Beginner’s Guide To Cardio Kickboxing

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If you privation to get stronger, feel empowered, oregon pain a full clump of calories, cardio kickboxing is the workout for you! Though you usage powerful, beardown moves, don’t fto kickboxing intimidate you. It’s an highly empowering workout that tin really assistance you physique assurance portion having fun.

Cardio kickboxing is an effectual cardiovascular workout that blends martial arts techniques with creation elements and basal calisthenics to permission you sweating and feeling similar you could instrumentality connected the satellite each astatine once.

Let’s larn how to commencement jabbing, punching, and kicking your mode to a amusive caller workout.

Equipment Used For Cardio Kickboxing

Weighted Gloves

Some radical usage weighted gloves to heighten their workout, but this isn’t recommended for a beginner.

If you bash take to usage weighted gloves (I truly similar them), they measurement betwixt fractional a lb and a lb each.


You volition besides spot immoderate radical clasp dumbbells instead; however, if your people is moving astatine a accelerated pace, I don’t urge holding 3 oregon five-pound weights. You don’t privation to propulsion retired your enarthrosis oregon origin excessively overmuch accent connected your joints.


You volition besides privation to take the close shoes. While you tin astir apt amusement up successful immoderate sneakers and bash fine, it is recommended to deterioration cross-training oregon workplace shoes.

Expert Tip: Don’t usage moving shoes. They volition forestall you from due lateral question (side shuffles, etc).

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What To Expect During Cardio Kickboxing

The Warm Up

At the opening of class, the teacher volition instrumentality you done a warm-up that mimics immoderate of what you volition bash successful class. Think of it arsenic a rehearsal not lone for your representation but for your muscles.

Slower squats and kicks volition beryllium introduced, arsenic volition the assorted punch motions that you volition use: jab, cross, hook, and uppercut each person a unsocial motion.

This is an important clip during class. You’ll privation to perceive and ticker however these warm-ups look and execute with bully form. Once the people is going astatine afloat velocity you’ll privation this bully signifier to transportation over.

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After you are warmed up, you statesman a bid of movements that are drill-oriented.

Typically the teacher volition pb the people done these drills involving the full body. As with immoderate caller signifier of exercise, perceive to your body, wage attraction to your bosom complaint (because it volition get up determination arsenic you punch and kick), and consult your doc if you person immoderate carnal concerns oregon limitations.

Most kickboxing workouts are astir repetition alternatively of analyzable choreography, truthful you don’t person to consciousness intimidated that, arsenic a beginner, it volition instrumentality you everlastingly to drawback on.

Benefits of Cardio Kickboxing

There are truthful galore benefits to uncovering a cardio workout that you actually enjoy. Kickboxing is simply a large mode to premix up your mean workout regular and person a small amusive portion burning calories and fat.

It tin besides amended your cardiovascular fitness, springiness you a assurance boost, and physique thin muscle.

  • Improves cardiovascular fitness
  • Improves endurance
  • High caloric burn
  • Builds confidence
  • Builds thin muscle
  • Increases abdominous burn

Who Is Cardio Kickboxing Right For?

Low-impact lovers, rejoice! Most things done successful cardio kickboxing are low-impact successful quality oregon easy modified.

Beginners might request a fewer classes to drawback connected to everything, but it won’t instrumentality long. In the meantime, you’ll beryllium moving and burning calories portion you learn. Most radical caller to this benignant of workout consciousness that earthy “high” that comes from an aggravated workout, combined with the added feeling of spot and assurance lone recovered successful cardio kickboxing.

Athletes emotion the cardio strength this workout provides. Plus, you tin ever heighten your workout by squatting deeper oregon punching with much powerfulness oregon adding weighted gloves.

So, cardio kickboxing is for everyone. Yes, everyone!

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Proper Cardio Kickboxing Techniques

Cardio kickboxing moves need to beryllium decently executed to get the astir retired of your workout and forestall injury. Keep the pursuing successful mind:

Upper Body

When performing jabs, uppercuts, hooks and different precocious assemblage moves marque definite the punch comes from your assemblage not your arm. In different words, each precocious assemblage determination starts from the crushed up.

Put your assemblage value into it and propulsion the jab utilizing your core, shoulder, and backmost muscles, not conscionable from the elbow to the wrist. If your wrists and forearms wounded aft your workout, you request to enactment connected your form. If your precocious backmost is sore, congratulations!

Lower Body

First and foremost, enactment airy connected your feet. You’ll beryllium moving forward, back, broadside to side, and up and down. You request to beryllium successful a “ready position” astatine each times. So enactment connected the balls of your feet with your heels disposable to pivot and turn.

When it comes to kicks, deliberation astir power, not height. These kicks are not for dancing, they are for striking. It’s not astir however high, it’s astir however aggravated and with the close muscles.

It helps to ever ideate an opponent. Visualize thing oregon idiosyncratic that you are kicking against. This volition assistance you footwear arsenic you should.


Both precocious and lower-body kickboxing moves volition necessitate you to interaction your halfway muscles. When done properly, cardio kickboxing tin beryllium a large halfway assemblage strength, truthful support those abs engaged astatine each times to reap the astir halfway benefits.

Pull your belly fastener successful toward your spine and fastener that musculus successful deep. It should consciousness tight, similar you are ever prepared for idiosyncratic to footwear oregon punch you successful the gut.

Not lone volition you fortify your halfway with this isometric work, but you’ll person amended signifier overall.

7-Minute Cardio Kickboxing Workout Video

Want more? Check retired our Get Healthy U TV Cardio Kickboxing Gold Workout!

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