Bitcoin Design Community Announces Hackathon-Style Event For Design In October

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The Designathon takes spot October 12-23 and is taking unfastened submission for innovative bitcoin merchandise designs and sponsorships for subordinate prizes.

The Bitcoin Design Community, a radical dedicated to open-source plan for bitcoin products, is hosting a Designathon (a hackathon but for design) from October 12-23.

The Design Bitcoin squad is partnering with Bolt.Fun and its Legends of Lightning tourney portion besides seeking to coordinate with the TABConf Builder Day. The extremity of the lawsuit is to link builders and designers to collaborate and research caller ideas and concepts successful the ecosystem.

Designers looking to taxable ideas for the Designathon tin bash truthful here and aft a speedy review, the ideas volition beryllium posted connected the main tract for others to presumption and see arsenic a project.

Furthermore, anyone tin taxable an thought to enactment connected with others oregon arsenic an idiosyncratic and attendees volition besides person the enactment to articulation successful connected different projects that they did not submit. When attendees adhd a task to the lawsuit they volition besides person the accidental to motion up for the Legends of Lightning tournament.

The lawsuit volition travel a escaped docket with 3 main segments: kickoff, mid-event check-in, and the wrapper up calls. Projects volition travel their ain gait passim the event.

In addition, the squad down the lawsuit is trying to docket immoderate plan jam sessions, workshops, and different events that volition beryllium disposable passim the Designathon.

Would-be sponsors looking to go progressive with the task tin bash truthful successful the signifier of prizes for the attendees. 100% of the proceeds from sponsorships volition spell to the participants. 

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