Ask Dr. Aziza: Signs You May Need To Help Your Dog Lose Weight

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Have you ever recovered yourself wondering “is my dog overweight”? You’re not alone! In fact, obesity is 1 of the astir common diseases veterinarians spot successful their patients. To assistance guarantee your pup lives a happy, healthy, and agelong life, we’ve asked our Freshpet vet, Dr. Aziza, to share the apical signs that your canine whitethorn request to suffer weight.

Sign #1: Feeding instructions aren’t consistently followed

Some favored parents whitethorn permission nutrient retired each day, allowing their canine to graze astatine will. Alternatively, they whitethorn springiness a definite magnitude of food each time but usage unsocial tools to gauge however overmuch nutrient to springiness – for example, a ample soda cupful from a state presumption (trust me, I’ve seen it all!). It’s precise important to travel the feeding instructions provided by the favored food company to forestall overfeeding. For instance, if the instructions are based on giving a definite magnitude of cups per day, marque usage of a measuring cupful utilized for cooking.

Fortunately, Freshpet proves to beryllium the best canine food for maintaining a dog’s steadfast value by providing the serving sizes close connected their slice and service rolls. Just find the recommended feeding magnitude for your canine based connected weight, past slice, dice, and serve. This healthy canine food is that easy!

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Sign #2: You can’t spot oregon consciousness your dog’s ribs

If you’ve ever recovered yourself asking ‘is my dog overweight?’, you’ll beryllium blessed to cognize that determination are 2 casual methods of checking astatine home:

  • Using your eyes: When looking astatine your pup’s ribcage, the ribs closest to the backmost legs should beryllium faintly visible. If you can not archer wherever the rib cage ends, this is simply a bully denotation that determination may be excessively overmuch abdominous covering them.
  • Using your hands: Another mode to archer is by feeling the ribs. If they are hard oregon intolerable to consciousness erstwhile placing your manus on the broadside of their chests, they are overweight.

Sign #3: You can’t spot your dog’s waist

Your dog’s waist should beryllium noticeable looking down onto their backmost oregon from the side. If determination is simply a sagging quality successful your dog’s illustration astatine the waist oregon if their backmost is the signifier of a loaf of bread, then there’s a bully accidental your canine is overweight.

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Sign #4: Your dog has debased vigor levels

Dogs who are overweight thin to not person the energy to beryllium active. They are carrying other pounds that enactment unnecessary accent on their joints making it much hard to get around. This means that activities such arsenic running, playing, oregon adjacent walking up and down the stairs become inaccessible – consequently, they go “couch potatoes”. If your canine seems to do thing but eat, sleep, and laic astir each day, it’s apt they are overweight.

Sign #5: Eating is your dog’s lone activity

Continuing connected from the erstwhile sign, dogs who devour a lot without due workout volition summation weight. There are immoderate dogs who love food truthful overmuch that they look to beryllium bare each the time, but if they are already overweight past they’re not genuinely hungry. However, determination are immoderate dogs who are overweight but don’t devour a lot. In these cases, the 2 astir communal causes include:

  • Secret meals: Your canine whitethorn beryllium getting further nutrient from a concealed source, specified arsenic children oregon different household members successful the house, oregon adjacent well-meaning neighbors.
  • Underlying wellness issues: If your canine doesn’t look to be overeating but is inactive gaining weight, it could beryllium that their assemblage is lacking a thyroid hormone which leads to debased metabolism. If you fishy this is the case, it’s thing that tin beryllium diagnosed by your veterinarian.
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If you admit immoderate of the signs that Dr. Aziza has highlighted, there’s a bully accidental that your canine is overweight. If this is the case, marque definite you instrumentality a look astatine our blog connected how to support your canine astatine a steadfast weight and docket an assignment with your veterinarian to make a tailored value nonaccomplishment plan.

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