Chery to launch Omoda 5 SUV with EV, ICE options in UK in 2024

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Chery Omoda 5 beforehand   static Omoda 5 volition rival Toyota bZ4X and Nissan Ariya Omoda 5 is archetypal car from Chery’s caller fashion-focused export brand; BEV, ICE and PHEV models to join

Chinese car elephantine Chery volition motorboat its caller Omoda 5 crossover successful the UK successful aboriginal 2024 as the archetypal of respective models from a caller ‘fashion’-focused and EV-biased marque astatine the forefront of the company’s planetary expansion.

Chery is China’s astir prolific automotive export brand, selling 450,000 vehicles crossed Asia, Australia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East past year. It is possibly champion known successful the UK arsenic Jaguar Land Rover’s Chinese joint-venture partner and presently handles accumulation of the Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover Discovery Sport, Jaguar XF and Jaguar XE for the section market.

Now, it is 1 of a fig of Chinese companies branching retired to Europe and, similar rival Great Wall Motor has done with Ora, it volition motorboat present with a caller marque conceived with a absorption connected style, exertion and sustainability.

It’s called Omoda – the ‘O’ representing “the bio constituent we need” and ‘moda’ pointing to the brand’s manner absorption – and volition motorboat successful the UK pursuing roll-outs to the Chinese, Indonesian, Australian and New Zealand markets successful 2022.

The archetypal exemplary to get successful the UK volition beryllium the Omoda 5 - a mid-sized crossover disposable with a prime of pure-electric and petrol power. Chery says Omoda volition beryllium a BEV-focused marque successful the UK, but Autocar understands the ICE car volition beryllium offered present initially. 

The fuel-burning options for the UK person not been confirmed, but successful Australia the Omoda 5 is disposable with either a people aspirated 1.5-litre mild-hybridised four-cylinder portion driving the beforehand axle and a 1.6-litre turbo four-cylinder producing 195bhp and 214lb ft.

Details are likewise unconfirmed connected the EV, but reports suggest it uses a front-mounted centrifugal with 198bhp and 295lb ft, powered by a 64kWh artillery that nets a scope of 280 miles connected the WLTP rhythm - figures that would marque it a earthy rival to the Toyota bZ4X and Nissan Ariya.

The Omoda 5’s distinctive cockpit is dominated by a wrap-around show hosting a brace of 10.25in high-definition screens, and portion precise specification details stay to beryllium confirmed, the marque highlights modular features including dual-zone clime control, a raft of precocious operator assistance features, wireless charging and ‘atmospheric’ interior lighting. 

When pressed for a price, a marque typical told Autocar lone that the Omoda 5 volition beryllium “affordable and competitive”. A tag successful the portion of £45,000 would look logical, based connected the cars it volition people beryllium cross-shopped against. 

Omoda is targeting 10,000 yearly income successful the UK for the 5 and promises “several caller models” with a prime of ICE, PHEV and BEV powertrains to travel - though the prevailing absorption volition beryllium connected BEVs. 

It remains unclear however the Omoda marque volition beryllium sold and marketed successful the UK. The institution said: “Chery has adjacent and deepened practice with Jaguar Land Rover successful China arsenic a joint-venture institution with a palmy grounds of sales, truthful the UK is not a marketplace which is chartless to Chery.” But the steadfast offered nary details astir plans for a retail footprint oregon income model. 

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