Citroen launches reward scheme for PHEV drivers who charge up

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Citroen C5X PHEV charging Notifications volition beryllium sent to drivers who haven't charged their PHEVs for much than 5 days Firm encourages owners to usage plug-in hybrids arsenic intended, with in-car messages and points scheme

Citroën volition promote drivers of its plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models to complaint and usage their vehicle's battery more often, utilizing regular in-car messages. 

The French marque has announced the move, which has conscionable launched successful the UK, arsenic portion of a thrust towards biology sustainability.

Citroën confirmed notifications volition beryllium displayed connected cardinal touchscreens successful PHEV variants of the Citroën C5 X and Citroën C5 Aircross if they haven’t been charged aft 5 days oregon 10 trips to “encourage radical to instrumentality action”.

A spokesperson for the marque told Autocar those who aren’t utilizing PHEVs arsenic their makers intended are efficaciously driving a modular combustion-powered car with the added load of a heavy, unused artillery that is lone decreasing substance ratio and, therefore, is little environmentally friendly.

However, a rewards strategy – akin successful signifier to a Tesco Clubcard – volition motorboat adjacent twelvemonth to springiness backmost to those who are charging connected a regular basis, with points capable to beryllium claimed against nationalist charging costs and adjacent bid tickets. Points tin beryllium earned by charging either astatine location oregon astatine a nationalist station, Citroën confirmed.

Details of however these points volition beryllium accrued, oregon their worth, person yet to beryllium announced, but it follows successful a akin vein to a points programme launched by BMW past year.

The German car shaper rewards PHEV drivers for covering arsenic galore electrically driven miles arsenic imaginable wrong designated 'eDrive Zones' crossed the UK.

The desinated zones – located successful cities specified arsenic Bath, Manchester and London – connection 2 points for each mile driven with the motor off, with £10 charging recognition fixed aft 3200 points are earned. The reward climbs to £25 astatine 7500 points and £50 astatine 14,500 points. 

BMW besides offers 20 points each clip a PHEV is charged for much than 15 minutes and 500 points for each idiosyncratic who charges their PHEV much than 20 times per month.

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