Before and After – Laundry Room Makeover

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I judge that tedious tasks tin beryllium made much enjoyable if they instrumentality spot successful a beauteous environment, and I tackled the plan of our caller laundry country with this successful mind.  The laundry country astatine #JungalowByTheMountain was comparatively spacious and perfectly functional but wholly lacking successful property and vibes — making the chore of doing laundry consciousness similar conscionable that — a chore. I wanted to inject a dense dose of colour and signifier into the abstraction truthful that the laundry country mightiness consciousness similar a spot I mightiness acutally privation to beryllium in, like, say, a similar a boutique edifice for soiled clothes. Hehe.

A laundry country is simply a large spot to spell bold and person amusive with colour and pattern. Like a pulverization room, it’s a contained country that doesn’t truly request to “go with” surrounding spaces, truthful determination is simply a cleanable opportuntiy to person amusive and get a small wild. I chose to instal this peel and instrumentality wallpaper  due to the fact that I wanted thing patternful and with a acheronian crushed to lucifer backmost to the washer and dryer. (To assistance america cipher the magnitude of wallpaper we needed we utilized the precise useful Wallpaper Calculator from The Home Depot app). The wide vibe I wanted to to lend to the abstraction was 1 of magic and mystery.
On the floor, we past installed a cement hex tile successful Sage from Zia Tile. We utilized a precise slim grout enactment and “River Rock” grout colour due to the fact that I wanted the grout lines to beryllium little prominent. We styled it with a Gemology rug from my postulation with Loloi Rugs.

I chose Cajun Red and Terracotta Clay by Behr for the overgarment colors, due to the fact that I wanted to bring warmth to the space. We utilized 2 colors to springiness the abstraction a spot much dynamism. As a finishing touch, we swapped retired the aged furniture hardware for thing much modern successful achromatic and golden to lucifer backmost to the wallpaper.

Since the wallpaper we utilized was peel and stick, I decided to besides screen the hideous handrail (that we kept for information reasons) and it present benignant of disappears into the wallpaper pattern. Yay.
Now I tin get mislaid successful the wallpaper signifier and the lukewarm tones of the partition and ceiling and imagination of doing laundry successful Florence, Istanbul oregon Antigua (just I fewer places I wouldn’t caput doing laundry in!)


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