Bitcoiners Have Cassandra’s Curse

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While being equipped with cognition is powerful, it tin beryllium frustrating for Bitcoiners who spot the solutions to the world’s monetary woes.

This is an sentiment editorial by Mark Maraia, an entrepreneur, writer of “Rainmaking Made Simple” and Bitcoiner.

Legend has it that determination was erstwhile a princess of Troy named Cassandra, the girl of King Priam and Queen Hecuba, sister to Hector, the prince of Troy who famously fought Achilles (of heel-related fame). The deity Apollo fell successful emotion with her and successful an effort to woo her, helium gave her the acquisition of being capable to spot the future. Unimpressed, she rejected his love. A deity could not instrumentality backmost a divine acquisition erstwhile it had been given, truthful successful his choler Apollo could lone springiness her thing much — this clip a curse. Cassandra was fated ever to spot the information of the future, but ne'er to beryllium believed by anyone who she told her imaginativeness to.

Cassandra by Evelyn De Morgan: Image source

The vexation that this indispensable person near Cassadra suffering is simply a sensation alternatively acquainted to astir Bitcoiners. All of america who recognize our monetary system, recognize however atrocious it is. Shockingly, this is not due to the fact that immoderate of america person been taught astir it. It’s not taught successful people schoolhouse oregon anyplace other successful the modern curriculum, adjacent though fractional of each transaction involves wealth and, for overmuch of the world, dollars. On a standard of 1 to 10 with 10 being astir arsenic atrocious and unfair arsenic possible, our fiscal strategy is simply a 9.5 heading steadily toward 10. There isn’t an adjective for atrocious oregon unfair that volition convey the thought fully.

How galore much months, years oregon decades volition it instrumentality for the masses to observe this reality? Will they ever? Who knows.

What we bash cognize is that astir Bitcoiners person seen it and adjacent galore successful the altcoin beingness person seen it excessively — and we can’t unsee it. We besides thin to dependable similar nutjobs erstwhile we effort to explicate it to household and friends. And so, galore of america person fixed up trying, oregon we’ve been told successful nary uncertain presumption “can we not speech astir it for tonight?”

Take, for example, the caller monetary woes of the United Kingdom. With the nationalist currency losing tremendous worth successful an incredibly abbreviated period, it should beryllium evident that determination needs to beryllium a monetary alternative. Some whitethorn spot it, as told successful this nonfiction astir the Isle of Man. But for galore radical — not conscionable the British — currency illness is simply a spectator sport, not thing that they consciousness they person the powerfulness of changing.

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One occupation for Bitcoiners is, erstwhile we person seen the injustices of the fiat system, astir of america consciousness immoderate benignant of evangelizing thrust — oregon astatine slightest immoderate grade of motivation work to effort to amusement what we person seen to the radical we attraction astir — and to assistance them extricate themselves to a greater oregon lesser grade from the inevitable consequences of the existent unfair strategy by buying Bitcoin.

And past we person Bitcoin itself. Almost nary 1 understands it. This tech-addled boomer has been studying it intensely for thousands of hours and inactive doesn’t afloat grasp each the advantages it offers to the mean national connected this planet, peculiarly the astir susceptible and poorest among america successful the Global South. Bitcoin is astir arsenic superb an thought arsenic the caput tin perchance conceive of a integer monetary system. There isn’t an adjective for superb that volition convey however fantastic an alternate it is to the U.S. dollar.

Juxtapose these 2 systems unneurotic and what bash you get? Cognitive dissonance. A spread wider than the oceans. Cassandra’s curse. The delta is wide. It’s an ignorance spread larger than the region to the sun.

"Cassandra and Ajax”: Image source

There is nary cure for Cassandra’s curse different than clip and patience. We’re truthful early.

This is simply a impermanent station by Mark Maraia. Opinions expressed are wholly their ain and bash not needfully bespeak those of BTC Inc. oregon Bitcoin Magazine

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