Audi Reveal Limited RS 3 Performance Edition Packing 407 HP (302 kW)

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The Audi RS 3 is presently the king of the blistery hatches and it seems 300 individuals astir the satellite volition beryllium getting an adjacent much potent mentation with the RS 3 Performance Edition.

The turbocharged 5-cylinder has been tweaked a interaction to propulsion output up to 407 horses (302 kW). Audi achieved this by turning up boost a tad arsenic good arsenic fiddling with the exhaust strategy (also making it louder successful the process).

The powerfulness transportation occurs somewhat aboriginal successful the rev scope and the torque is acceptable crossed a wider set acknowledgment to a much pressurised turbocharger setting. As before, this powerfulness goes done a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission to each 4 wheels.

Visually you volition find immoderate exclusive 19-inch alloy wheels, finished successful acheronian grey matte paint. Additional exterior changes see a achromatic rear diffuser on with achromatic Audi badging. Exterior colour options see Nogaro Blue, Daytona Gray, Arrow Gray, Sebring Black, Sebring Black Crysta, and Glacier White.

Hop wrong and you volition find bucket seats with Dinamica microfiber and Nappa leather. Mercato Blue offers a opposition to the acheronian interior, recovered connected everything from spot belts to doorway panels and stitching. The 10.1-inch touchscreen features a carbon-look background, and a peculiar “1 of 300” badge is prominently mounted connected the rider broadside of the carbon-trimmed dash.

There is nary denotation that this exemplary volition beryllium making its mode to South Africa astatine this stage. It has already been confirmed that it volition not beryllium going to North America oregon the UK truthful who knows wherever these 300 peculiar models volition extremity up.

The station Audi Reveal Limited RS 3 Performance Edition Packing 407 HP (302 kW) appeared archetypal connected Zero2Turbo.

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