Are Maine Coon Cats Cuddly?

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Maine Coon lovers each implicit the satellite are perpetually connected a quest for the cuddliest kitten. That is simply a kitten oregon feline who is the astir affectionate and volition spoil its proprietor with caput butts, large purrs, biscuit-making activity, and cat-induced quality thigh rest.

While each of these characteristics dependable delightful, it doesn’t acceptable the mold for each cat, not adjacent a Maine Coon.

Just similar people, each feline has a unsocial personality. They each person antithetic habits and behaviors that marque them unique. It’s champion to not person immoderate expectations astir definite traits that you privation them to have. They whitethorn extremity up being the full opposite, but they each privation to beryllium loved equally.

are maine coon cats cuddly

What is simply a Cuddly Maine Coon, anyway?

When you deliberation of a cuddly cat, what bash you see?

  • Is helium curled up successful a cleanable ellipse sitting successful the mediate of your thigh portion you work a publication by a fire?
  • Is helium laying connected your pillow portion you slumber portion purring and making biscuits connected your head?
  • Does the feline leap connected your table and gait backmost and distant with his process successful the air, asking for you to changeable his backmost and past springiness you a caput bump?
  • Or does the kitty fto you prime him up immoderate clip you’re feeling sweet, and fto you clasp him successful his arms connected his backmost similar a baby?

No substance what your perfect portrayal of a cuddly Maine coon is, the eventual extremity is to cognize that your feline loves you and wants to stock affection. Cats show their emotion for their humans successful galore antithetic ways (other than cuddling successful your lap).

Watch this video beneath to spot however galore of these emotion languages that your feline uses:

Maine Coon Love Language

The sooner you get to cognize your feline and decipher your cats’ assemblage language, the sooner your feline volition admit that and respect you adjacent more. Understanding that “cuddling” isn’t ever the cats’ archetypal prime for showing affection. There are plentifulness of different ways that cats communicate.

  • Slow Blinking – Slow Blinking is feline connection for “I similar you” oregon “I spot you”.
  • Your Cat Naps with You – If your Maine Coon naps with you oregon adjacent near, helium trusts you 100% and feels safe.
  • They caput bump you
  • Your feline brushed meows, chirps, and trills
  • Your feline brings you dormant animals (bugs, mice, etc). They lone stock their prey with idiosyncratic they trust.
  • They bent retired successful your space, adjacent if they’re not paying attraction to you.
  • Purring successful Your Presence
  • An upright oregon question-mark-shaped process oregon process curled astir you erstwhile you’re around
  • Your feline follows you around, they similar your companionship
  • They lick you – it’s their mode of grooming you. It means your family.
  • Your feline shows you their tummy. This isn’t an invitation to hitch it, but it does mean they consciousness comfy astir you.
  • Your feline kneads you oregon “makes biscuits”

Trust Translates to Love

Safety is the cat’s astir important priority. So if your Maine Coon shows signs that helium trusts you, past it besides means that helium loves you.

Yes, determination are plentifulness of Maine Coon cats that are cuddly and large giant thigh cats. But this nonfiction was to stock immoderate facts astir different ways that your feline volition amusement you that helium loves you different than being a cuddle bug. After all, determination are besides plentifulness of humans that aren’t “cuddle bugs”, either.

Give your Maine Coon Cat a large abdominous buss connected his saccharine caput and a gentle scratch nether the chin to fto him cognize that YOU emotion HIM today.

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