Cuddly Family Pup Is So Ginormous People Don’t Believe He’s Real 

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It’s not astonishing that the photos of an tremendous canine and his 2 younger sisters person precocious gone viral. The gentle elephantine towers implicit his household successful the images, which person already amassed thousands of likes. 

For some, the photos are rather comical. To others, they’re wholly unbelievable. Some radical are adjacent speculating whether oregon not he’s really a canine oregon if thing truthful ample and loveable could adjacent beryllium real!



Meet Barney The Boerboel

While it whitethorn beryllium hard for immoderate to believe, Barney is neither portion equine nor a immense stuffed animal. He’s a breed of canine called the Boerboel. They’re besides known arsenic South African Mastiffs, and contempt being supersized, this elephantine breed tin beryllium rather speedy and agile.

As you tin imagine, they marque fantabulous defender dogs which could travel successful useful if you’re looking to support yourself safe.




Originally bred by farmers to support distant villages from ferocious predators, antheral Boerbals tin turn to beryllium 27 inches gangly and measurement anyplace from 150-200 pounds. At 2 years old, Barney weighs a whopping 176 pounds (or 80 kilograms, as they usage successful his location state of Australia). Though, contempt being truthful large, Barney’s dada explained that he’s peculiar astir what helium eats.


“Barney is simply a fussy eater and amazingly doesn’t devour each that much, arsenic you tin spot from his thin muscle,” shared Phil, Barney’s dad.


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