Arrest Made 36-Yrs After Dog Carried Deceased Baby Home

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Dog finds dormant   baby

In December 1985, a canine named Paca came location with the astir disturbing discovery. She carried a deceased newborn babe to her location to amusement her humans. The elder canine carried the babe gently, truthful the decease and injuries weren’t caused by her. However, it was wide that idiosyncratic had near this kid unsocial to suffer.

Now, astir 4 decades later, an apprehension has yet been made for this baby’s death. With modern technology, officers discovered that a pistillate named Lee Ann Daigle (formerly known arsenic Lee Ann Guerette) is the parent of the babe called “Baby Jane Doe.”


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36 Years Ago…

Armand and Lorraine Pelletier were confused erstwhile Paca pounded connected the door’s model and demanded to travel backmost in. She hadn’t been extracurricular long, but since it was antithetic for her, Armand went to spot what was going on. At first, helium thought his canine was holding a rag doll, but erstwhile helium looked closer, helium saw that it was a frozen newborn baby.

“This is thing you don’t forget,” Armand said.

The mates rapidly got authorities involved. Right away, they ruled retired the anticipation of Paca harming the child. The ample canine had been precise gentle, and she was conscionable doing the close thing.

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Dog with newborn baby



After immoderate investigating, officers learned that the babe was calved full-term and past abandoned earlier Paca recovered her. Detectives tracked the way Paca took to instrumentality location with the baby, which was astir 700 feet. Paca’s way pb them to a gravel pit wherever the babe had been calved and abandoned successful below-zero temperatures.

The babe was a miss with reddish-brown hair. For galore years, officers had nary thought who had abandoned her connected that acold wintertime day, but they ne'er gave up searching.

Mystery Finally Solved

Modern DNA tests precocious revealed that Daigle is the parent of “Baby Jane Doe.” Daigle was astir 21 years aged erstwhile she abandoned her baby, and present she’s being charged with 1 number of execution for allegedly sidesplitting the baby.


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Sadly, Paca passed distant from crab successful 1987, lone 2 years aft uncovering the baby. The canine lived to beryllium 12 years old, and her bequest continues to unrecorded on. While her humans admit they were aggravated astatine Daigle astatine first, Lorraine says she doesn’t clasp arsenic overmuch choler today. The concern was particularly achy for the mates due to the fact that they couldn’t person kids of their own, truthful they wished they could’ve helped Daigle earlier the babe had to suffer.

“It puts maine successful a concern wherever I americium aggravated astatine [Daigle], but past again, you can’t clasp connected to that anger,” Lorraine said. “She was scared, and it conscionable breaks my bosom she ne'er rang our doorbell and ne'er asked for help.”

Since this horrific incident, Maine implemented a “Safe Haven law” that allows parents to surrender babies nether 31 days aged to circumstantial locations without immoderate penalty. The instrumentality was enactment successful spot to guarantee that nary babies person to frost to decease again. Even though Paca couldn’t prevention Baby Jane Doe’s life, she did what she could to bring the newborn justice.

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