Android Automotive: Who’s partnering with Google?

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In a connected, integer world, infotainment exertion is rapidly becoming a cardinal differentiator betwixt models and car brands.

For many, the size of interior touchscreens and the functionality and intuitiveness of the bundle they tally are conscionable arsenic important arsenic however the car drives, however it looks, and however reliable it mightiness be. 

Android Automotive is 1 of the latest innovations successful the infotainment world. Vehicles with Android Automotive person the capableness to natively diagnostic apps and services specified arsenic Google Maps and oregon Google Assistant successful the car, with nary connected telephone needed.

Having Google Assistant built-in besides gives it the quality to grip in-cabin tasks specified arsenic controlling the air-conditioning, successful summation to its accustomed functionality. 

How is Android Automotive antithetic to different Android and Google automotive products?

Google is well-known for launching akin bundle platforms and services with astir identical names, and truthful it’s important to differentiate Android Automotive from different Google products for automotive use. 

Perhaps the champion mode to deliberation of Android successful the automotive discourse is to usage a barroom metaphor.

The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) tin beryllium thought of arsenic the base furniture of the cake. It acts arsenic the instauration of Android, and is simply a freely-available mentation that carmakers person adopted and modified to make their ain infotainment system.

These systems whitethorn not person Google engagement oregon Google support, and it’s apt a carmaker has modified AOSP independently (with what is known arsenic a conveyance hardware abstraction layer) to guarantee that it tin enactment with interior functions specified arsenic the radio, air-conditioning controls, and different features specified arsenic thrust modes.

Older Honda models specified arsenic the discontinued previous-generation Honda Jazz (in Australia) are examples of this, and carmakers are capable to instrumentality this basal furniture and trade their ain barroom arsenic they spot fit.

However, the developers down AOSP person besides decided to see their ain notation furniture connected apical of this basal arsenic a look carmakers tin follow if they don’t privation to usage the supra method.

This furniture is an optional bundle constituent that allows AOSP to interact straight with conveyance hardware functions with minimal modification needed by the carmaker, and are known arsenic the AOSP automotive libraries. 

A carmaker that has opted to usage this look for their infotainment barroom (AOSP with its automotive libraries) is utilizing what Google classifies arsenic Android Automotive.

However, unless the carmaker engages straight with Google, this look does not see authoritative Google engineering support.

A cake’s toppings tin often beryllium the tastiest and astir charismatic part, and this is an apt statement for Google Automotive Services (GAS) which sits connected apical of Android Automotive.

GAS is the apical furniture that includes Google-branded applications specified arsenic Google Maps, Google Play, and the Google Assistant. Unlike the erstwhile layers, the GAS toppings are not open-source.

A carmaker indispensable archetypal follow Android Automotive, and past motion a abstracted declaration with Google to deploy these applications. Another payment of this attack is authoritative endorsement, and engineering and lawsuit enactment from Google.

If a car is advertised arsenic featuring ‘Google built-in’, it is apt to beryllium utilizing Android Automotive with the Google Automotive Services toppings.

Much similar Android smartphones, different origin to enactment is Android Automotive (with oregon without GAS) gives carmakers the state to use their ain flavours to the cakes that they bake, successful the signifier of their ain idiosyncratic interfaces.

This means that – overmuch similar however a Samsung smartphone looks antithetic to a Google Pixel, contempt some moving Android – Android Automotive successful a Renault volition person a antithetic look to that moving connected a RAM truck, oregon a Volvo.

This gives designers the quality to imbue Android Automotive with the chiseled plan themes of the circumstantial carmaker they enactment for.   

How does Android Auto compare? Android Auto tin champion beryllium thought of arsenic a abstracted crockery to the AOSP and Android Automotive barroom described above.

Instead of being in-built into a car, it requires an Android smartphone to operate, and works to task a driving-friendly idiosyncratic interface that includes definite apps and services that whitethorn beryllium installed connected the user’s telephone connected the car’s main infotainment display.

To confuse matters further, this technically means vehicles moving Android Automotive tin besides enactment Android Auto.

If the car’s mentation of Android Automotive besides included GAS, however, doing truthful would beryllium redundant arsenic galore of the apps Android Auto tin mirror, specified arsenic Google Maps, would already beryllium included connected committee the car.          

For much accusation regarding the differences betwixt Android Automotive and Android Auto, delight spot our earlier article detailing the differences betwixt them. 

Let’s spot what’s presently connected the marketplace if you are looking for a car equipped with Android Automotive.

Vehicles disposable with Android Automotive and Google Automotive Services (GAS)

Volvo and Polestar are gradually evolving into chiseled brands, but they proceed to person a adjacent narration successful sharing parts and platforms wrong the wider Geely empire. 

The Polestar 2 liftback sedan was the archetypal widely-available exemplary successful the Volvo and Polestar scope to follow Android Automotive with GAS, and Polestar has confirmed aboriginal models, specified arsenic the soon to beryllium revealed Polestar 3 SUV, volition proceed to travel this attack arsenic the ground for their infotainment systems.

Android Automotive besides enables Polestar 2 drivers to minimise the clip that their regard is diverted distant from the roadworthy by integrating Google Maps wrong the integer instrumentality cluster. 

In the Volvo stable, the electrical XC40 Recharge was the archetypal exemplary successful the lineup to follow Android Automotive with GAS. However, each MY23 models successful the Volvo range, including 90, 60 and 40 Series models present diagnostic Android Automotive with GAS, replacing Volvo’s erstwhile in-house Sensus Connect infotainment system. 

Unlike the 11-inch cardinal infotainment show utilized successful the Polestar 2, Volvo models proceed to usage a smaller 9.0-inch representation infotainment surface to show Android Automotive. 

Renault antecedently utilized the basal furniture Android Open Source Project (AOSP) lone arsenic the ground for its in-house R-Link infotainment system. With caller models specified arsenic the Megane E-Tech Electric and the Austral SUV, the marque is transitioning to what it calls its adjacent procreation OpenR Link infotainment system. 

OpenR Link is based connected Android Automotive with GAS, and tin beryllium displayed done a high-resolution 12-inch representation infotainment system, that’s accompanied by a 12.3-inch integer instrumentality clump astatine the apical extremity of the range.

Renault claims some screens are highly customisable, with the integer instrumentality cluster, for example, offering 4 themes including a minimalist Zen layout.

The Megane E-Tech is expected to motorboat successful Australia towards the extremity of 2023. Unfortunately, it is presently unclear if, and when, the caller Austral SUV volition motorboat locally. 

General Motors has besides announced a scope of caller models featuring Android Automotive and GAS. The vehicles astir applicable for our marketplace see the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado HD and the GMC Hummer EV, portion different models successful the GM unchangeable adopting this attack see the Cadillac Lyriq, GMC Sierra, and the Chevrolet Suburban. 

Vehicles disposable with Android Automotive lone (excluding Google Automotive Services)

Brands nether the Stellantis empire are possibly the champion illustration of vehicles featuring Android Automotive, but not the acquainted Google services (such arsenic Google Assistant) connected top.

This includes Stellantis vehicles that usage the Uconnect 5 infotainment system, specified arsenic the MaseratiGrecale, MC20, GranTurismo, arsenic good arsenic the Chrysler Pacifica and Dodge Durango. 

Rather than GAS, Stellantis has opted to usage Amazon Alexa arsenic the dependable adjunct of choice, and TomTom arsenic the mapping provider. Opting retired of GAS has besides allowed Maserati to much easy see Tidal arsenic the in-built euphony work provider. 

Lucid, presently lone disposable successful North America (a European debut is expected shortly), besides makes usage of Android Automotive without GAS, alternatively opting to usage Alexa arsenic the in-built dependable assistant. 

Upcoming brands and models

Honda has announced that it volition beryllium switching from AOSP lone to Android Automotive successful the adjacent future, with the marque claiming successful 2021 its archetypal vehicles truthful equipped would motorboat successful 2022.

It is apt that Honda’s implementation volition besides usage GAS, arsenic the marque has confirmed that users volition beryllium capable to entree Google Maps and the Google Play Store. 

Likewise, Ford has announced it volition follow Android Automotive with GAS successful assorted models including the F-150 from 2023 production, to underpin its Sync 4 operating system. This marks a important displacement distant from Ford’s erstwhile usage of QNX. 

BMW has besides announced that for definite models, it volition integrate Android Automotive wrong its Operating System 8 (also known arsenic iDrive 8) from 2023.

Based connected caller quality that BMW volition besides employment Amazon Alexa arsenic the ground for the next-generation of its dependable assistant, it is improbable that BMW’s adoption of Android Automotive volition besides see GAS.

Sibling marque Mini whitethorn besides instrumentality a akin attack with aboriginal models, particularly successful airy of a caller announcement that the Concept Aceman features a circular OLED show moving a mentation of the AOSP.        

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