Buy Qatar Airways Avios with a 40% Bonus

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Qatar Airways occasionally puts connected promotions for buying points with its buy, gift, oregon transportation Avios feature. 

While buying points speculatively might not beryllium the champion idea, promotions specified arsenic this tin beryllium utile for topping up your relationship for an upcoming redemption oregon strategically scoring premium cabins astatine a bargain compared to the currency price.

With the latest promotion, Qatar Airways is selling Avios with a 40% bonus, which tin beryllium a large mode to people a formation connected the renowned Qsuites merchandise astatine a steep discount. 

Buy Qatar Airways Avios with a 40% Bonus

From present until 8:59pm GMT connected February 1, 2024, Qatar Airways is offering a 40% bonus connected purchased Avios.

This time, you’ll person a antithetic bonus depending connected however galore Avios you buy, structured arsenic follows:

  • 3,000–10,000 Avios: 15% bonus
  • 11,000–25,000 Avios: 20% bonus
  • 26,000+ Avios: 40% bonus

Normally, Qatar Airways sells points astatine a basal terms that ranges from 2.3–2.8 cents per constituent (USD), depending connected however galore Avios you buy. As is the lawsuit with purchased British Airways Avios, the terms lowers arsenic you bargain much points, but flattens retired aft astir 25,000 points.

If you were to instrumentality vantage of the 40% bonus promotion, you’re reducing the acquisition outgo to conscionable 1.64 cents per constituent (USD) connected the debased end.

Buy Qatar Airways Avios for arsenic debased arsenic 1.64 cents per constituent (USD)

It’s worthy noting that you request to person astatine slightest 1,000 Avios successful your Qatar Airways Privilege Club relationship earlier you’re eligible for immoderate of the buy, gift, oregon transportation points features connected offer.

We worth Qatar Airways Avios astatine 1.5 cents per constituent (USD). Therefore, the outgo of acquisition done this promotion astatine the lowest complaint is supra our people valuation, but not by much.

Looking backmost astatine erstwhile offers, a 40% bonus is simply a just borderline little than immoderate of the higher bonus offers we’ve seen. However, Qatar Airways precocious lowered the basal terms of purchased Avios, and the terms present works retired to beryllium little than what was disposable during caller 50% bonus promotions.

Keep successful caput that you tin besides transfer Avios from British Airways Executive Club to Qatar Airways Privilege Club astatine a 1:1 ratio. British Airways tends to enactment connected much promotions than Qatar Airways, but if you’re a truly large instrumentality of the Oneworld alliance, you tin instrumentality vantage of promotions from some programs to circumvent yearly caps connected purchased Avios.

As with each loyalty programs, buying points won’t number towards immoderate Privilege Club qualifications oregon status.

How galore Qatar Airways Avios tin you buy?

Qatar Airways Privilege Club members tin bargain up to 250,000 Avios per calendar twelvemonth without taking into relationship immoderate bonus. So, if you were to max retired this promotion, you’d extremity up with 350,000 Avios for $5,750 (USD) with a 40% bonus.

Which recognition paper should you usage to bargain Qatar Airways Avios?

As with galore loyalty programs, Qatar Airways sells Avios done Therefore, you won’t beryllium capable to payment from question class bonuses connected your recognition card.

When buying oregon gifting Avios, it’s recommended that you usage a US-issued recognition card since the points are sold successful US dollars, and determination isn’t a mode to bargain them successful Canadian dollars.

This way, you’ll besides debar the 2.5% overseas transaction interest you’d beryllium taxable to connected astir Canadian cards, and with a US address, you’ll besides dodge the GST/HST levied connected the Canadian side.

You’ll besides privation to usage a recognition paper that has a precocious basal earning rate, oregon 1 connected which you’re moving to conscionable the minimum spending requirement.

If you’re constricted to Canadian recognition cards, you’ll person to wage taxes connected the purchase, and the worth you get from the 40% bonus is eroded. In this case, you’re astir apt amended disconnected earning Avios successful different ways, oregon astatine the bare minimum, you should usage a paper with no overseas transaction fees.

When Should You Buy Avios?

As is the lawsuit erstwhile purchasing points from immoderate loyalty program, there are a fewer situations successful which buying points tin beryllium worthy it.

For example, if you’re abbreviated by a fewer Avios for an upcoming booking and person nary different mode to gain them quickly, past you’ll get a bully terms by topping up during a promotion.

Just retrieve that arsenic agelong arsenic you redeem your points for a formation with a cents per constituent worth that’s higher than your acquisition cost, you’ll upwind up successful the black.

While it’s technically imaginable to publication flights with different spouse Oneworld airlines done Qatar Airways Privilege Club, you’re typically amended disconnected shipping them implicit to different flavour of Avios oregon booking with different programme altogether. 

By acold the champion usage of Qatar Airways Avios is to publication its flagship product, Qatar Airways Qsuites, connected a assortment of routes. 

For example, a one-way formation from Montreal to Doha costs 70,000 Avios. 

Purchasing 70,000 Avios with a 40% bonus costs $1,150 (USD). A bully woody connected round-trip flights successful Qsuites costs astir $5,000–6,000, truthful buying Avios tin correspond a important discount to paying cash, arsenic agelong arsenic you tin find grant availability.

If you can’t find a much nonstop formation from North America to Europe with different loyalty program, you tin besides see flying via Doha with Qatar Airways. While it’s a spot of a detour, you’re surely going to beryllium comfy for the entirety of the ride. 

For example, you tin alert from Seattle to Istanbul via Doha for 85,000 Avios.

If you’d similar to harvester an epic formation from North America successful Qsuites with different limb successful Qatar Airways First Class from Doha to Bangkok, you’d request 95,000 Avios, which would outgo conscionable $1,587 (USD) with a 40% bonus.

Book an itinerary with Qsuites and First Class from North America to Bangkok for conscionable 95,000 Avios

By booking Qsuites done the airline’s ain program, you’ll besides person a much favourable complaint compared to booking done British Airways Executive Club, and you tin besides payment from booking farther successful beforehand with entree to much dates.

Other Ways to Earn Qatar Airways Avios

Before jumping connected this bonus, it’s important to enactment that Avios are casual to travel by successful different ways. Most of the time, earning Qatar Airways Avios by different means is overmuch little costly, though it mightiness impact a spot much legwork than simply making a acquisition online.

Transfer from British Airways

While Qatar Airways’s loyalty programme isn’t a transportation spouse with galore points currencies, it’s important to enactment that British Airways Avios tin beryllium earned successful a wide assortment of ways successful Canada and the United States.

One of the unsocial features of the Avios ecosystem is that you tin instantly transportation Avios from 1 “flavour” to different online.

For example, if you person a fig of points parked successful your British Airways Executive Club account, you tin determination them instantly to Qatar Airways Privilege Club to apical up your relationship for a redemption.

Keep successful caput that determination are predominant transportation bonuses to British Airways Executive Club from galore transferable points currencies. This way, you tin capitalize connected a transportation bonus to British Airways Executive Club, and past determination the points to Qatar Airways Privilege Club astatine a 1:1 ratio, efficaciously earning you a transportation bonus connected your Qatar Airways Avios.

Canadian Credit Cards

In an hold to the above, British Airways Avios are casual to gain successful Canada without delving into US recognition cards.

For example, American Express Membership Rewards tin beryllium transferred to British Airways Executive Club astatine a 1:1 ratio, and sometimes Amex volition enactment connected 30% transportation bonuses for your Avios to agelong adjacent further.

American Express Cards for Avios Redemptions
Credit Card Best Offer Value
15,000 MR points $372 Apply Now
100,000 MR points $1,361 Apply Now
120,000 MR points $1,574 Apply Now
75,000 MR points $1,561 Apply Now
70,000 MR points $1,676 Apply Now
Up to 77,000 MR points $1,419 Apply Now

RBC Avion points tin besides beryllium transferred to British Airways Executive Club astatine a 1:1 ratio. There are beauteous regular transportation bonuses of 30%, but we’ve seen them spell arsenic precocious arsenic 50%.

Also successful the RBC ecosystem, the RBC® British Airways Visa Infinite† allows you to gain British Airways Avios done its invited bonus and done regular spending.

RBC Credit Cards for Avios Redemptions
Credit Card Best Offer Value
Up to 55,000 RBC Avion points†
$120 yearly interest
Up to 55,000 RBC Avion points† $1,080 Apply Now
Up to 55,000 RBC Avion points†
$120 yearly interest
Up to 55,000 RBC Avion points† $1,080 Apply Now
55,000 RBC Avion points† $826 Apply Now
35,000 RBC Avion points $525 Apply Now
35,000 RBC Avion points
$120 yearly interest
35,000 RBC Avion points $580 Apply Now
60,000 Avios† $899 Apply Now

HSBC Rewards tin besides beryllium transferred to British Airways Executive Club astatine a 25:10 ratio, with the occasional transportation bonus of up to 35%. Keep successful caput that HSBC Rewards volition cease to beryllium arsenic of precocious March 2024 erstwhile the RBC acquisition is completed.

We don’t yet cognize the transportation ratio from HSBC Rewards to RBC Avion, truthful it’s hard to accidental whether oregon not you should transportation points retired oregon hold for the conversion.

HSBC Credit Cards for Avios Redemptions
Credit Card Best Offer Value
N/A $ Apply Now

Outside of the supra options, Marriott Bonvoy points, Amex US MR points, and Chase Ultimate Rewards tin each beryllium transferred to British Airways Executive Club; however, since each 3 of these currencies person much favourable uses, transferring them to British Airways isn’t ever the champion usage case.

Consider Waiting for an Iberia Avios Promotion Instead

Spain-based Iberia Airlines is besides a Oneworld partner, with Avios that tin beryllium transferred to different flavours astatine a 1:1 ratio.

Iberia besides has predominant income connected purchased points, with bonuses of up to 50%.

The main crushed to bargain Iberia Avios implicit British Airways Avios oregon Qatar Airways Avios is that pricing done Iberia is based connected which website you’re connected alternatively than the state successful which your relationship is registered. This means that Canadians tin instrumentality vantage of little pricing, which is usually lone disposable to Europeans.

Previous Promotions

As you determine whether oregon not this promotion is simply a bully accidental for you to people Qsuites connected the cheap, here’s a look backmost astatine Qatar Airways’s past bonuses connected purchasing Avios:


Cents per constituent (USD)

Start Date

End Date

40% much purchased Avios


January 27, 2024

February 1, 2024

50% much purchased Avios


November 22, 2023

November 27, 2023

50% much purchased Avios


September 6, 2023


September 11, 2023

60% much purchased Avios


June 19, 2023

June 22, 2023

40% much purchased Avios


May 12, 2023

May 16, 2023

50% much purchased Avios


May 7, 2023

May 11, 2023

40% much purchased Avios


November 13, 2022

November 17, 2022


Qatar Airways is presently offering a 40% bonus connected purchased Avios. If you person your oculus connected a formation successful Qsuites, buying points tin springiness you a steep discount implicit paying cash.

Since British Airways Avios are beauteous accessible done galore transportation partners and tin beryllium transferred to Qatar Airways Avios instantly astatine a 1:1 ratio, determination isn’t a immense worth proposition to buying Avios without an contiguous need. However, if you person a circumstantial usage successful mind, present is arsenic bully a clip arsenic immoderate to bargain points and people a formation astatine a bargain.

If you’re funny successful taking vantage of the promotion, you’ll request to enactment quickly, due to the fact that the woody is lone unrecorded until 8:59pm GMT connected February 1, 2024.

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