Budget 2023: free PSV and B2 Motorcycle Licence test

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Included successful Malaysia’s Budget 2023 is the abolition of the Public Service Vehicle (PSV) and B2 motorcycle licence trial fee. Currently acceptable astatine RM17 for Part I of the B2 trial and RM20 for Part II (which includes rental of trial motorcycle and usage of the trial circuit), this interest is present abolished, said Finance Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz during his fund speech.

At the contiguous moment, astir driving schools complaint determination betwixt RM500 to RM800 for taking the B2 motorcycle licence, including people fees and grooming sessions, including prosecute of trial bike. The outgo of the afloat B licence ranges from betwixt RM900 to RM1,300, depending connected location.

The PSV licence trial fee, which applies to applicants for taxi, autobus and e-hailing services, volition besides beryllium abolished. This is to assistance the B40 radical successful earning a surviving from that proscription sector.

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