Bugatti W16 Mistral Makes a Pitstop in Singapore

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A expansive circuit that took spot crossed the lands of North America, Europe and the Middle East, the Bugatti W16 Mistral makes its landfall successful Singapore aft a little stint successful Japan earlier successful January. The hyper sports car, named aft the confederate winds that stroke done the Mediterranean and France, is the swansong of the marque’s W16 quad-turbo motor arsenic it enters a caller epoch of hybridisation.

The Bugatti W16 Mistral has been designed to transmission the timeless tone of the 1934 Type 57 Roadster Grand Raid, which yet became the prototype for the different Grand Raid chassis produced successful aboriginal 1935. An intersection betwixt the aged and new, the W16 Mistral did not consciousness retired of spot erstwhile it arrived successful Singapore. The city-state’s architectural masterpieces similar the iconic Gardens by the Bay; its towering gathering on the bustling Central Business District and humanities landmarks specified arsenic the Buddha Tooth Temple lone adhd to bring retired the allure of the W16 Mistral.

Aside from its aesthetic façade that blends the past and contemporary, the W16 Mistral is simply a masterpiece that undoubtedly connotes opulence and decadence. And the marque is keeping up this exclusivity arsenic lone 99 examples volition marque it retired of Bugatti’s location crushed successful Mosheim. Unfortunately, each 99 were sold earlier it was formally revealed, and customisations get underway this year, with deliveries owed successful 2024.

After making respective pitstops astatine iconic places successful Singapore, the W16 Mistral was parked successful the Bugatti Singapore Showroom. Opened successful 2021 arsenic portion of a concern with Wearnes, a luxury automotive retailer, the car was the centre of attraction amidst the beauteous immersive showroom. Only a selected database of guests was invited down to drawback a glimpse of this roadster, and galore determination were successful awe of its timeless and elegant design.

As the W16 Mistral made its halt successful Singapore, Kostas Psarris, Regional Director of Middle East and Asia astatine Bugatti said, “The satellite has looked connected successful admiration arsenic Singapore has developed specified a beardown system and go a genuinely enviable spot to live, and it is nary astonishment it is present location to truthful galore ultra-high nett worthy individuals. We cognize from our precocious opened showroom that determination is monolithic involvement successful Bugatti successful Southeast Asia, truthful it is simply a genuine privilege to beryllium capable to bring the W16 Mistral here. As with Singapore itself, this unthinkable car demonstrates determination is nary bounds to what tin beryllium achieved erstwhile determination is an unquenchable tendency to succeed.”

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