Bitwage, ForUsAll Partner To Launch Bitcoin, Crypto 401(k) Plans

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Users volition beryllium capable to entree Bitwage features and the 401(k) connected 1 level and tin marque pre oregon post-tax contributions.

  • Bitwage partnered with ForUsAll to connection Bitcoin and cryptocurrency 401(k) status plans.
  • Users volition beryllium capable to entree each of the features disposable though some companies connected 1 platform.
  • Users tin marque pre oregon post-tax contributions, allowing users to debar superior gains taxation connected bitcoin successful retirement..

Bitwage, a bitcoin and cryptocurrency payroll provider, has partnered with ForUsAll to connection 401(k) status plans with bitcoin, per a merchandise sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

ForUsAll is simply a fintech institution focused connected providing high-tech 401(k) plans which enactment bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies.

Thus, portion Bitwage continues to enactment functions that let anyone to get paid successful BTC, adjacent if their employers don’t similar it, those aforesaid users tin present opt into a bitcoin oregon crypto-backed 401(k).

“Our extremity is to supply a implicit crypto payroll and benefits suite of services for employers and their workforce,” said Bitwage CEO, Jonathan Chester.

Contributions to the 401(k) tin beryllium made oregon a pre-tax oregon post-tax (Roth) basis. Users leveraging a Roth relationship would accrue zero superior gains taxation connected their bitcoin if they waited until status property to usage the funds available.

“ForUsAll is 1 of the astir seamless and compliant services connected the market,” said Chester. “Together, we make a one-stop-shop of crypto benefits and services that tin standard to thousands of employees.”

The concern betwixt the 2 companies is supported by a single-sign connected experience, meaning users volition person entree to the afloat suite of features successful 1 location. Additionally, each Bitwage users volition person 3 months of fees for the 401(k) program waived for signing up for an chartless constricted time.

The caller concern follows a waiting database initially enactment retired by Bitwage to gauge involvement successful the product, which the institution said received “overwhelming” support. 

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