China’s 2024 Honda Inspire Is An Accord With A Stormtrooper Face

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Honda loves to recirculate its names crossed antithetic markets and continents with the Inspire moniker being utilized for a variant of the latest-generation Accord successful China.

Thanks to China’s MIIT, we present person our archetypal look astatine the adjacent procreation mid-size sedan. Just similar its predecessor, the sixth-gen Honda Inspire volition beryllium exclusively offered successful China, since the nameplate has been discontinued from Japan. Predictably, the exemplary has a batch successful communal with the eleventh procreation of the Accord that is already disposable successful the US market. The differences are focused connected the beforehand and rear ends, arsenic is the lawsuit with astir Honda twins successful China.

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 China’s 2024 Honda Inspire Is An Accord With A Stormtrooper FaceThe China-only Honda Inspire (above) compared to the US-spec Accord (below).
 China’s 2024 Honda Inspire Is An Accord With A Stormtrooper Face

While different China-specific Hondas are admittedly much charismatic than the planetary versions – similar the Integra / Civic duo – this is hardly the lawsuit with the Inspire. The midsize sedan retains the slim LED headlights of the Accord (minus the US-spec indicators), but the antithetic grille makes it look similar a Star War’s Stormtrooper-themed vehicle. The horizontal slits connected the grille mightiness person looked nicer connected an SUV, but they don’t bash justness to the four-door sedan. The remainder of the beforehand bumper has besides been redesigned with separated intakes reminiscent of the smaller Honda Civic.

At the back, the Inspire has slimmer taillights than the Accord, doing distant with the trim that connects them. The tailgate has an integrated articulator spoiler, portion the bumper is besides antithetic with vertical alternatively of horizontal reflectors and a sportier diffuser. The second tin beryllium body-colored oregon gloss black, depending connected the trim. The remainder of the bodywork including the clamshell bonnet, profile, doors, and greenhouse, are shared with the Accord.

 China’s 2024 Honda Inspire Is An Accord With A Stormtrooper FaceThe process of the Inspire (above) is besides redesigned compared to the Accord (below)
 China’s 2024 Honda Inspire Is An Accord With A Stormtrooper Face

According to the spec expanse from the MIIT, the Honda Inspire measures 4,979 mm (196 inches) long, 1,862 mm (73.3 inches) wide, and 1,449 mm (57 inches) tall, with a wheelbase of 2,830 mm (111.4 inches). This makes it 9 mm (0.4 inches) longer than the Accord – owed to the antithetic bumpers, with the remainder of the dimensions being astir identical.

The Honda Inspire comes fitted with the non-electrified turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol motor that is wide utilized successful Honda’s Chinese range, being locally produced by Dongfeng. The mill produces 189 hp (141 kW / 192 PS) and is mated to a CVT gearbox sending powerfulness to the beforehand axle.

In a fewer months, we’ll get to cognize much astir the Honda Inspire arsenic the institution plans to formally motorboat it successful China. It volition beryllium offered by Dongfeng-Honda arsenic an alternate to the Accord by GAC-Honda, which is besides expected to person updates this twelvemonth to align with the US-spec Accord

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