Announcing the Opalhouse designed with Jungalow Outdoor Collection!

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Oh my friends the clip has come, to hole for immoderate amusive successful the prima with our new Opalhouse designed with Jungalow collection disposable exclusively astatine Target! This was the archetypal clip I had the accidental to enactment connected a afloat outdoor postulation and my goodness, I had specified a bully clip with it.

Sun Floor Cushion | Sun PillowTopanga Club Chair with Ottoman| Maddalena 4 microcomputer Patio SetUpholstered Ottoman/Coffee Table | Outdoor Throw | String Lights | Lantern (S, M, L) | Gold Scalloped Side Table | Gold Scalloped Coffee Table

From furnishings to lanterns, and poufs, planters, pillows ohio my! My anticipation is that this postulation brings a full batch of joyousness to outdoor spaces ample and small. Each portion was designed with versatility successful caput — so, for example, the precise saccharine outdoor chairs person small pull-out ottomans that prevention abstraction erstwhile not being used. And if you’re wondering if I designed the colors my backyard astatine #JungalowByTheMountain connected intent to coordinate backmost to this postulation –the reply is yes, hehe.

Outdoor dining? We got you! This is the cleanable small bistro table for some tiny and ample spaces.  I emotion the subtle curves and cleanable lines. Plus the chairs stack!! Add a fewer colorful pillows to the premix and you’ve got yourself instant jungaliciousness!

Chair | Floral Pillow | Outdoor Throw | Lantern | Plant Stand

And yes, adjacent successful outdoor pillows we’ve managed to bring you maximal colour and TEXTURE, TEXTURE, TEXTURE!

When pulling unneurotic outdoor spaces, I similar to marque definite that determination is greenery astatine each levels. So this postulation has these large macrame hanging planters (love the jumbo tassels astatine the bottom), arsenic good arsenic floor planters and table planters to truly spell chaotic with plants and flowers and adhd beingness to each pockets of your outdoor space. I added small feet to a batch of the planters too, due to the fact that who doesn’t similar a footed planter, amiright? Vintage vibes for days!

Floral Pouf | Turquoise Pouf | Upholstered Ottoman/Coffee Table

Love the mode these patterned poufs and ottomans came out. They’re truthful large for further seating oregon popular a tray connected apical and usage them arsenic a broadside array too.

Don’t caput me, I’ll conscionable beryllium retired present soaking up the prima connected this barrel chair! Please enactment the small Bauhaus-inspired side array and works stand excessively (it’s 1 of my favourite pieces from the collection! And astatine $60 it’s rather a steal!)

There are truthful galore ways to make saccharine small outdoor moments with this collection. This plant-carrying trellis is the cleanable portion to assistance make a spot of privateness connected a balcony oregon to usage arsenic an anchor portion to make a antithetic “zone” successful a larger yard. And you volition astir decidedly find these green lanterns (which travel successful small, mean and ample sizes) peppered astir our excavation and hanging connected our trees astatine antithetic heights to adhd a spot of magic to our outdoor spaces astatine night.

Check retired ALL THE MAGIC of our outdoor collection exclusively astatine Target.

Photos by Jenna Peffley 

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