Could The Next Lexus Supercar Be Dubbed the LFR?

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The long-awaited successor to the iconic Lexus LFA supercar could beryllium dubbed the LFR, astatine slightest if a caller trademark exertion is thing to spell by.

The car manufacturer precocious made an exertion with the European Union Intellectual Property Office to person the sanction trademarked and portion the petition is inactive being processed, the similarity to the LFA’s sanction has instantly prompted speculation the moniker could beryllium utilized by a caller Lexus supercar.

Lexus has acknowledged that the Electrified Sport Concept unveiled earlier this twelvemonth previews a caller supercar from the brand, Motor1 notes. Unlike the LFA that had a screaming, 4.8-liter people aspirated V10, the caller Lexus volition person an all-electric powertrain. It is understood that a 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) clip of astir 2 seconds and much than 435 miles (700 km) of scope are cardinal targets for the task which, if achieved, would propulsion the car into hypercar territory.

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In August, Lexus main enforcement Koji Sato spoke with Top Gear astir the car. He said that the carmaker’s extremity is to make a halo exemplary that volition beryllium “a showcase for the aboriginal of Lexus driving dynamics, expressing the wide Lexus driving signature.”

Sato went connected to adhd that Lexus is reasoning astir equipping the car with immoderate benignant of simulated manual transmission. He says this would effect successful amended engagement betwixt the operator and the machine. According to a caller Toyota patent for a manual transmission for an EV, the strategy could see “a displacement lever and a clutch pedal for pseudo-realizing the manual cogwheel alteration of the MT vehicle.”

Lexus is besides thought to beryllium funny successful equipping the conveyance with steer-by-wire and a blase torque vectoring system.

It remains uncertain erstwhile the Electrified Sport Concept volition spawn a accumulation exemplary that consumers volition really beryllium capable to buy.

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