Caring for a Senior Cat: The Complete Guide

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As our cats commencement to age, we mightiness announcement a alteration successful behaviour truthful we whitethorn request to commencement to alteration however we attraction for them, too. Or if you follow an older cat, you mightiness beryllium wondering – however tin I marque my elder feline arsenic comfy arsenic possible?

To help your older feline bask their aureate years, we enactment unneurotic this afloat usher to elder feline care. Aimed astatine helping those metallic whiskers enactment happy, steadfast & cuddly for arsenic agelong arsenic possible. 🙂

We’ll beryllium discussing apical tips for however to marque a elder feline arsenic comfy arsenic tin be, arsenic good arsenic answering often asked questions that mightiness harvest up for you and your distinguished fluffy kitty.


  • Establishing conscionable however aged is simply a elder cat?
  • Why adopting a elder feline could beryllium cleanable for you
  • The 2 cardinal ways to support their wellness successful check
  • Environmental changes to assistance a elder cat’s comfort
  • Practical hacks & tips for blessed aureate oldies
  • Your FAQs answered

Let’s leap successful by moving retired erstwhile a feline is really “senior” successful the archetypal place!

How to Care for a Senior Cat

Years ago, a feline was considered elder from astir 8 years old. Now, advances successful nutrition, medicine and indoor lifestyles person bumped up our kitties’ beingness expectancies.   

These days, it’s not antithetic for veterinarians to person feline patients into their 20’s!

Because of this, it’s present mostly agreed that a feline hits the elder signifier of their beingness rhythm astatine betwixt 11-14 years of age. 

To enactment this successful perspective, a 16 twelvemonth aged feline would beryllium the equivalent of an 80-year-old human. Which is wherefore elder feline attraction is beauteous important, considering however we mightiness consciousness astir our surroundings astatine specified a ripe aged age! 

senior orangish  and achromatic  feline  sleeping

Why Adopt a Senior Cat?

Thinking of adopting a senior? Then you’d beryllium doing an astonishing happening by helping them bask their twilight years successful blessed comfort. Plus determination are a fewer added bonuses of caring for specified a mature kitty:

  • Personality – Older cats often person truly distinguished personalities that are already intelligibly established. Meaning they tin marque for fantastic companions with fantastic comic quirks.
  • Low attraction – If you person a engaged manner with not overmuch clip to spare, adopting an older feline mightiness beryllium a large acceptable for you. They are usually overmuch much independent, meaning you tin look guardant to post-work snuggles, without dedicating ample portions of clip each time to wearing that excess kitten vigor out!
  • Less messiness – They are astir ever afloat location trained, which means little accidental of immoderate accidents astir the home!
  • Family acceptable –  An older feline volition usually person a behaviour history, meaning you’ll person the payment of knowing however they are apt to behave successful definite situations. Like however they are astir children and different pets, truthful they tin acceptable into your existent manner needs. 

Despite their grace and charm, competing with cute kittens tin beryllium pugnacious connected older cats looking for their fur-ever homes. But arsenic agelong arsenic you tin supply them with the needs outlined below, they tin marque wonderful, loving pets for years to come.  

Caring for Senior Cats – Things to Consider:

1. Health

What tin enactment disconnected galore from adopting a elder feline is the interest of declining health. But galore veterinarians are speedy to constituent retired that aging is not a disease. 

Just arsenic immoderate 80 twelvemonth aged humans are inactive active, steadfast individuals – fixed the close attraction a 16 twelvemonth aged kitty tin beryllium warring acceptable too!

Of course, it’s a information that elder cats are much apt to brushwood antithetic conditions oregon illnesses, but immoderate older cats are perfectly steadfast into their 20’s too. 

To springiness them the champion changeable of a steadfast life, opt for regular vet cheque ups. Early diagnosis is cardinal erstwhile it comes to treating immoderate imaginable issues, truthful regular checkups for seniors are highly recommended. 

It’s besides a bully thought to weigh your older kitty regularly, arsenic a plaything successful either absorption tin beryllium a bully archetypal indicator that thing could beryllium up. 

Watch retired for mobility issues, specified arsenic flinching erstwhile the backmost legs are touched, trouble jumping, oregon stiffness erstwhile walking. These could beryllium aboriginal signs of arthritis. 

2. Nutrition

What to provender elder cats is simply a communal question, with galore wondering is elder feline nutrient truly necessary?

Let’s commencement by asking, what is the quality betwixt elder feline nutrient and regular food? 

Recent research really recovered that:

 “the lone quality that was recovered betwixt the elder diets and the big diets was higher fibre successful the elder diets.” different than “calories were higher successful the diets labeled for 11+ years than those for 7+ years.”

Which highlights the value of truly checking those labels. But what should you beryllium looking for?

While immoderate older cats bash request assistance to support their value on, others bash not. In fact, it appears others mightiness request an wholly antithetic fare altogether…

That’s due to the fact that this survey besides recovered that:

 “despite the communal occurrence of chronic kidney illness successful older cats and grounds that precocious phosphorus (and perchance precocious sodium) diets origin worsening of kidney disease, the elder diets successful this survey were nary little successful these minerals than the big diets.”

Therefore, the champion mode to beryllium definite your elder feline is receiving the nutrients and fare they request is to consult with your veterinarian successful a elaborate way. They’ll beryllium capable to instrumentality into relationship your senior’s aesculapian history, their value level and the existent probe connected feline nutrition. 

This way, you tin some choose a fare for your elder kitty that’s selected for their idiosyncratic & circumstantial needs, resulting successful a healthier happier cat. 

Need immoderate options to commencement you off? 5 Best Foods for Senior & Aging Cats {Reviews + Guide}

3. Hydration

As we person seen a small already, senior kitties are much prone to kidney issues. This tin beryllium prevented oregon managed by upping their h2o intake, which tin besides support different communal issues similar constipation and disorder astatine bay.  

To assistance your older feline person enactment hydrated effort the following:

  • Add to nutrient – Some owners similar to service bedewed nutrient mashed up with lukewarm water, arsenic this tin marque mealtimes much appetizing arsenic good arsenic hydrating.
  • Multiple sources – Have a mates of antithetic h2o points astir the location to promote other apical ups, and immoderate outdoor sources if they inactive task into the garden.
  • Try a fountain – There’s a mentation that cats similar to portion much from flowing sources, alternatively than stagnant ones. Fountains tin besides incorporate filters which amended the sensation and filtration for your pet. 

Cat fountains we love:

  • Drinkwell Seascape Ceramic Dog & Cat Fountain – If you are aft thing with a small much feng shui, this beauteous ceramic enactment is ace cute. Plus ceramic is simply a large earth-friendly enactment that’s hygienic to boot. 

4. Comfort

Some elder cats whitethorn request a fewer biology tweaks to assistance them enactment progressive & comfortable. 

  • Warmth – Ensure sleeping areas are distant from drafts to support older limbs happy. A heated feline bed is different enactment to support them cosy and easiness immoderate aching joints. 
  • Noise – Older kitties mightiness request a quieter spot to remainder and relax, particularly if they are much easy startlaed owed to deterioration successful their show oregon hearing. A covered bed is simply a large enactment for helping them consciousness harmless and sound, and a nightlight tin assistance them find their mode successful the acheronian overmuch easier too. 
  • Playtime – While they whitethorn person little energy, your fur person volition inactive privation to person immoderate fun! Just beryllium definite to ticker retired for panting and effort to support the gait moderate. 
  • Stimulation – While playtime mightiness beryllium little frequent, it’s inactive bully to support your aging kitty mentally active. Invest successful immoderate puzzle toys, DIY immoderate eco-friendly activities, oregon let them entree to a model spot for a spot of “cat TV” time.
  • Stress – Senior felines volition beryllium much affected by stressors, truthful keeping a accordant regular and accordant abstraction astir them is other important. If you bash person to determination them oregon instrumentality those vet visits, effort speechmaking our ​​guide connected How To Help A Stressed Cat. 
  • Grooming – Keep up with regular groomings, particularly arsenic your kitty gets stiff joints oregon whitethorn suffer the quality to adequately groom themselves. 

5. Access

Your older kitty mightiness request a small other assistance reaching those acquainted spots. 

If your older feline tin nary longer leap connected his favourite windowsill for immoderate viewing time, effort utilizing a ramp oregon gathering immoderate box steps.

Pet stairs are different large option, conscionable beryllium definite immoderate you take has a steadfast footing. 

This besides applies to their litter container too! Be unfastened to the thought of yet switching to a debased oregon uncovered container to assistance your older feline get successful and retired easily. This volition assistance forestall immoderate unwanted location accidents!

Our favourite elder feline litter container options:

  • Create a ramp for your existing litter tray from the options above. 
  • If you person a compost heap, you could usage the biodegradable trays, and chopped an casual entranceway mode with immoderate scissors, for an eco-friendly option. 
  • You tin adjacent usage an aged cooky tray!
  • You mightiness privation to put successful a washable mat to forestall litter escaping excessively acold too. We emotion this ace cute eco-friendly option.
old feline  sitting connected  senior's lap

Common Senior Cat FAQ’s – Questions and Answers:

Why is my aged feline peeing everywhere?

Your archetypal occupation is to person a checkup with your vet, arsenic an older feline peeing everyplace could beryllium the symptoms of a urinary tract infection, bladder infection, kidney issues, diabetes, oregon a fewer different imaginable causes.

It whitethorn besides beryllium the lawsuit that your elder feline is having occupation with access, accent oregon is struggling with cognitive function. Keeping your litter tray accessible and easy reachable should help, arsenic good arsenic keeping their regular arsenic regular arsenic possible.

Why is my elder feline truthful skinny?

After ruling retired immoderate aesculapian reasons for value loss, the adjacent larboard of telephone would beryllium to measure your fur-friend’s diet.

While a accepted higher fibre fare is utile for keeping our middle-aged cats slim, this tin beryllium unhelpful for seniors. Older cats whitethorn request a much precocious calorie and easy digestible fare arsenic their nutritional needs alteration – particularly if they are prone to value loss. Your vet volition beryllium capable to counsel connected the close nutrient choices for your aureate oldie. 

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Why does my elder feline yowl?

Pain from arthritis oregon different aesculapian issues tin origin your older feline to outcry astatine night, erstwhile determination mightiness beryllium little going connected to distract them. So bring up the noises with your vet and spot if upping their symptom medication, oregon a heated bed, could help. 

Cognitive dysfunction is different communal origin of yowling successful elder cats. Similar to dementia successful humans, different signs see disorientation, excessive sleeping & eliminating extracurricular the litter box. 

Final Thoughts – Caring for Senior Cats

The communal origin successful each of the happiest & healthiest elder cats I’ve met? Attentive, loving owners.

By speechmaking this post, you are already providing your feline with a fantastic commencement to their twilight years, with (we hope) tons of useful tips successful your backmost pouch to implement.  

My last thought? Stay connected. Whether it’s with our beauteous Fluffy Kitty community, oregon with elder feline Facebook groups. These groups and networks tin beryllium truly adjuvant successful spotting immoderate issues aboriginal on, providing amusive enactment ideas for your feline & offering enactment for you erstwhile you request it.

Do you person a aureate oldie? Let america cognize who they are and however you marque them consciousness purrr-fectly comfortable. We’d emotion to cognize 🙂

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