Behind the Design: Our Natural Dyed Quilts and Throws

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Almost 2 years ago, conscionable earlier the satellite unopen down, my household and I went connected a travel to Rajasthan, India. (Read much astir our travel here). While there, we visited factories and originative studios and 1 of my favourite stops was astatine a caller earthy dye studio. There was a tiny plot successful the back, a tiny small lab, and a radical of 4 women experimenting with flowers, plants, and seeds creating the astir beauteous colour specimens.

It has been a joyousness moving with them to make our latest top-of-bed postulation for our newest brand, Like a Lion. These quilts and throws were each dyed with flowers from their gardens and the colors are giving maine each the vibes. I besides emotion however they bring unneurotic plants and color–two of my favourite things!

Since cloth dye tin beryllium precise damaging to the environment, we are excited and arrogant to person begun the process of designing with earthy dyes and anticipation to beryllium capable to proceed offering products similar these that tread a spot much lightly connected mama earth.

We anticipation you bask cuddling up with these arsenic overmuch arsenic we enjoyed designing them for you!
Like a Lion is disposable exclusively astatine Jungalow. The earthy dye postulation is disposable here.
Product Photos by Sara Toufali for Jungalow. Photos from Natural Dye workplace successful Rajasthan by Justina Blakeney

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