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mag preview 4.10 copy This week: Farewell to the Audi R8 and TT, Maserati motorboat caller Granturismo

In this week's Autocar, the caller Maserati Granturismo is back, arriving with the Italian firm’s archetypal EV powertrain. Audi is besides acceptable to motorboat farewell editions to people the extremity of its R8 and TT sports cars. Pick up a copy to find retired more. 


Audi has launched its astir almighty rear-drive car yet: the R8 RWD GT, a 612bhp homage and celeration of the R8’s illustrious life. It is joined by the Audi TT successful its last five-pot iteration. We uncover each determination is to cognize astir the caller Maserati Granturismo, Citroen’s extremist caller Oli conception and Alpine’s jewel successful the A110 crown: the A110 R. 


We get our hands connected Hyundai’s caller Ioniq 6 to find out if it’s amended than a Tesla Model 3? The stripped-back BMW M4 CSL gets a thrust excessively and the replacement to the Renault Kadjar – the Austral – is tested by Vicky Parrott. 


We diagnostic a four-page peculiar connected the cars our editors wished they had bought (but didn’t), embark connected immoderate father-son operator training, and supply our usher to the Bathurst 1000km race. 


Matt Prior reflects connected the caller BMW XM and if it could beryllium a successor to M division’s past bespoke car: the M1.

Meanwhile Steve Cropley looks astatine the emergence of the Porsche Macan, the archetypal 200-mile travel successful his caller Vauxhall Astra and a little brushwood with immoderate large Caterham lawsuit service. 

Used cars

Alex Wolstenholme looks backmost astatine the E60 BMW M5 with its F1-inspired V10, portion Mark Pearson explores the Range Rover and however its reliability stacks up against a used-buying proposition. 

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