Bruno the Cat Returned Pet for Being ‘Too Affectionate,’ Finds New Parents

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Bruno the feline  excessively  affectionate

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The full constituent of having a cat is for the cuddles, right? Unfortunately, immoderate radical deliberation that it’s imaginable for felines to beryllium “too affectionate.” Such was the crushed fixed to a New Jersey structure erstwhile a household returned a feline named Bruno lone a week aft adopting him.

Bruno the Cat Returned for Being ‘Too Affectionate’

Montville Animal Shelter shared Bruno’s communicative connected its Facebook page precocious past month.

“Sad quality Bruno came backmost aft lone a week!” the station read. “The household ne'er had a feline earlier and said helium was excessively affectionate, ever wanted to beryllium connected their laps, travel them around, and caput butt them for kisses and pets. He was besides excessively playful and got zoomies successful the evening! So if anyone is looking for a Velcro cat, he’s your guy.”

Bruno’s adopters were a parent and girl who had ne'er had a feline earlier him. Because the parent worked from home, she recovered Bruno’s enactment level and attention-seeking “distracting,” according to USA Today. The daughter’s slumber was besides interrupted by the cat’s request for cuddles successful the mediate of the night.

Affectionate Cat Goes Viral

When Bruno was returned to the shelter, helium “got a spot depressed” according to Lindsay Persico of the Montville Animal Shelter. That alteration motivated her to stock Bruno’s communicative connected societal media.
Little did she cognize that the Facebook station would spell viral. Soon, the Montville Animal Shelter was flooded with adoption applications.

All the property not lone helped Bruno get adopted; it besides helped different cats astatine the structure find everlastingly homes, too.

“People were coming to our doorway to conscionable Bruno, and we got astir each the cats successful the store adopted successful the meantime,” Persico told USA Today.

Turns out, plentifulness of radical are looking for snuggle-loving cats – and are of the opinion, similar us, that there’s nary specified happening arsenic “too affectionate.”

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