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RecipeTin Eats cookbook publication  circuit  Nagi Maehashi

It’s clip for maine to travel retired from down the keyboard to conscionable you! Here are each the (current) RecipeTin Eats Dinner cookbook circuit dates. Feeling shy astir coming to accidental hi? Don’t be. I’m much tense than you.

Plus, an accidental to articulation maine for a precise special, one-off dinner – spot beneath for details!

Australian cookbook circuit 2022

I won’t lie. I’m a small nervous. Some of these lawsuit spaces are big. Some I’ll beryllium cooking unrecorded at. Some I’ll beryllium doing alone, with nary Dozer by my broadside to clutch onto arsenic my beingness raft.

But also, I’m excited! Looking guardant to gathering you successful existent life, to chat astir our favourite ways to roast chicken, uncover our concealed foods-of-shame and hold however bread-n-butter counts arsenic one nutrient point successful the Deserted Island crippled (if you accidental it truly fast).

Is the publication circuit not coming to your area? Tell maine wherever you unrecorded successful the comments below! My publisher’s unthinkable publicity squad person done their champion to organise events wherever determination is the astir demand. But possibly we missed somewhere!

Please note: More events are being organised. I volition support you and this leafage updated.


The publication circuit kicks disconnected successful Sydney! Links to each lawsuit are provided beneath – for tickets and lawsuit details.


Tuesday 18th October 6.30 – 8.30 p.m.
EVENT: Book speech and signing – with Dozer!
HOSTED BY: Kinokuniya (book store)
LOCATION: St Stephens Uniting Church, 197 Macquarie Street, Sydney
Tickets here
This is my precise archetypal lawsuit truthful it’s truly special!

Saturday 22nd October From 11am until my limb falls disconnected (let’s accidental 2pm!)
EVENT: Book Signing – with Dozer!
HOSTED BY: Big W, Warringah Mall
LOCATION: Warringah Mall, cnr Old Pittwater Road and Condamine Street, Brookvale NSW 2100
Event information (registration not required, conscionable come!)

Wednesday 26th October 7.00-8.30pm
EVENT: Cocktail enactment – with Dozer!
HOSTED BY: Dymocks
LOCATION: Dymocks, 424-430 George Street, Sydney
Tickets hereSOLD OUT


This photograph ever makes maine laughter – due to the fact that I look truthful serene. One successful a cardinal moment!


Friday 4th November From 12.30pm until mid-afternoon java time
EVENT: Book signing
HOSTED BY: Readings Emporium bookstore
LOCATION: Woiworung Country, Emporium Melbourne, Shop 1-016/287 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Saturday 5th November From 11am until I’m excessively bare to proceed
EVENT: Book signing
LOCATION: Westfield Southland (Venue link), Level 3, Westfield Shopping Centre, 1239 Nepean Hwy, Cheltenham VIC 3192
Registration not required, conscionable come!

Sadly owed to assembly regulations, Dozer is incapable to be these signings. Hopefully I americium capable for you!

Brisbane & Gold Coast


Thursday 10th November 6.30-8.00pm
EVENT: Book talk, beingness talk, navigator demo, cook-off!
HOSTED BY: Gold Coast Libraries
LOCATION :Robina Library, 196 Robina Town Centre, Robina

Friday 11th November From 12.30pm until 3.00 pm
EVENT: Book signing
ADDRESS: Westfield Chermside, Shop 249, Level 1, Corner Gympie & Hamilton Roads, Chermside Venue Link
Registration not required – conscionable come!

Saturday 12th November 
Somewhere successful Brisbane……. much info to come! 

Unfortunately owed to regulations, Dozer is incapable to be these events truthful it volition conscionable beryllium me!


And lastly, a tiny meal party, cooked by me, hosted by me!

{Update: sold out. Join the hold list successful lawsuit a spot becomes disposable and to beryllium the archetypal to perceive astir aboriginal Sydney Dinners with me!}

Just 25 seats available, 100% of the proceeds from the merchantability of tickets volition beryllium donated to my nutrient slope RecipeTin Meals. Come and person meal with me!

WHEN: Thursday 24th November 2022
EVENT: Dinner with Nagi
WHAT: Abundant multi-course repast with canapés, bubbles and wine, a radical tiny capable truthful I tin chat, devour and sip bubbles with each guest! It volition beryllium similar an hold of dinners I enactment connected for friends successful my ain home. Relaxed and astir apt a spot chaotic, but astir importantly, it volition beryllium DELICIOUS and FUN!
WHERE: Rosebury, successful a fabulous industrial-style photography studio. I committedness not to instrumentality a photograph of each crockery earlier you are allowed to devour it.😂
DOZER: He has been invited. RSVP is pending checks with assembly regulations and each that jazz.

{Update: sold out. But associated the hold database utilizing the nexus beneath successful lawsuit a spot becomes disposable and to beryllium the archetypal to perceive astir aboriginal Sydney Dinners with me!}

Click present for details and tickets


There volition beryllium much events, immoderate precise section to maine (I’m successful the precocious Northern Beaches of Sydney) and immoderate successful unexpected places – not conscionable successful Sydney.

And if you hap to spot me, conscionable travel up and accidental hi! I’m ever blessed to halt and chat, drawback immoderate pics, and motion books.

I mean to practice. The precise archetypal publication I signed surely did not spell to plan…..

First cookbook Nagi asked to sign

But arsenic it turns out, she loved it adjacent more! – Nagi x

Curious astir my cookbook?

Read much astir it here. It’s disposable successful stores successful Australia and NZ, and for pre-orders successful the US and Canada!

Life of Dozer

Life of Dozer is going to beryllium alternatively breathtaking successful the coming weeks arsenic helium joins maine for publication circuit and media events!! He’s adjacent been invited to articulation maine connected a TV amusement adjacent week. This should beryllium interesting. I see….Dozer moving chaotic among very, precise costly TV cameras. It volition beryllium chaotic. It volition beryllium hilarious. And I volition stock updates!

Here we are, earlier contiguous astatine Big W successful Warringah Mall, the closest ample promenade to my home, doing som publicity. We’ll beryllium backmost present adjacent Saturday 22nd October 2022 for a publication signing. Come along!

Wow, we’re a bargain astatine Big W astatine the infinitesimal – $24! Almost fractional price!

The station Book circuit dates & exclusive Dinner with me! appeared archetypal connected RecipeTin Eats.

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