Ascott appoints new Citadines Cebu City manager

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Ascott appoints caller Citadines Cebu City manager

Citadines Cebu City

Team Out of Town Blog Hub ( – The Ascott Limited – Philippines precocious announced the assignment of Rey Vergel Mulat arsenic the caller Residence Manager of Citadines Cebu City, who volition oversee the absorption creaseless moving of the 180-room serviced residence, the archetypal Citadines Apart’hotel successful Cebu.

Citadines Cebu City Residence Manager Rey Vergel MulatCitadines Cebu City Residence Manager Rey Vergel Mulat

The 16-year seasoned hotelier who has worked with immoderate of the industry’s reputable brands volition besides oversee the pre-opening of lyf Cebu City, the archetypal co-living serviced residence successful the country.

“I americium honored to beryllium portion of Ascott, 1 of the starring planetary owner-operators successful the world. It volition beryllium an breathtaking section arsenic I oversee this spot successful the Queen City of the South. We volition proceed to supply our residents the genuine and heartfelt Cebuano hospitality the marque is known for,” shares Mulat.

Citadines Cebu CityCitadines Cebu City

“As Citadines is the French connection for “from the city,” we volition marque definite that each enactment makes them consciousness similar they are from the city,” helium adds.

Strategically located astatine the erstwhile tract of Base Line, Citadines is conscionable a fewer minutes distant from the concern districts of Cebu Business Park and Cebu IT Park, this serviced flat is portion of a improvement that comprises commercialized and retail.

The spot has partnered with Abacá Baking Company for a bakery and café conception astatine the crushed floor, which offers all-day breakfast, classical comfortableness food, and baked goods and pastries known to the section community.

Citadines Cebu City BuildingCitadines Cebu City Building

To grow its nationalist presence, Ascott is besides gearing up to unfastened lyf Cebu City, nether a strategical concern with starring section developer Cebu Landmasters Inc. Set to unfastened successful the 2nd 4th of 2023, it volition beryllium a milestone successful the maturation of the Ascott marque locally.

With its co-living concept, the lyf marque offers a assemblage of like-minded individuals and societal interactions with one’s neighbors astatine one’s doorstep. The co-living marque aims to person 150 properties by 2030 crossed the archipelago.

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Ascott appoints caller Citadines Cebu City manager
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