Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month with Colombian Cuisine

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If hopping connected a level to Colombia is not successful the program this month, conjecture what? You tin sojourn a section edifice successful your country oregon marque a accepted Colombian look astatine location to observe National Latinx Heritage Month with immoderate delicious authentic Colombian food. There’s tons to research and emotion astir this divers South American cuisine.

Much similar its civilization and people, Colombian cuisine combines indigenous, Spanish, and West African influences and flavors. Colombia’s nutrient is arsenic divers arsenic its radical and the land. As 1 of the astir geographically and biologically divers countries, you’ll brushwood an array of antithetic staple crops and dishes arsenic you determination passim the country. 

From hearty, potato-rich stews successful the mountains to caller food and atom successful the coastal regions, there’s abundant color, flavor, and past connected the plate.

Common Colombian foods

Colombia has hot, temperate, and acold climates,and its staple foods and dishes bespeak them accordingly. Common foods see a assortment of tropical fruits, rice, corn, cassava (yuca), potatoes, plantain, avocado, coconut, beef, and cheese. Colombia is well-known for its java and is simply a apical shaper of cocoa, sweetener cane, and bananas. 

White atom is simply a staple passim the country. And successful the cooler mountainous regions, you’ll find lukewarm soups and stews made with plentifulness of basal vegetables specified arsenic potatoes, portion food and seafood dishes with plantain and coconut atom are communal connected the coast. 

Popular Colombian dishes to try

Each portion of Colombia has its ain accepted dishes, but present are a fewer fashionable ones passim the country.

Colombian arepas are cornmeal cakes that are typically grilled but tin besides beryllium fried oregon oven baked. Arepas mightiness beryllium served alongside a repast oregon topped oregon stuffed with a sauce, cheese, meat, and different fillings for a implicit mealf. There are much than 40 antithetic types of Colombian arepas—from the arepa paisa to the arepa Santandereana, made with bits of cassava and pork. They are prepared successful galore ways, and you’ll find variations depending connected its departmento (similar to states) of origin. Some, similar the arepa boyacense from the Boyacá región, are made with a saccharine maize batter and stuffed with cheese. Another example, similar the arepa de huevo, a fried maize barroom with an ovum inside, is fashionable successful the Caribbean region. 

Tamales are besides fashionable successful Colombia. Lorena Drago, RDN, CDCES, and proprietor of Hispanic Foodways, shares that “Colombians devour tamales connected weekends, Christmas, and peculiar occasions.” She says each portion prepares tamales differently. “The masa tin beryllium prepared with either maize oregon rice. The filling tin person an assortment of vegetables, eggs, peanuts, and meats ranging from beef to pork.” For example, the Tamal Antioqueño, from the Colombian authorities of Antioquia, is prepared with maize flour and peas, carrots, sliced potatoes, olives, chicken, and pork.  

But Colombia is not each astir handheld eats. Often called the nationalist crockery of Colombia, Bandeja Paisa is simply a accepted crockery from Antioquia (home to Medellin and Guatape). Drago explains that this dish, which translates to “Paisa Platter,” gets its sanction from the radical calved successful Antioquia, who are called Paisas. 

Though you’ll spot immoderate constituent swaps from portion to region, Drago explains that “Bandeja Paisa contains achromatic rice, reddish beans seasoned with scallions, tomatoes, carrots, garlic, and pork, beef, maize arepa, fried egg, saccharine plantain, and a portion of avocado.” This crockery was calved retired of necessity. Drago describes however “in the mid-1900 century, Antioquian muleteers and men from the authorities of Caldas spent the full time moving successful the tract and brought the bandeja paisa to prolong them during the agelong hours of hard labor.”

There are acold excessively galore dishes to name, but different fashionable Colombian dishes to sensation see ajiaco (a chickenhearted and murphy stew soup), sancocho (a crockery made with corn, potatoes, plantain, and/or yuca, and chicken, pork, beef, oregon fish), sudado de pollo (chicken stew), and pescado frito (a full fried food from coastal Colombia commonly served with rice).

Sweet and nutritious Colombian fruit

Thanks to the country’s biodiversity, Colombia boasts 1 of the champion effect bounties successful the world. So if you’re not rather acceptable to effort your manus astatine arepas oregon a Colombian stew, you tin get a sensation of delicious, nutrient-dense Colombian fruits.

Drago suggests starting with soursop (guanábana), loquat (níspero), lulo (naranjilla), guava (guayaba), passionateness effect (maracuya), tamarind (tamarindo), dragon effect (pitahaya), oregon different emblematic fruits to sweeten the sheet and refresh the palate. 

Fresh fruits similar fiber-rich dragon effect (pitahaya) mightiness beryllium reasonably casual to find successful large supermarkets, but others whitethorn instrumentality a spot much searching. If you unrecorded adjacent an planetary farmers market, a Latinx market, oregon a specialty store, cheque for caller guava, passionateness fruit, oregon tamarillo (a reddish oregon orange, egg-shaped effect resembling a tomato). Ask a store nutrient manager if caller options are disposable (even if for a abbreviated clip each year). Also, cheque the frozen foods aisle for frozen effect pulp and the market aisles for canned oregon dried options. 

Tropical fruits tin beryllium eaten caller arsenic a snack, with a meal, oregon whipped into caller juice. Some fruits, similar passionateness fruit, tin often beryllium recovered successful foodstuff signifier oregon made into crystal pick oregon custard. The antioxidant-rich lulo is fashionable passim Colombia, and its frozen pulp is wide disposable successful galore parts of the world. Use it to marque lulada, a Colombian beverage made with muddled lulo fruit, lime juice, water, and sugar. 

Another mode galore Colombians bask effect (particularly successful the Andean region) is successful an aromática. Making this caller effect infusion astatine location is easy. Simply steep fresh-cut pineapple, guava, oregon different effect successful hot, not boiling h2o until its infused with the fruit’s flavor. You tin adhd caller mint and chromatic oregon sweetener to taste. Once it’s ready, sip and savor it similar tea. 

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