Best Mattress Types for All Sleep Positions

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When radical bargain their archetypal mattress, they don’t often deliberation astir what benignant is champion for them. They conscionable privation thing that’s brushed capable to slumber connected and the cheapest 1 volition usually do. But, arsenic we age, we recognize that the benignant of mattress we slumber connected matters a lot, particularly successful presumption of the prime of slumber we get. According to the experts astatine Queensway Mattress, the presumption we slumber successful is 1 of the astir important factors successful getting the close mattress for a prime night’s sleep.

Best Mattress Type for Side Sleepers

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Sleeping connected 1 broadside oregon the different is the astir communal slumber position. In fact, three-quarters of each radical slumber connected their sides. Unfortunately, this slumber presumption tin pb to hip, shoulder, knee, and backmost pain, peculiarly if you don’t person the close mattress. Side sleepers request a mattress that decently aligns their spine, neck, and hips and provides capable comfort. Start retired investigating medium-soft mattresses that person capable padding to destruct unit points connected your hips and shoulders.

Increase the firmness gradually arsenic you trial retired assorted mattresses until you find the close firmness level for you. Side sleepers aren’t each the aforesaid and request antithetic firmness levels. While medium-soft mattresses are astir communal for broadside sleepers, you mightiness request 1 that’s firmer.

Best Mattress Type for Back Sleepers

Only astir 14% of radical accidental their preferred slumber presumption is connected their back, but galore of america commencement retired connected our backmost earlier we autumn dormant and displacement into our preferred position. Sleeping connected your backmost is astir apt the champion presumption for alignment due to the fact that arsenic agelong arsenic you person the close pillow, it doesn’t enactment immoderate undue unit connected your head, neck, oregon back. Unfortunately, backmost sleepers bash thin to person much snoring issues due to the fact that it restricts their airway.

To combat that issue, take a representation foam oregon hybrid mattress that decently supports your caput and cervix truthful that your airway remains open. You’ll besides request to brace your mattress with a pillow that keeps your caput and cervix successful the close presumption truthful your chin doesn’t driblet to your thorax and artifact your breathing. 

Best Mattress Type for Stomach Sleepers

Most slumber experts don’t urge sleeping connected your tummy due to the fact that it puts other unit connected your cervix and spine. Despite that fact, 16% of sleepers inactive similar sleeping connected their stomach. So, if you’re going to disregard nonrecreational proposal and stay a tummy sleeper, you’re going to request an other steadfast mattress. A steadfast mattress volition support your head, cervix and backmost decently aligned and supported portion you sleep. A brushed mattress volition origin your spine to crook during the nighttime and you’ll astir apt awaken successful immoderate pain.

A pillow exacerbates the occupation of a misaligned spine for tummy sleepers. Try to slumber without a pillow to support your cervix from being successful an unnatural presumption for excessively long. If you truly request a pillow, take a thin, steadfast 1 for champion results.


The benignant of mattress you bargain truly matters for the benignant of slumber you get and the position you slumber in is the cardinal to getting the champion mattress for your needs. Whatever you do, get a mattress that offers a proceedings play truthful that you don’t get stuck with a mattress you don’t like.

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