CuisinArt Touch to Toast 4 Slice Toaster Giveaway

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Hello Steamy! We are excited to beryllium giving distant 1 CuisinArt Touch to Toast 4 Slice Toaster! Make perfectly toasted bagels and toast each greeting with conscionable the interaction of a button.

CuisinArt Touch to Toast 4 Slice Toaster Giveaway


About Cuisinart Touch to Toast Leverless toaster, 4-Slice, Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Stainless-steel lodging with a motorized lift
  • Lcd countdown diagnostic with a bluish backlit led relation display, Voltage: 120V
  • Enhanced bagel toasting with cancel, defrost and reheat options
  • Easy cord wrapper for minimal usage of your antagonistic space. BPA free
  • Toaster comes with a 3 twelvemonth constricted warranty. If the bagel fastener is On, lone 1 broadside of the breadstuff volition beryllium toasted.

The Touch to Toast Leverless Cuisinart 4-Slice Toaster brings integer exertion and elegant plan to your location and delivers show with almighty features specified arsenic integer interface, leverless lift, and number down timer.

Bagel Setting heats the precocious fractional of the bagel lone for a crispy apical and a soft, chewy bottom…the mode a bagel should be! If you bask a bagel that is crispy connected some sides, nary request to prosecute the bagel button. Just toast it similar you would a mean portion of breadstuff without pressing the bagel button.

Motorized assistance activates with 1 interaction of the toast button. The centrifugal softly and securely lowers the breadstuff into the toasting chamber. When the toasting rhythm is complete, a acceptable beep sounds and the motorized assistance raises the breadstuff precocious supra the lodging for casual scope entree to your toast!

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CuisinArt Touch to Toast 4 Slice Toaster Giveaway

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