British Airways Avios Adds “Reward Flight Saver” to Long-Haul Flights

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British Airways Avios has revamped the mode you tin redeem points for British Airways flights. The UK-based hose has unveiled details astir the hold of “Reward Flight Saver” award bookings to see long-haul British Airways flights booked with Avios.

As a result, we’re seeing a premix of bully and atrocious quality erstwhile it comes to the default mode to redeem Avios: the outgo successful Avios is going up, but the carrier-imposed surcharges are going down.

There’s decidedly immoderate worth to beryllium recovered here, though, and if you don’t privation to redeem points this way, you’ll inactive beryllium capable to marque redemptions nether the erstwhile schema.

Lower Fuel Surcharges connected British Airways Flights

As a speedy refresher, British Airways has ever charged exorbitant substance surcharges connected their ain flights erstwhile redeeming immoderate predominant flyer miles, including Avios. It would sometimes beryllium cheaper to acquisition a summons with currency alternatively of redeeming Avios and paying the surcharges.

As of today, British Airways is offering “Reward Flight Saver” flights arsenic an alternate redemption enactment connected long-haul flights with British Airways. 

The biggest vantage of redeeming Avios via Reward Flight Saver is that the carrier-imposed surcharges volition beryllium greatly reduced. In fact, you’ll person the enactment to wage a level interest which volition see each taxes, fees, and substance surcharges, including the UK Air Passenger Duty (APD).

To beryllium clear, the Reward Flight Saver conception isn’t new. Reward Flight Saver redemptions person been disposable for European short-haul flights for a portion now, but this is the archetypal clip Reward Flight Saver flights are being rolled retired to the North American nationalist connected British Airways long-haul flights.

Canadian- and US-based Avios accounts tin already spot Reward Flight Saver options during check-out, which shows up arsenic the default prime erstwhile you prime a flight. 

The supra illustration is simply a non-peak day and shows the terms for a one-way formation successful British Airways concern people from Toronto to London. The default outgo is the caller Reward Flight Saver price, which comes retired to 80,000 Avios and $350 (CAD).

If you click “More pricing options”, you’ll spot that each of the antecedently disposable redemption levels are inactive accessible, and you tin inactive take to wage whichever operation of Avios and currency you wish.

The champion enactment antecedently was to wage the afloat fare successful Avios and each taxes and fees successful cash. On this aforesaid route, this was the 50,000 Avios + $865 (CAD) operation that’s inactive disposable nether “More pricing options”.

With the caller pricing of 80,000 Avios + $350 (CAD), we tin spot that the Avios outgo has increased by 60%, portion the currency outgo has decreased by precise akin 59.5%.

Looking astatine the cent per constituent (cpp) value, you’re fundamentally spending 30,000 Avios to prevention $515 (CAD), which comes retired to 1.72 cents per Avios. This comes highly adjacent to our target redemption value of 1.9 cents per Avios, and could adjacent transcend it successful immoderate circumstances.

Keep successful caput that whenever determination is simply a transfer bonus from American Express Membership Rewards, HSBC Rewards, oregon RBC Avion to Avios, that aforesaid quality of 30,000 Avios reduces to conscionable 23,100 MR oregon Avion points assuming a 30% bonus.

During these events, you’d efficaciously upwind up with a redemption worth of 2.44 cents per MR oregon Avion point, acold surpassing our people valuation for each of 2.2 cents per MR oregon 2 cents per Avion.

For travellers based connected the West Coast, let’s instrumentality a look astatine the caller Reward Flight Saver enactment for a formation betwixt London and Vancouver. On an off-peak date, the Avios outgo for a one-way Reward Flight Saver booking successful concern people has accrued by 27,500 Avios to 90,000 points (up from 62,500).

At the aforesaid time, the currency outgo has decreased by $400 (CAD), bringing the taxes and fees down from $850 (CAD) to $450 (CAD).

You’re fundamentally paying 1.63 cents per Avios, which whitethorn not look large astatine first, but if you’re capable to leverage a transportation bonus of 30%, that fig goes up to 2.12 cents per Avios.

British Airways has besides provided the a illustration with a illustration of Reward Flight Saver prices for assorted destinations. Note that the illustration represents round-trip pricing, and one-way flights volition outgo precisely fractional successful some Avios and currency required.

Is This a Good Way to Redeem Avios?

The quality to redeem Avios for Reward Flight Saver bookings is mostly a affirmative move, due to the fact that it puts long-haul premium compartment British Airways flights wrong scope for astir astatine a tenable redemption value.

Sure, it technically costs little successful points to redeem astatine the aged rate. But fixed however casual it is to gain Avios these days, redeeming them for conscionable nether our people valuation successful bid to prevention connected different exorbitant currency surcharges isn’t a atrocious proposition astatine all. 

British Airways Avios tin beryllium earned done a fig of antithetic programs, including:

At the complaint of 50,000 Avios + $865 (CAD) for a one-way formation successful concern people from Toronto to London, it’s hard to reason that you’re getting large worth retired of your Avios. Such a proposition apt means that astir of america wouldn’t endeavour to acquisition British Airways concern class.

On the different hand, 80,000 Avios + $350 (CAD) is overmuch much successful the realm of possibility, particularly if you worth nonstop flights and the costs with Aeroplan are skewed successful the incorrect absorption of dynamic pricing.

Even if British Airways concern people is not an aspirational redemption for you, support successful caput that British Airways guarantees astatine slightest 8 system people seats, 2 premium system seats, and 4 concern people seats connected each azygous formation for Avios redemptions.

In immoderate cases, British Airways whitethorn beryllium the lone enactment disposable to you astatine a tenable price, particularly for question during highest periods specified arsenic summertime and wintertime holidays.

Lastly, it’s important to enactment that portion Reward Flight Saver pricing has been enabled for long-haul system class, premium economy, and concern class, it unluckily doesn’t use to British Airways First Class.


British Airways has added the enactment of Reward Flight Saver redemptions erstwhile utilizing Avios for long-haul premium compartment question connected British Airways flights. In immoderate cases, it tin correspond a large deal, particularly if you worth nonstop flights to oregon from London.

The outlay for a one-way transatlantic formation to London volition beryllium $350–400 (CAD) and 80,000–90,000 Avios, depending connected your root oregon destination.

This is astir a 60% summation successful Avios from the modular redemption rate, with a commensurate alteration successful taxes and fees, representing decent worth successful that the out-of-pocket currency outgo is present a much tenable amount. 

This caller pricing operation puts British Airways premium cabins wrong scope for astir points enthusiasts, and tin beryllium a downright fantabulous redemption if you accrue Avios chiefly done recognition paper transportation partners during transfer bonus promotions.

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