Black Flora talk brings flower power this Thursday – join us!

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October 16, 2022
Flyer by Barton Springs Nursery

Garden Spark brings Black Flora writer Teresa Speight to Austin this Thursday for a presumption definite to beryllium filled with beauteous florals and inspiring stories astir the Black florists, angiosperm farmers, and different floral creatives who marque them. Tickets are connected sale now, and I anticipation you’ll marque plans to articulation america if you’re able. The speech volition beryllium held successful Barton Springs Nursery‘s outdoor classroom, and the upwind forecast is looking beauteous darn perfect. It’ll beryllium amusive and informative, and you’ll beryllium participating successful Austin’s active, innovative, and originative gardening community!

I’ve known Teri since 2017. She’s passionate astir gardening and connecting with gardeners from each parts of the country. I person nary uncertainty she’ll bring her wit and storytelling endowment to her Garden Spark talk, and she’ll besides beryllium selling and signing copies of her beautifully illustrated publication Black Flora.

Portraits from Black Flora courtesy of BLOOM Imprint: Lumiere Creative Co. (left), Bloom Photography (center), and Eleise Theuer Photography (right)

Here’s a teaser for you, positive a small biographical info astir Teri.

Black Flora: Seeds of Our Ancestors

Teresa Speight, writer of Black Flora, a caller publication astir African Americans successful the satellite of floriculture, tells the stories of farmers, florists, and different floral creatives who answered the telephone of the flowers, tapped into their passion, and listened to their hearts. There is simply a rich, beautiful, complex, and divers communicative being told by African Americans and different persons of colour successful the floral marketplace. It is agelong past clip to admit their excellence and contributions to cut-flower farming and floristry, arsenic they sow the seeds for the adjacent generation.

Speaker Bio

Author, podcaster, and plot writer Teresa J. Speight is a arrogant autochthonal of Washington, DC, arsenic good arsenic a mother, grandmother, plot writer, and past lover. With ancestral sharecropping roots originating successful North and South Carolina, she feels profoundly connected with the earth. She’s honored those roots done her enactment arsenic caput gardener for the City of Fredericksburg, Virginia; arsenic a founding husbandman of an integrated CSA farm; arsenic laminitis and president of Jabali Amani Garden Collective, an online African American plot nine focusing connected “beautifying municipality areas successful our communities”; and arsenic an property gardener. Teresa besides works to reconnect radical with the ungraded done one-on-one plot coaching and by offering curated plot experiences for tiny groups.

Teresa is the writer of Black Flora: Profiles of Inspiring Black Flower Farmers + Florists and co-author of The Urban Garden: 101 Ways to Grow Food and Beauty successful the City. On her podcast Cottage successful the Court (available connected Anchor oregon Apple Podcasts), Teresa introduces absorbing people, discovers unsocial places, and adds a small poesy to punctual everyone to clasp the garden, arsenic it is present for us.

Register today, and past travel connected retired and bask Thursday’s Garden Spark lawsuit with chap plot lovers!

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Come larn astir plot plan from the experts at Garden Spark! I signifier in-person talks by inspiring designers, scenery architects, and authors a fewer times a twelvemonth successful Austin. These are limited-attendance events that merchantability retired quickly, truthful articulation the Garden Spark email database to beryllium notified successful advance. Simply click this nexus and inquire to beryllium added. You tin find this year’s talker lineup here.

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