hours – This measurement is to afloat acceptable the custard truthful you tin chopped neat slices of the cake. Do not skip oregon shortcut the refrigeration time! Having done this myself cutting into the barroom to aboriginal to find the custard is not afloat set, I tin archer you that 6 hours is not capable and 8 hours is inactive precocious risk.

    Overnight, and minimum 12 hours, is simply a harmless bet!

    PS. If the custard is not afloat set, portion visually it whitethorn not contiguous rather the aforesaid arsenic what you spot successful the photos, fto maine guarantee it is inactive a heavenly eating experience. Some mightiness adjacent accidental a amended 1 due to the fact that you get large dollops of creamy custard.

  4. Voilà! Here’s your (rustic, fabulous) masterpiece!

    If you’re a small fussy similar me, you tin trim on the edges of the barroom to marque the edges creaseless conscionable utilizing scissors. Don’t flip the trimmings, devour arsenic you go. Think – blueberry effect leathers (in scrappy, mini form.)

Blueberry Custard Cake acceptable   to beryllium  served

Serving, storing

I topped the barroom with other blueberries for photograph purposes only. You truly don’t request to for serving, there’s plentifulness going connected successful the barroom arsenic it is.

As for serving, chopped similar a barroom and service similar cake.

The 1 happening I volition truly promote though is to devour it astatine country somesthesia alternatively of fridge-cold. Chilled custard is nice. But country somesthesia custard is better. It’s creamier and tastier. Same goes for cake.

So instrumentality the barroom retired of the fridge astatine slightest 30 minutes anterior to serving, preferably 1 hour. If you can, portion fridge-cold past fto the slices travel to country temperature. The crushed is you volition get neater slices with sharper edges erstwhile the barroom is chopped cold, arsenic the custard smears little connected the knife. The barroom is astatine country somesthesia successful each the photos successful this post, and erstwhile I chopped the barroom successful the video below.

I’d emotion to cognize if you effort this cake. And if you do, archer maine if wherever you beryllium connected blueberry burstage! Did you instrumentality the other measurement to promote burstage? *Do it! Do it! Do it!* – Nagi x

Watch however to marque it

Note: In this video I bash not dispersed the custard connected the barroom properly! The amended mode to bash it is arsenic per the look paper beneath – enactment large dollops astir the edges of the barroom and dispersed inwards. I volition update the video aft I marque the barroom again!

Close up   of a portion    of Blueberry Custard Cake

Blueberry Custard Cake

Recipe video above. A vanilla barroom with custard baked into it, studded with bursting blueberries. Rustic. Easy. Dreamy. 
You'll emotion however you tin chopped neat slices but the custard is melt-in-your-mouth!
Course Cake
Cuisine Western
Keyword blueberry cake, custard cake
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 55 minutes
Cooling & refrigeration 15 hours
Servings 12
Calories 220cal
Author Nagi



  • 1 1/2 cups milk , afloat fat
  • 1 tsp vanilla legume paste (or extract)
  • 1/3 cup superfine/caster sugar (Note 1)
  • 1/4 cupful / 60 g egg yolks (~4 ample eggs) (Note 2)
  • 3 1/2 tbsp cornflour / cornstarch
  • 30 g / 2 tbsp unsalted butter , cold, chopped into 1 cm / 1/2″ cubes

Cake – wet:

  • 1/2 cup superfine/caster sugar (Note 1)
  • 1/4 cup canola oil (or different neutral oil)
  • 1 large egg (Note 3)
  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt (Note 4)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 tsp lemon zest , finely grated (1 ample lemon)

Cake – Dry:


  • 250 g / 8 oz blueberries , caller oregon frozen (do not thaw)


  • Preheat oven to 180°C/350°F (160°C fan) with the support successful the mediate of the oven.
  • Grease a 20 cm / 8" springform cookware with butter. Line the basal and sides with paper.


  • Heat milk: Heat the beverage with vanilla and fractional the sweetener successful a mean saucepan implicit mean vigor until hot.
  • Whisk egg: Whisk yolks with remaining sugar, past whisk successful the cornflour.
  • Milk into egg: Slowly determination astir 1/2 cupful blistery beverage into the eggs portion whisking. Once incorporated, determination successful remaining beverage and whisk to combine.
  • Thicken: Pour the substance backmost into the saucepan. Cook connected medium, whisking perpetually until you consciousness it starting to thicken past instantly crook down to debased (2 – 3 minutes). Keep whisking past erstwhile you spot a lazy bubble look and burst connected the surface, whisk for 30 seconds longer.
  • Enrichen with butter: Take disconnected the stove. Whisk successful food until smooth. Scrape into a vessel past screen with cling wrapper touching surface. Leave to chill portion making the batter (Note 5 for custard tips)


  • Batter: Whisk Wet ingredients successful a ample bowl. Add the Dry ingredients past whisk until smooth. Remove 1/3 cupful of the batter (Note 5) past determination the remaining batter into the prepared cookware and creaseless the surface. (Bake the 1/3 cupful batter successful a abstracted greased ramekin for 25 minutes).
  • Custard topping: Whisk custard until smooth. Dollop fractional astir the edges of the barroom aboveground past dispersed inwards with offset knife. Smooth the surface, past scatter with fractional the blueberries. Mix remaining blueberries into remaining custard, past dispersed crossed the barroom surface, pressing blueberries successful to flatten the surface.
  • Bake 45 minutes: Place the barroom successful the oven and cook for 35 minutes. Remove, past usage 2 tiny paring knives to burst immoderate of the blueberries connected the aboveground (1 weapon to halt blueberry spinning, the different to burst). Limit bursting clip to 1 minute, nary longer! Then cook for a further 10 minutes.
  • Cool: Remove barroom from the oven. Fully chill successful the barroom cookware (around 3 hours). Then refrigerate for 12 hours, inactive successful the pan.
  • Serve! Remove barroom from the cookware past chopped into slices. Best served astatine country somesthesia alternatively than fridge cold!


1. Sugar – Superfine / caster sweetener is champion to usage arsenic it dissolves much easily. However, regular/granulated volition enactment good too.
2. Yolks – I wouldn’t inquire you to measurement the yolks if it didn’t matter. For custard, it matters! The size of yolks differs from ovum to ovum truthful it truly is champion to measure.
What to bash with leftover ovum whites? Browse here for ideas. Egg achromatic omelette, Italian almond cookies, usage for ovum ribbons successful Hot & Sour Soup, Chinese Corn Soup oregon conscionable adhd other achromatic to your adjacent omelette oregon frittata. Also, I’ve made these Chocolate Cookies from the website As Easy As Apple Pie – they’re dangerously addictive!
3. Large eggs are of a size that is an manufacture modular 55g/2o each, sold successful cartons labelled arsenic such.
4. Yogurt is simply a large instrumentality for making cakes with a moist crumb, work successful station for why. Full abdominous is champion though debased abdominous works ok. Use a plain yogurt, not sweetened.
5. Custard – Don’t interest if it starts to look lumpy connected the stove, arsenic you proceed whisking it volition go smooth. To debar scrambled eggs, whisk perpetually (but leisurely!) portion connected the stove. If you are acrophobic astir bits of scrambled eggs, conscionable strain the custard done a good mesh colander into the bowl. Custard tin beryllium somewhat lukewarm erstwhile putting successful batter but not piping hot. It volition steadfast up arsenic it cools. Give it a whisk and it volition loosen and go creaseless again.
6. Removing 1/3 cupful batter – This is conscionable to springiness the close ratio of barroom to custard successful this barroom for some eating acquisition and ensuring the barroom and custard navigator successful the aforesaid time. Scaling down the batter somewhat was excessively difficult, easier to instrumentality retired 1/3 cupful and conscionable cook a mini cake. Use a ramekin oregon similar, not a muffin tin, it volition impact vigor circulation successful the oven.
7. Storage – This volition support successful the fridge for 4 to 5 days. Best to service astatine country somesthesia truthful the custard truly melts successful your mouth!
8. Nutrition per slice.


Calories: 220cal | Carbohydrates: 30g | Protein: 4g | Fat: 10g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 2g | Monounsaturated Fat: 5g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 78mg | Sodium: 26mg | Potassium: 168mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 18g | Vitamin A: 226IU | Vitamin C: 3mg | Calcium: 91mg | Iron: 1mg

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